Thursday, 18 September 2008

Very vintage

I love it when my op shop knows me so well, and provides the goodies. I went into Tottenham Bragain Browser specifically for a high chair- and here it is. $3! It's for when I babysit or when friends come over etc and want their hands free. A little clean is all it needs. As I was leaving I saw in a crate destined for the Ashwood store (sorry, Ashwoodians) this amazing chenille bedspread they charged me $5 for. It was hard throwing the bag out! It has a fe baldy patches, so is used and has been stored in the bag, I think. Apparently they send a lot of chenille to Ashwood, she told me (worth a drive out, I reckon).
Yummy, bright orage, will go crazily with my yellow one from Savers the other day- visit to see this.
Couldn't go past the crate of patterns- patterns were 20c, the books 50c-$2.50. The Woolly Jumpers has the tackiest Aussie themed jumpers, it's great.
I LOVE Totem patterns, have heaps, the pictures are so kooky and cute, but still knittable for kids especially. This big find has coincided with my 'cleaningout' my pattern box etc, good timing I think.