Monday, 29 September 2008

Op shop last Thursday

This is posted late as I threw everything in the wash when I got home, and have only sorted out the HUGE pile tonight. Not much vintage in the clothes, but my retro carpet does a very nice background I feel. I hit Brunswick Brother St laurence, and Salvos Collingwood. The BSL is in a renovation, book areas rearranged, much better. Lots of clothes, I found this great red shirt, 3/4 sleeves, white polkadot. Looks like there is a white dot mark, but there isn't. Great work shirt. Ready to wear tomorrow! I found this gorgeous top- looked shocking on the floor, and not much better on the dummy. looks even nicer with real boobies! Brand is 'Bless'ed Are The Meek'
There were, like, 3 dresses at BSL, and this is one, has nice buckles at the side to pull it in a bit, needed a bit of an iron after a few days in the washing pile! 3/4 sleeves as well.
A nice little Witchery summer cardie, may change the buttons, but another one i'll wear to work and for play. Got a few books as well on my jaunt, and spent most of my time at the Salvos talking to a lovely lady about kids, books, op shops, like a real live blogger haha.
The best of all was these. Most day, when I look through the jeans, I get Staggers, stonewash and many other high waisted, hem taken up no-goes. So imagine when I see my size $160 Mavi jeans, with no length alterations (I am only 5'9", but am 2/3 leg ie I am very short waisted). All for $13.50. They have a little bit of a flare at the feet, nice summery one I can wear with flip flops etc. Decided I couldn't do much better after that, and took myself to St Kilda for lunch, then headed home. Yay, op shops!

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