Monday, 30 March 2009

Op shop haul from Mt Waverley

There are three op-shops near each other in Mt Waverley, here's my haul from them on Friday.

- two high-waisted skirts, one straight black velvet the other a fuller tweed (with in-seam pockets)
- vintage patent leather handbag
- crocheted cushion cover
- chinese checkers
- not sure what you'd call this, I guess it's kind of a hook rack, I'm going to use it in my craft room

Very happy with my purchases :)

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Trish The Hunter

WOW, Trish got a mention on page 3 or 4 of The Age today. I saw the name and had a look at the photo, definitely not Trish.
Stardoms on the way.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Stuff other than clothes and toys.

Most of the posts here seem to be about clothes and toys, and occasionally furniture, which aren't in my line of interest with op-shopping. That sounds rude - sorry, I didn't mean it like that! I still love to see what everyone has been buying! Just that I don't look for those things myself. I look for knick knacks with a chook flavour, embroidery, and craft stuff, and occasionally books. So at the risk of boring most of you, here is what I found at Vinnies in Greensborough today:

If you know anything about needlepoint or tapestry, you will appreciate the hours of work that went into this sample of stitching. The cashier said "That's a nice cushion cover" and I said "Well, it's a bit more than that to me!" I hadn't washed it when I took this pic, and it looks even better since I did wash it. A snap for $5.

I try to avoid buying other people's embroidery that I could do myself (excluding vintage embroidery, that is), but when I saw this picture for $3, I had to have it. The stitching is absolutely exquisite, and the fish design is uncommon in embroidery designs.

This little handkie won't mean much to most people, who would wonder why I paid even $1 for it. But the embroidered corner is a style of stitching not seen very often, so again, I was happy to discover it.

I bought this print for the frame alone, to use to frame a large embroidered item I have had for years, but couldn't afford to frame. It is 21" x 17" and cost me $10. Now THAT is affordable framing!

More down your alley, girls! A pair of Diane F. red shoes for $3.50 and a pair of fluffy scuffs for $1.50. I like something soft to slip my feet into when I get out of bed in the mornings!

OK, I know you are thinking "WEIRD!" Well, I just love tartan anything, so for $1 I got six different tartans!

Knick knack time. We have bantam hens, so I tend to pick up just about anything that has a chook on it. I don't know what this is used for...can anyone help me?

Sunday, 15 March 2009


There's a Auction of Vintage clothing and accessories at the Collector Auction House (Melbourne St Murrumbeena, Melbourne) on Thursday the 2nd of April starting at 6:00 pm. Have a look at their website and click on the Special Auctions Tab to see some photos of some of the items.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Let's Go to Bendigo!

Thanks to The Golden Age of Couture exhibition at Bendigo, my friend and I decided to go up there for a day and of course check out the op shops!

On a map of Bendigo this is where they are:
Well the roads, not the exact location as I lost that map! But they are quite close together.

The racks were well spread out and easy to sort through which was good. One even had a Vintage&Evening wear section. (Unfortunately I can't remember which one!)

I did have a budget for the day so had to be careful with my spending...I did however get a black blazer, a doll and a scarf. My friend bought herself a new dress, bag and some Sweet Valley University books.

Definately worth the two hour drive. Also pop into the Hat Shop next to the Salvos. Some good hats, some good laughs!

My blazer. One of the only shots I got before it went into the wash.

Entry to the View Hill Fellowship. At the end of every rainbow is an Op Shop. Julz is wearing her op shop stripe dress and bag she picked up and my scarf that reads 'fifth avenue' among the blue, black and white coloring.This doll I picked up for my sister. Press the stomach and it cheers what I can only assume is, 'Munchkin (something), Howdy Do, We are here to cheer for you! Woooo!' At first I thought it was I think it's just pure creepy but still brings the laughs, even if I don't allow it in my room!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Op Shop Tours Going Solo

Hi guys,

I just wanted to say hello and let you know that Op Shop Tours Australia is currently launching its Monthly Melbourne Tours. For the first time the tours will be going solo, meaning it will not run under the banner of a festival or an alternate promoter. YAY! Tell your friends tell your neighbours and keep it in mind for your next impossible birthday gift.

First Monthly Op Shop Tour - Saturday the 28th of March 2008

check out

for tickets go to


Sunday, 1 March 2009

Jigsaw Puzzles, AFL Chipz, and Clothes

If anyone is interested in AFL Chipz the Lions Op Shop in Murrumbeena has a lot at the moment. 50 cents each. They also still have the glitzzy dog collars.
Also for anyone in the area of the Don Bosco Op Shop in Brunswick I heard the staff talking about 30 bags of clothing coming in for sorting. Also lots of Jigsaw puzzles out there.
Have fun.

My New Friends.

On my mission to find a multi-compartment bag, I came across these two hand puppets! I love anything that is fun to play with and is super soft so bought them. At 50c a pop, I didn't really worry.

Neither have a name yet but they seem to like each other anyway. Hehe.