Monday, 28 February 2011

At an op shop last week, the old dear behind the counter decided she’d had just about enough of the colleague who was putting out clothes in all the wrong places. As this colleague went to hang some more tops with the dresses the old dear exclaimed, “They’re tops! They’re tops!” and then added “You wear them over pants!” The colleague didn’t react but if she had, I dare say she would have been well within her rights to say, “I'm 70 years old. I know what tops are for, Beryl.”

Amy C

Top, $6, The Preloved Pedlar, Kyneton

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Wedgwood in Ashburton

Today I took myself over to Ashburton High Street for their Annual Street Festival. Despite the rain, it did clear up around mid-morning, I had a lovely time walking up and down, seeing the sights, the Farm Animals, eating ice creams and sausages, .. and guess what.. both Vinnies (1/2 price Sale), and the Ashburton Op Shop, were Open ! yay.  I picked up a few bits and pieces, mainly clothes for my gr.daughter.  I did spot this Wedgwood Stoneware MADE IN ENGLAND dinner set.. about 70 or 80 pieces in all, including a sweet teapot, all for $100.  I don't need more dinner sets .. I certainly don't need another 70 or 80 pieces of crockery in the already overflowing kitchen cupboards, so I left it there.

Who knows, maybe one of our readers needs a new set.  Looked to be in very good condition, and its WEDGWOOD, not some crummy KMart special...  may still be there on Monday...  
The Ashburton Op Shop is the local Senior Citizens Community Support Services shop, it is in the green tin building right alongside the railway line, corner High St and Welfare Parade.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Big haul at St John of God Greensborough 1/2 price sale

Started off with some books:
4 @ 50 cents + 1 @ 30 cents = $2.30
Royals @ $1.50 + Poems @ $1 = $2.50
Fridge magnets, Vietnamese Architecture ceramic 3D Fridge Magnets still in plastic wrap - 5 @ 20 cents each = $1
Assorted unused greeting cards with envelopes mainly birthday marked price 2 for 5 cents apply 1/2 price sale got 17 for 20 cents total (around 1 cent each).
Original 1970s oil painting 52cm x 68cm Hong Kong traditional street scene @ $15.

I have seen a few of these types of paintings for sale over the last couple of years as the people who bought them in their 30s & early 40s when visiting Hong Kong are now moving into nursing homes, downsizing, or leaving us for a better place. Some of these paintings are reasonably well executed but are not really something you would want to hang on your wall, with a common theme being junks on Hong Kong Harbour with Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island in the background.

This one however really grabbed me because of the evocative way it depicts the canyon-like alley flanked by market-style retail outlets, the ubiquitous signage, the steps leading up the hill in what is a pedestrian-only street, and the ever-present crowd of people. If I had only one abiding memory of Hong Kong, it would be this type of scene. Along with this, the painting is fairly well executed, with the bright colours much brighter than how they appear in the photo. There is another painting by the same artist still for sale at the op shop which looks rushed and lacks detail and did not appeal to me.

Happy with this haul.

Thanks to Gina E for information about the new location.

Friday, 25 February 2011

fine fabric

Just a lovely length (about 3m or more, not measured yet), of a gorgeous greeny/grey fabric. The illustration is like a Japanese painting.  Not sure if I'll make something or sell it as is but I'm loving looking at it right now...
I have draped it over the Wardrobe door, looks very 'arty'.
~ L.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Savers sale 7th March!

It's 50% off clothing at Savers on 7th March, woo hoo! Doors open 8am, close 9pm. Mark it in your diaries now!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

I scored at Savers Mill Park

Some of you might have already seen my post about what I ended up getting after the catwalk show at Savers Mill Park on Wednesday night, but I wanted to say a little bit more about what I got and have some questions for you too so am putting things up here as well. 
As part of the modelling deal, I ended up keeping my outfit (which you can see on my blog) of a boy's wool jumper ($3) and a suede fringed skirt and top ($20), here's the top, which will require much thought, attitude and - in practical terms - some thonging to go through the loops at the back if I am ever to wear it. A serious challenge, but they kind of made me take it as it was part of the set.
I also kept the Italian leather heels that I wore with the outfit, but had to pay for them ($10), and got some accessories for $1 each.
I also found this fabulous shoe horn with a monkey figure on the top. He was $3 (well, $2.99, but who's quibbling?) and made in Japan.
He looks like wood but is actually plastic. I love the detail with the bow tie and how the plastic is coloured to make it look like well-worn wood. Bit of a pity that he's missing an eye but that didn't put me off.
Has anyone ever seen anything like this and do you have any idea how old it would be? I'm guessing it was from about the 60s-70s. Look at his back with his little tail.. isn't it sweet?
Another reason that I'm doing this post here as well as on my own blog is to find out about this embroidered picture. Gina E commented on my original post that she has three of these that she got from her mother in law. 
This picture has the phone number and address (in Moorabbin) for the framers on the back, and the number is only six digits long (two at the start and four at the end) as opposed to our eight-digit ones now. That alone makes me think it must be at least from the 70s if not earlier, does anyone know when Melbourne still had such short phone numbers, which would give me a clue as to the age of the picture? The strange thing is though, that the number is printed on a gold label in excellent condition, and I don't think gold adhesive labels were around much earlier than the 70s... it's a kind of mystery!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Austin Hospital Opportunity Shop Garage Sale

Saturday 26th February between 8.30am and 1.30pm, 42-44 Main Hurstbridge Rd, Diamond Creek.

New op shop opened in Wendouree, Ballarat

Have just read this article (link embedded) about a brand spanking new op shop officially opened, by the Ballarat City Mayor no less, in Wendouree, near Ballarat, this week.
The opening of these delightful repositories of hidden gems rarely make the news so I thought it deserved a heads-up to us all, particularly as this one offers training and employment opportunities !
More details, like street address, available on the Ballarat Bargain Browser website HERE.

Savers Mill Park is GO!

Savers Mill Park opens TODAY!! Get excited! I was at the official opening last night, working the catwalk as a model, but of course did not get any shots of the fashion show because I was in it. So here are just a few pics of the store - I'll put up a more detailed post later and show you what I got to keep from the fashion show as well as what I ended up buying. 
It was so weird to be in a really neat, tidy Savers store with hardly anyone else rifling the racks, sort of felt like a strange parallel universe... I have to say there seemed to be a better collection of collectibles and retro knick knacky things (like these hairbrushes) than in other stores, and the prices seemed slightly less expensive. But seeing as I don't usually go looking for vintage hairbrushes, I can't really say.
If anyone is after latchhook kits, they have quite a few (randomly specific thing to mention, I know, but every so often I get the urge to consider latchhooking despite never actually ever finishing one). On a more general note, I can't say that I noticed any furniture, maybe they are not offering it at this store.
Anyway, I'll post again on here and on my own blog, so please visit! (By the way, I've got a giveaway running at the moment so check it out if you like to make soft toys).

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tuesday Trip .. ..

Today I had a Chiro appointment in Armadale, so I detoured via a couple of Op shops (of course).  Picked up a few habby items & patterns at Vinnies in Hawthorn, then on to the EPIC shop just near Auburn Station, where I found this lovely handbag. It is oh so 1960s, hand made, wool, with metal frame and faux tortoiseshell clasp., then across to the  Malvern Op Shop in High Street.
did not find a lot today, maybe I'm too choosy or maybe just not the 'right' things for me, but I did enjoy the journey.

Where did you go today?

Monday, 14 February 2011

Opping on the Mornington Peninsula

I was on the Mornington Peninsula for a few days last week so decided to check out some local op shops. I got this American Apparel tshirt for only $3 at the Mornington Salvos as it was a 50% off item.I also got this vintage Lee tshirt for the same price at the same shop, another 50% off item.
Finally I got this Ralph Lauren polo for only $4.99 at the Rosebud Salvos.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

True blue bargains

I may have mentioned before how fatal it is for me to visit Oakleigh Salvos. Well, last week was no different. I seem to have gone overwhelmingly for blue stuff, a bit like a bowerbird, haha...
Here's what I got. Blue cardigan, I think $5.
Glass and metal necklace with blue tassel, $5, and earrings $5.
FABULOUS blue glazed ceramic coffee set (I'm guessing Turkish coffee as the cups are so small), $12. It's made in Japan, I'd assume in the 70s - one of my friends explained there was a massive coffee crazy in Japan at that time. I don't really drink coffee but there's no way I could resist this.
I can't decide if the coffee set or this was the piece de resistance... this huge pattern book was $3.
Kind of like the holy grail for me as I love old patterns and the illustrations on the envelopes. This whole book is chock full of 80s amazingness (seeing as it was from 1980, it was before the whole horrible shoulder pad and big hair fashion fiasco). I'll put up more of the illustrations on my own blog when I get around to it, but here are a couple for you now.
... and in other news, you knew that Savers Mill Park is opening this Thursday? The opening party is Wednesday night - and I'm making my modelling debut! I was invited to strut the catwalk in an outfit that I'll choose and style myself from the racks at the new store. I'm pretty excited, although rather nervous too, but hopefully I'll be able to get some half decent shots to show you! Wish me luck!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Vase Find

The Salvation Army at Briar Hill operate a garage sale every Saturday morning. I have not been for some time but recently visited. Rummaging in a box of dusty framed pictures I came across a small vase covered in spider webs. It attracted by attention because it was a baby version of a similar vase I rescued from a country tip about 30 years ago years. I could not believe it. It is made of pottery and is a similar brown colour but not exactly with part glazing. Considering it could also be at least 30 years old it had no chips and a little bargain for $1

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Savers is opening in Mill Park

Savers is opening a new store in Childs Road, Mill Park on Thursday 17 February.

Christmas Cards

Thank you for the invitation to post to this blog which I have been enjoying reading for some time.
I had time to visit Savers in Greensborough today. I came away with three brand new packs of Christmas cards - with the label “Earth greetings – every pack plants a tree” - for $2.99 each – and I bought two! That was 60 new cards for less than $6. As they had been packaged up , I did not know exactly what I had purchased till I got home and was really pleased to see a variety of cards. Made in Australia, 100% post-consumer recycled. They are blank inside. I still love to send Christmas cards so cannot wait till the end of the year to use these.

Not quite Vintage, really sweet, but do I need them ??

Not a new find, I purchased these recently because they were so cheap. There are SIX napkins, EIGHT placemats and ONE larger centerpiece.  Factory applique, in pinks and grey border. They probably date from the 1960s or 1970s, certainly not older than than.
They have been in a bag in the boot of my car for over a week, can't even remember which shop I found them in.
I absolutely do not need more table linen, but I'm sure you all know what it is like when you see something that just should NOT be left in the shop.

Maybe they could be 're-invented' as something else? who knows but for now I'll just look at them, and think, "Oh, how pretty!"

come on, confess, who else buys things the do not need or do not collect just 'because'?

Lions Trash & Treasure Sale - 12 February

Blackburn North Lions Club's first trash and treasure sale for 2011 will be held on:

Saturday, 12 February 2011.

Same time: 8am to 1pm
Same place: 1st Vermont Scout Hall, located near the corner of Canterbury Rd and Mitcham Rd, Vermont.

Monday, 7 February 2011

vintage fashion in the city's heart


Hunter Gatherer on Brunswick Street in Melbourne’s Fitzroy has long been a must-visit retail destination for devotees of vintage, ethical and upcycled fashion.

Now, the renowned Hunter Gatherer name comes to Melbourne’s CBD, with a new store having just opened its doors in the famous Royal Arcade, off Bourke Street Mall.

When it comes to all things vintage, Hunter Gatherer stands out from the pack. Every frock, blouse, handbag, skirt, coat, trouser, hat and shoe at Hunter Gatherer is specially handpicked from the hundreds of thousands of wardrobe items donated each year to the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s 27 community stores or “op shops” across Victoria.

‘We have a huge array of pieces to choose from’, says Andrea Philippou, Manager of Hunter Gatherer ‘s Royal Arcade store. ‘The sorters at our warehouse have a keen eye, and know just what to look for. What you see at Hunter Gatherer is the absolute cream of the crop.’

‘People are often prepared to give away beautiful, classic fashions they no longer have a use for, if it helps a good cause, and shoppers at Hunter Gatherer are the lucky ones to benefit from this generosity!’

Hunter Gatherer is a Brotherhood business, so shopping with us makes for guilt-free retail therapy. By making a purchase at hg, you’ll be helping the Brotherhood of St Laurence deliver its many programs and services, which prevent and alleviate poverty in Australia and help disadvantaged and marginalised people.

Hunter Gatherer in the Royal Arcade specialises in vintage frocks and pre-loved, European-style leather shoes, including authentic Swedish clogs. It also boasts a men’s range that spans everything from velvet blazers to Lacoste cardigans to braces, bow ties and hats.

‘We also carry boutique jewellery from Melbourne artisans including Greg Mann, who crafts using antique cutlery, Run Wild Horses, who turn vintage clock parts into steampunk-inspired pieces, Gabriella Hirst, who works with fimo to make necklaces and bangles with a coral look, and the sweet designs from Scrumptious Productions’. Fans of upcycling will also adore the hats made of vintage fabrics from The Cat’s Pajamas and Lydra’s clutch purses fashioned from pre-loved fabrics.

So what’s hot in vintage right now? Andrea says the television series Mad Men has inspired a resurgence in demand for 1950’s and 1960’s women’s fashion. ‘Many people want figure-hugging garments with cinched waistlines and full skirts, to recreate the look of Joan, Peggy or Betty. It’s a wonderful style − garments from this era are flattering to many different body shapes and sizes’.

The Melbourne city store was launched in January this year and given its gorgeous wares have a long history, it’s fitting that the shop’s new home does, too. ‘There’s been a lack of vintage shopping options in the Melbourne CBD, so we hope city shoppers will like what they find’.


274 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (Ph: 03 9415 7371)

Street level, Shop 51, Royal Arcade, 335 Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne CBD (Ph: 03 9650 1843)

Friday, 4 February 2011

Half price sale at the Eltham Brotherhood.

Glenda and I had done our weekly supermarket shop, and as we often do, finished off the day by dropping in at the B.S.L. We didn't know until we got there, that everything was half price. Their prices are so low anyway, they may as well give their stock away! I bought three things.

This polyester casual shoulder bag was so pretty in Chinese patterned fabric that for $3 I figured I could find a use for it one day.

I looked at this blouse several times before pulling it off the rack and trying it on. It looks such an 'old lady's blouse' at first, but I knew it would go well with at least four pairs of cotton slacks that I have, and it fit me perfectly. $3.50.

The MOTH has had two heart attacks, and the cardiologist has referred him to a heart surgeon to have bypass surgery. So I've been reading up on everything I can so I know in advance what to expect when I'll be looking after him. For 60c, this is the best book I've read so far. Graphic details, but very informative. Ken asked what the book said about the bypass operation, and I said "You don't need to know!"

The total value of $7.10 was reduced to $3.50. You can't go wrong with those prices!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Lions OpShop in Mordialloc

Today hubby and I took a bus trip to Mordialloc, had a nice coffee, walked along the beach and came home again on the bus.  Quite unusual for us, he does not drive and I drive EVERYWHERE,  just thought a bus trip would be something different (took over an hour, but that was the idea).
Well.... could not help but peek in ONE op shop (I know Salvos are only a few doors further up the main street, but cant test hubby's patience too much).
What did I find? 2 canvases, (both started) of the Zodiac Sign for SCORPIO, and 2 shoeboxes of cut wool to finish it.  Latch Hook Rug.
The colours are deep purple and fuchsia pink, peacock blue and teal blue/green.  Really nice 1970s colour scheme and NO I do not know what I'll do with it, but for the very small price, I could not let it sit there.  Also found a few more knitting pattern books.  Talked to the 2 nice ladies in the shop for a few minutes and then felt guilty about hubby standing out in the street waiting, so didn't even check out the Salvos.  Also passed one in Mentone as the bus drove thru.... may be a trip to make alone in the not too distant future.?

so, a quiet day out turned into Op Shop find after all !

Oh, and they were handing out fliers about a BOOK SALE, ex Library, 19/20 February at the Mordialloc Scout Hall in Park Street.

Salvos in Glenferrie Road Malvern.

I am in Malvern all day once a month, but I don't usually get time to walk as far as the Salvos shop. But today I was shopping for something else, and my trip took me right past, so I figured I may as well go in. Saw this bone coloured leather bag for $9.99 and snapped it up - just what I'd been looking for! I'd bought a white one last month which was okay, but this one is just perfect with all the pockets in the right places for my needs.

There is another little opshop in Wattletree Road, around the corner from Glenferrie Road, so I popped in there too.
Fabulous scarf with leopard print - $5!

Interesting rubber stamp for $5. I'm not into stamping, but my friend Val is, and she is particularly interested in Oriental designs. I think she'll like this one.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ashburton Salvos Sale

Just a quick one: I drove past the Ashburton Salvos near the corner of High Street and Warrigal Rd, and spotted their sale sign, '50% off sale Feb 3, 4, 5.'

If you're in the area, you know what to do...