Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Christmas Cards

Thank you for the invitation to post to this blog which I have been enjoying reading for some time.
I had time to visit Savers in Greensborough today. I came away with three brand new packs of Christmas cards - with the label “Earth greetings – every pack plants a tree” - for $2.99 each – and I bought two! That was 60 new cards for less than $6. As they had been packaged up , I did not know exactly what I had purchased till I got home and was really pleased to see a variety of cards. Made in Australia, 100% post-consumer recycled. They are blank inside. I still love to send Christmas cards so cannot wait till the end of the year to use these.


Janelle aka Nelly said...

isnt it wonderful that some people are not hoarde/ savers/ just in case for later people like us? Otherwise we wouldnt get such great bargains lol
I am on an opshop ban this week its been hard but have mace 4 days so far will see how long I can stand it for in the meantime I live thru all you ladies and your wonderful finds.

secondhandrose said...

Very nice score!