Friday, 29 February 2008

Crafty Finds

I had to get out of the house yesterday, so I decided that I would go op-shopping with the specific purpose of finding myself a brown shirt to use for my Brown Owls uniform. I found 2 brown shirts, one long sleeve (which looks brand new) and one short sleeve (Jag brand).

I had a search through the craft sections and found some nice fabrics and some more craft books to add to the collection.

I also found some packets of elastic and a little bag full of ribbons and string...........but then I found the piece de resistance for todays litlle outing......The Womans Day Book of Handicrafts from 1978! It was $1.50!

If anyone is on the lookout for craft supplies, St Vinnies in Hoppers Crossing had 3 flower presses, quite a few embroidery hoops, a few different types of dress fabrics, and lots of wool. They also had a Knitting Nelly with a set of instructions (I was really tempted to buy it but I already have one). They also had a few craft books and lots of cook books. The Salvos in Hoppers Crossing didn't have many craft supplies, but they did have a good book section. Lots of craft books, especially knitting and flower type crafts (flower arranging, dried flower crafts etc).

Thursday, 28 February 2008

trying not to gloat...

Yes, I made it to the Salvos designer the other weekend.  Hurriedly scanned my way through racks and racks and racks of clothes.  I'm sure I missed things, and meant to go back the next day, but didn't make it.  Probably good for the bank balance.  However, I was very pleased with the items I brought home.  Briefly, Nolita sweat top, Art garb skirt, Italian leather boots, silk tie, jeans, and  jag track suit pants(didn't bother with a photo of them).

Then during the week I stopped off at my favourite little Oppe Shoppe on Hawthorn Rd.  For $25 I snagged a pair of jag jeans, new cute little bag for carrying ripple blanket around in, brand new Nine West ankle boots (crippled my feet with them this morning, but damn they look good!), board shorts for my nephew, 3 Madeline books for Miss Whizzme, a spelling game (never opened) and a wonderful little retro book 'Let's find out about butterflies'. Carried around a nine west handbag for a while, but was only pvc so but it back! (what a snob!!)

Hawthorn Rd Oppe Shoppe Mosaic1. Jag Jeans, 2. cute tote bag, 3. these boots aren't made for walking!, 4. Charlie's shorts, 5. Madeline
(there are no links for the second line of photos)
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If you are looking for a pair of nice shoes, this little op shop is worth checking out once in a while, as they often get in Nine West stock that is new but seconds or old stock.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

vintage italian shoes: go geddem!!

If anyone is a size 7 - 7.5, there are three gorgeous pairs of Italian leather shoes... two are Ferragmo (spelling?), both black, and another, also Italian, is apple green. They're all pretty spesh... They are in the Op Shop at the back of the church on the corner of High and Murray streets in Preston. Can't remember the name of the Church, sorry!

Heads up

If anyone is after a knitting machine there is one at the Blackburn Epilepsy Op Shop for $80. It comes with a table and a stack of manuals. It looks fairly old but they said the owner said it still works. I was sorely tempted myself but I've already got too many things on the go :)

Monday, 25 February 2008

Shoes and other fun things!

The thrill of the hunt has drawn me each Saturday morning of late to my favourite local oppies. I must say I’ve found some good stuff lately, including many pairs of shoes! Women lie if they say they don’t love them…who can resist a cute pair of vintage Ferragamo’s? Honestly…

I haven’t posted in a while because, well, I get into lazy holiday mode and the idea of uploading photos, typing and lets be frank, even turning on the computer doesn’t excite me. Never the less, I just must share my recent finds!



Cute tuxedo style jacket, very now and very cheap! $3 doncare, maceadon


Navy blue vest, $4 from cant remember where...its been a staple is all i can say


Navy/green plaid suit jacket. After i took out the shoulder pads and took in the shoulders, very wearable i must say! $15


Scarf #1: Cute nautical thing in pastel colours...i love this one, $2


Scarf #2 Red satin with horses. Already worn this one heaps, seems to match everything!

And now for the shoes.....


Black patent leather and gold salvatore ferragamo heels, love them and they were only $2 from Doncare in templestowe


Another pair from doncare, Templestowe. These ones are Nina Ricci, also $2 (woo hoo) They are a little small, might have to sell them on Ebay, size 7 if anyone's interested!


What my mum calls grandma shoes but i call practical and cute and blue leather...($4)


I think i can call these my leather flats with snake skin pattern detail. Wore them today, very comfy and only $5. YAY


last but not least, 80's boots from Salvo's in East Doncaster, a little pricey ($30), but you'll easily pay $100 for boots like these in vintage stores... leather and fur lined....mmm warm....

summer holiday finds

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finally got my act together and uploaded photos of some finds from the recent summer holidays.  click on the links to see more information.

My Finds today

Finally having some time on my hands has allowed me to do a little hunting today (and such much needed and very late posting).
Traveled over to Temcare Op-Shop, Station Street, Oakleigh, today and quite a treasure trove! I saw the shop when it was closed and looked through the window at a very cluttered and dark shop and turned my heel and walked away. Not today!

Venturing in, the first thing I spotted was the large collection of interesting chinaware and lots and lots of pyrex in pretty good nick! Didn't need those, so I meambled my way to the linen section and picked up a lovely patterned sheet for $2, then hunted out the craft section where I scored a quilting hoop for $8, fantastic piece of cotton drill (maybe for an apron?) for $1.50 and another embroidery hoop for $2. They had a huge range of craft magazines too (just got the one Quilters Companion). The staff seemed nice, though had no idea of pricing and seemed to think about what to charge for an eon!

I got this little sweetie from my favourite local op-shop, Ashburton Services, along with a daisy tablecloth. This shop is getting more and more popular, so you have to quick smart to nab a treasure.

I also found a chenille bedspread which is in perfect condition (though no label so not absolutely 100% sure it is pure cotton; the fringing doesn't feel like it) in a delicious icy pink. Yum!
(Co-posted at Whippet Good)

Chiffon Scarves

Hi All,
I've just posted on my textiles blog but thought I would post here also a pic of my current work. I'm always on the lookout for interesting items to use for textiles, not just because they are cheaper, but because it adds an interesting historical perspective to the work. Not a great deal of history in this yet, but this is what I do with the chiffon scarves I regularly pick up from Op Shops (I have a large stash in all sorts of colours and patterns). I have painted some cotton with the background colours and layered on silk fibres/hankies and organza ribbon. Over the top is pinned my pale mauve chiffon scarf from the Op Shop. This piece is to have Free Machine Embroidery, hand embroidery, beading and other embellishments added before being cut up to make postcards (4 x 6"). This is for an international swap that is occurring for the Cyber Fyber Exhibition in USA in January. Artist Susan Lenz is organizing this worldwide event and I have already swapped an ATC and received Susan's Postcard. If you're interested in Textile art check out the Cyber Fyber site or Susan's blog for info. (You'll have to google this as I haven't worked out how to add links on this blog yet).

Friday, 22 February 2008

north melbourne opping

North Melbourne Library is hosting a talk from Kristie Montagu of The Treasure Hunter's Guide fame - Wednesday March 5, 6.30pm, free, and phone to book on 96589700. North Melbs is also getting in on the op shop action by offering a cheap bus tour of op shops in June (what a cool idea!) - download their brochure from the Neighbourhood centre for details. Should you score some amazing clothes that you want to give a new life, Thread Den hosts "Alter Your Ego" events on a monthly basis where for $15, you take your clothes in, pick their brains in terms of what you can do, and there's sewing machines there for your use.

Thursday, 21 February 2008


When I go op shopping, I'm usually on the lookout for three things:
  • Embroidered hankies (my latest obsession)

  • Buttons

  • Doilies

If you know of a shop that has a great stash, I'd love you to leave a comment telling me where it is!

The Southern Op Shop at 51 Florence Street, Mentone has a fantastic selection of buttons. Best of all, they've sorted them into sets and sewn them on to little cards. They've pinned them up on the wall in an area covering about 3m x 1m.

The ones shown above are from this shop and also Temcare at 5A Station Street, Oakleigh.

I saw this cute tea set at The Salvos in Atherton Road, Oakleigh.

sale time

The kind people at St John of God Accord op shops have let me know about their upcoming sales:

Burnt Bridge, Croydon and Wandin locations

½ Price Sale starts February 25

$1 Sale starting on March 3

Greensborough location

½ Price Sale starts February 26

$1 Sale starting on March 4

All the address details and shop hours are included in the link on the sidebar. Half-price sale ... that means you can buy twice as much!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Green with envy

Green with envy? Why, you ask?
Because I'm envious that some lucky person would fit into this dress and I don't!
I found this at the Doncare op shop in North Blackburn last week. They were having a sale - fill a plastic bag with clothing and pay $2 for the bag! It felt like stealing!! I got this dress because it is in great condition and I love the design. It's the waist that's too small - perhaps one day I will fit into it? Or I may try and refashion it - any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!
I also got a novel which I am loving - pure British chick-lit trash - for $1 (so cheap that I can give away my shameful secret without further guilt!). In the $2 bag, I managed to stuff a red cardigan (currently in the wash so no pics yet), a white cotton petticoat which I am going to re-fashion, and a beautiful cream slip/petticoat. More pics soon!

What do you do... (UPDATED 21 Feb)

... when you find something you've been craving, but it's in the wrong size?

Do you buy it and find a friend who could use it?
Do you turn it into something else?
Do you buy it and live in denial, pretending it does fit?
Or do you leave it there and wish it all the best?

I just found cherry 8-up Docs. They are my favourite shoes, and they're made in England, not the new cheap ones. Unfortunately they're size 6 (AU size 8 women's) and I need size 7 (9). I already have cherry 8-up Docs, but they're my wedding shoes, so I only wear them on special occasions. And my other Docs both need repairs/retirement. I was so excited to see them there, they're in excellent condition. Oh, so sad. Anyone want me to buy them for you? I just can't bear to see them sitting there. Only $4.

I could squeeeeeze into them, but I figure the love will wear off pretty quickly with sore toes squished in. Oh, the craving!

I'll keep looking for cherry mary-jane Docs - my ultimate craving.

In case you're wondering, this is how much I like my cherry Docs...

UPDATE: I decided that I could not leave them there, so I rang up my SIL (who wore blue docs as a bridesmaid at our wedding) and asked if she would wear them. She's stoked, and so am I. I went to buy them this morning, and I had to argue about the price. The lady would only take $3 for them, even though I was insisting on paying the stated $4. She won, and I have a lovely present for my SIL. All's well that ends well.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Now I lay me down to sleep

I'm always on the lookout for pillowcases.

I actually have quite a nice collection now & the linen press is always my first point of call at the Oppy.

I picked up some beauties today at the Epilepsy Op Shop in Kew & The Salvos in Balwyn.

Monday, 18 February 2008

First entry

Hi all, thanks Amelia for inviting me to join your blog.
I love op shopping and my two youger children(of 4) love to join me. I generally am on the look out for items that I can use in my textile art, which obviously covers a huge spectrum. Today I dropped by Vinnies in South Geelong for a browse and bought a new linen teatowel and two very recent copies of Country Craft & Decorating magazine for $1.00 each. This op shop is large and well organized, but doesn't carry many clothes labels. Cheers!

A sad and wierd op shop story from last year

Op shops staff and volunteers get to know each other pretty well - if op shopping together is a bonding experience, op shop working and volunteering certainly isn't any less. And you get all sorts of volunteers which is lovely. Last year we had one volunteer who was with us for several months, a lovely bloke who was much appreciated by all of us. His own struggles in life meant that he died unexpectedly and tragically several months after we first met him. We were sad and somewhat devastated - he'd become a huge part of our lives and is missed (although we are sure much more so by his closest family). It was special even though we'd only known him for months to speak at his funeral. It was quite an experience in the following weeks to put out his clothes which his family insisted on bringing into our op shop which was so important in the last months of this guys life. Quietly selling his clothes without saying anything to customers was one of the wierdest experiences of our op shop times - although somehow quite special to see his clothes having a new life with a new person - something this guy would have got much joy out of. Wierd nevertheless!

A doll


I have to start out by saying that I'm not much of an op shopper.

When I was in high school I used to dabble in a little rummage through the white elephant stall at the community fair, with my main score being a cool (at the time- it was the early 80's after all) mens suit jacket for $2. I always regretted not getting the pants too. Since then, despite being keen on recycling/reusing/usingless, and being an avid sale shopper (content to rummage through racks of mis-matched clothes for hours, with no particular agenda other than spotting quality fabrics in colours and shapes that I like) I don't really do the op shopping thing.

I like to blame it on the quality of local op shops, which seem to have all the goods that were rejected from other op shops. But perhaps it's more that I can afford new, and I don't like to accumulate things that I don't really need, no matter how cheap or what a good find they may be. I also tend to imagine before I start, as I stare at the rack or box of mismatched dull coloured stuff, that I'm not going to find anything anyway, so why bother waste my time hoping against all likelihood that I might.

But last week I broke my habits, challenged my expectations, and called into one of the local op shops after dropping my son into daycare. After giggling to myself when I spotted the old sheets I'd deposited in their donations bin last month, I came away rewarded.


This AK Traditions doll was hiding in the bottom of a box of rather unattractive soft toys. I felt excitement well up inside me when I spotted a glimpse of the Kaffe Fasset striped fabric legs, and frantically tossed the other toys aside to see what they were attached to. She doesn't look particularly worn- nothing that a wash and a few stitches can't fix. I felt like I'd found gold. Boyed on by this success I rummaged further, coming away with a few other toys and a baby book, and a couple of glass storage jars for the kitchen.

Of course, this now leaves me with a new project for the unwritten and lengthy To Do [subsection: Craft] List: Doll's wardrobe. I might even turn her into a he.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

vacuuming shoes

vacuuming shoes, originally uploaded by gusseting.

Sometimes, it's highly necessary to have a pair of shoes that are...a little unusual for you. Me in high heels? You've got to be kidding. i've worn them outside the house a grand total of once - dining at a swank restaurant, and walking a grand total of the hotel upstairs down and back.
What they are really awesome for, and I highly recommend something similar (shoes, vintage slips, those charming oldschool aprons) is housework. Vacuuming just isn't the same in a pair of vintage italian high heels that you picked up for $2.00. Worth every cent.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

too much excitement, so a collection instead

Yes, it has been excitement a plenty here in the Whizzme household. First Amelia asked me if I would like to post here (of course!) and secondly, I made it to the Salvo's designer sale.  Now, if I was a more organised blogger I would be able to show you my booty from the sale (italian boots, Nolita sweatshirt, jeans, skirt, silk tie for Mr Whizzme) but unfortunately I am not that sort of blogger!  Well then, what to show you first fellow op shoppers? So many finds I would like to share, but lucky for you I managed to take a deep breath and limit my first post to one item, or rather a small section of my collection of one item.  Vintage patterns.  I love, love, love them.  No matter that I will probably never make them (especially given that most of these patterns require a woman to have not bust, I most certainly do have one), although Mr Whizzme may get one of those dressing gowns one day.  The pattern section his always where I will head to first.  Most of my favourite finds have in fact been in small, tucked away op shops in country towns.  (In fact, in a small seaside town in South Australia I found a rare Issey Miyake pattern for the outrageous sum of $2).  
vintage patterns
I love the hand sketched designs and the wordy outlines.  Maybe one day Miss Whizzme will need to attend a 60's party, and she will be able to wear an original creation?  maybe one day....

added: and here you will see a real collection - oh my!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Todays Finds

I had to run some errands today so I thought I'd check out a couple of small op-shops that are in the main street. They are both within about 5 shops of each other so it was quite convenient.

The first was the Red Cross shop. They mainly had clothes but nothing really in my size and things were a little pricey for an op-shop.

The next was St Vinnies. It was a small shop but a much better selection of items. I was really looking for craft or fabric type items. I did find a velvet skirt and a nice baby blanket that I am going to cut up and use for other projects. I also found a couple of nice scarves. The sequinned scarf was $3 and the other was $1. I also found a cool Puma bag for $4, a table runner for $2 (I am probably going to make this into a cushion cover), and a really nice brown printed wrap skirt for $3. The wrap skirt is too small for me but I am going to make it into an apron instead.

They had lots of glassware and little crystal type dishes that would be useful for candles. They also had about ten Enid Blyton books for fifty cents each (in case anyone is collecting).

I'm planning an op-shopping spree in Geelong on Saturday so wish me luck!

Op-shopping To Suit Your Shape

My op shopping motto: a thrifted item that doesn't suit you is still an item that doesn't suit you.

Since I made the decision to return to the wonderful world of op shopping, I've been asking myself questions about my past op shopping practices. Why did I op shop, what kinds of things did I go for, and how should I update my attitude towards op shopping to suit the person I am now?

I used to be a compulsive op shopper. During most uni breaks I would trundle off to Savers, comb through the masses of musty-smelling junk, to find the gems. Most days I would come back with over 20 gems; you see, at that time, my idea of a 'gem' was completely insane.

A gem was anything that I could fit into that didn't look terrible (but it didn't need to look terribly good, either); anything that looked interesting, even if I could only just fit into it; anything to which I attached the words "It's so hideous I just have to have it"; anything costumey; anything below $10, and anything I liked regardless of whether it was stained, ripped, had a broken zip, or otherwise needed mending (of course I didn't mend any of these garments as I'm almost useless with a sewing needle). I bought and wore little boys' t-shirts, children's jumpers, hideous dresses, tops that didn't really fit, and things that did not suit my shape at all.

Click to read the rest of this post (link opens in a new window)

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Signs of addiction?

I can't say I've found any designer threads of late at my oppies, but I must admit that I haven't looked through the clothes much, as my heart lies elsewhere (and my arse has spread everywhere! Designers don't like that much...what's wrong with them?). But it's nice how an activity like op-shopping can bond crafters, fashionistas, knitting nannas, atomic homemakers and bargain hunters, as there's such a wide variety of people in search of treasure.

Today I went down to my local Savers as I was waiting for our Noodle Box order (as it's just around the corner), and as usual, I go in saying to myself "Okay, I can't buy much, it's not payday yet." But the gods of op-shopping are just out to taunt me and test my strength, and I ended up coming out with a bagful. First up there was a souvenir Aussie tablecloth from the 50's, then a couple of cheap bulk crafty supplies (velcro and press studdy things). I convinced some squealing teenage girls that were trying on wigs that I was mad by muttering loudly to myself at the pattern section and then suggesting they go for the freaky 'fro wig that was sitting there neglected. Then I found a vintage souvenir scarf, maybe from the 40's or early 50's - "Golden Days in Tasmania", and a nice old pure linen pillowcase for embroidering. So far, I thought, not doing too badly, under budget, so I went upstairs to scope out the china section (which is my fave). I'm sure the staff must nickname people like me "plate turners" as I've seen other people doing it too, turning all the old china upside down to see the backstamps and gauge the age and value of the pieces. (Why do Savers persist in sticking the price labels in the very middle of a cup or saucer, over the backstamp? Grr.) I don't actually care if something is valuable or not, but as I collect Meakin, Grindley and Art Deco china, I like to know what I'm getting. Today someone had donated no less than 50 pink saucers, but alas, no cups. Some were Johnson Brothers, and some were J&G Meakin, so I grabbed a couple of those and added some nameless gold rimmed tea cups. Hurrah, but $$ value climbing. I also found a tray - I was after one for my desk at work - and a little kittah salt shaker of kitschy goodness - Made in Japan, 60's I'd say. After a cursory glance over the mugs to see if there were any new ones for Pip's collection, and mindful of ducks with carts ornaments (alas, none of either), I wandered onto furniture.

And here I found my piece de resistance for the visit, an Art Deco footstool, in near perfect condition. Price unmarked. I'm not sure if anyone out there gets as excited by Art Deco as me, but as time passes, it's harder to find nice stuff that dealers haven't snaffled up to sell on e-bay. This footstool was nice and solid and looked like a homemade job, but oh, the upholstery joy! I tucked it under my arm and sought out staff to price it for me. I said to a salesgirl "How much is this box thingy with carpet on it?" She didn't know so we ended up having a bit of a conference with another staff member and the store manager. "Hmmm." said they, "No price, from the electrical section, it looks old"... One girl turned it over and looked at the bottom and the upholstery tacks with an assumed air of expertise "It must be 50 years old, hmmm." I stood there saying dumb things like "Oh, it's a footstool?" "I just liked the colours." So the nice manager bloke said, "$4.50 okay"? (I must admit, I was having a general dagginess and bad hair day - by bad hair I mean I'd brushed it this morning, but it had all snarled underneath, so by 5pm when I got fed up and put it in a pony tail it was all fuzzing out everywhere like dreadlocks in training - so maybe I appeared pitiful?) "No worries," said I. Inwardly I was very pleased and yay, at least I could afford it out of my $20 budget!

Anyway, here's where the bit about being addicted comes in... so I've got my footstool and my basket of goodies that I just can't live without (for today, anyway) and then I have to ask to use my discount card. So I'm there getting 5 cent and 10 cent discounts on everything...then I have to keep asking the clerk what the subtotal is as I add things in, and then when it came to $21.40, I try and EFTPOS it...argh, declined. Then I ask him to put through $20 on my card, and I give him $1.40 in coins. Then I check my purse and find that I have enough small change to buy the second teacup and the tray. So we do another transaction (with a 5% discount) for that too. Am I the only person who gets like this when they have oppy booty in their hot little hands? If I was at the supermarket I would have pulled out the chocolate, the magazine and the extra-soft toilet paper, and just paid for the rest and left in shame. But no, at the oppy I was determined. (The checkout guy was very nice too by the way.) I didn't care about the disgruntled shoppers next in line, the embarrassment at not having enough cash to just pay for everything in one hit and then leave, I was oblivious to outside forces. Is this single-mindedness the sign of an addict?

Now I'm sitting on the couch with my goodies around me, marvelling at the fact that today's shop looks like an indulgent department store shopping spree of half a century ago... footstool, scarves, pillowcase, china kitty, tablecloth, cups and saucers. And although I know they're only material possessions, they still fill me with a sense of beauty and satisfaction. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

Or am I just mad?

PS. I'll actually post pics of aforementioned items tomorrow. - updated. Ha, I just linked to this site from my china cabinet blog and referred to us as "Melbourne's op-shop Mafia"!!?

The designer side of life...

IN response to Amelia's post on designer fashions in Op Shops, i decided to post my two prized op shop designer finds.

The first is a Comme Des Garcons wool knit top, with sort of top coat n' tails styling. It has 3 buttons at the front and "tails" at the back... I know i've put burgundy on burgundy but i'm sure you get the drift......

And i gotta say that when i saw the label I felt like all my Christmas's had come at once!
Purchased from Doncare at Maceadon Plaza, $4

Oh and the scarf in the pics was created in one of my many bored holiday moments...



These Salvatore Ferragamo green snake skin pumps were purchased 4 years ago ($6), at the beginning of my op-shopping career, when i was a wee year 10 catching the tram, school uniform/bag and all, up High St Kew. I didn't know the shoes were a designer label at the time, i I just loved them! Two years ago i took another look and to my surprise, there it was, "Salvatore Ferragamo" in gold lettering.


IN thinking about designer op shop items, when you look for them it just doesn't happen. They seem to find you, and when they do i assure you that you'll get a special feeling inside :)
Keep Opp-ing

Picnic anyone?

I was pretty thrilled when I spotted a cute brown suitcase in the Oppy today. When I opened it up this is what I found...

Excited doesn't even begin to describe it.

It's been well loved but in my opinion that just adds to the charm.

I'm not cheap, I'm frugal

It's wonderful to have found this community of Melbourne op shoppers! Now I don't have to talk about 'charity' shops or 'thrift stores' on my other blog so non-Aussies can understand me. Plus, even though no one else will be quite as excited as I am over my purchases, no one will think I'm odd/somehow dirty/penniless either. Which is still a common misconception about those of us who do what we do. I won't deny that I'm incredibly cheap and love a good bargain though.

So, I've calculated that within a 5 minute car's drive there are around 12 op shops that I visit regularly. Sadly, 3 others (the cheapest and more 'traditional' ones) have closed down in the past few months due to rate increases. My strategy is to head to the book section, then if there's time, childrens' clothes rack, linens (I collect kids' floral doona covers, and vintage pillowcases), women's clothing, storage furniture (can never have too many bookshelves!) and crockery.

One of my more recent bargains was a girl's Charlie Brown cord jacket and pants (size 7) for $8, as modelled by my daughter. I wouldn't want her to wear it as a set, as it's a bit much, but it will look great with a denim skirt or jeans and cowboy boots. She loves it. It was purchased at the Sacred Heart Mission shop on Chapel Street, Windsor. Actually, I think I bought it there, as it was part of my Op Shop Frenzy one solitary Saturday afternoon. There are 4 shops all within a 100 metres of each other on that Chapel Street strip, but I rarely find anything but books. (Just so you know, the mouldy looking stuff on the top of the icypole is passionfruit, it looks repulsive in the photo, I know).

Monday, 11 February 2008

luxury labels

Can you really buy Collette Dinnigan at the op shop? The Salvation Army store in St Kilda seems to think so (cnr Inkerman Street and St Kilda Road).

You do occasionally come across luxury labels in the op shop - they're usually a bit obscure though. I've certainly never seen Prada or Gucci but have come across Yves St Laurent, Marni, Polo. The most luxe item I've ever bought is a men's Romeo Gigli jacket. Perhaps they have these special designer sales on a regular basis because at the time when I enquired about the price ($50 - whoa) the staff member said something to the effect that it was left over from the designer sale. I'm glad that I didn't buy it at the sale (for $50) as he sold it to me for $15. What's your swishest op shop purchase?

Anyway, I'm not counting on there being any bargains this Friday but I will be there at 8:59am.

Attack of the clones

Calling all crazy consumerists…. Why buy? Why buy so much chain store stuff that gets worn once and thrown into a clothing bin?

Discover the joy of op-shopping.

You will:

a) not look like a clone
b) save heaps of moolah
c) feel an adrenaline rush like no other when you find something PERFECT
d) love the thrill of the hunt

Ok now I’ve got that out of my system…

Hey all you fellow op-shoppers, this is my first post on this great site and I can’t wait to share some of my most recent finds with y’all

See, for me the best part of op-shopping is actually sharing (not gloating :) )

The fruits of Saturday 9th February…

Authentic doc martens from The Salvos in East Doncaster $25.75 and so worth it


Silk ‘Chloe’ scarf, $3, Kew CMS Opportunity Shop


What I think are the hottest shoes alive, with a sensible high heel, made in Italy, black suede Senso heels, $6 from Kew, CMS Opportunity Shop


Goldy silver metallic leather belt, good vintage condition, $2 Kew, CMS Opportunity Shop


Chiffon ruffle bolero shrug thing, the pic does it no justice, $6 The Salvos in East Doncaster