Friday, 29 March 2013

1945 treasures

During a recent browse of local Op Shops I came across some old dress patterns. I wasn’t sure how old one was until I found the pattern pieces inside which had been traced onto and cut out of a 1945 newspaper!! In the Footy page it reports the Cats footy team as being lucky to avoid bottom of the ladder position!! Obviously not one of their best years. Some recognisable names mentioned however, like Nankervis. I also bought two other patterns which appear to be not quite as old but also predate decimal currency.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Opshopping in High Street Kew.

I was in Kew to meet a friend for lunch today, and as soon as we had parted company, I took off to visit some of the great opshops over there.  I wasn't disappointed!  First stop was the Salvos where I found a "Rivers" ladies watch for $12.99 (why don't they just label it $13 - that is what I paid for it) in good going order..
I think I missed one or two shops along the road because I'm sure there were more the first time I went along here, but never mind, my next stop was at the M.S. Shop where I found two books -one of Bill Bryon's humorous books for $4,
 and this hardbacked book about the history of Melbourne's eastern suburbs, apparently put out by Fletcher's Real Estate who sell a lot of properties in the region.  I love books about the past like this, and thought it was a bargain at $2.

A craft kit with stencils, rubber stamps, brushes and paint, for $6.  It looks like fun!

About a mile down the road I stopped at the Kew Senior Citizens opshop where I spent $9 on a pack of videos for Ken (he goes into hysterics over this t.v. show),
$3 on this little scarf (love anything with Big Cats and their fur patterns printed on stuff)
$3 for this cute little book.

My final stop was at the Doncare shop in Macedon Plaza on my way home from Kew.
Mauve Binchy paperback $1.
 Length of white and gold lace, and silver ric rac - never seen that before! $2 for both.
 Metre or so of patchwork fabric $3.  What the heck did I buy this for?  I've got a cupboard full of fabrics and no sewing machine at the moment!  (Well, not working anyway).
 ANOTHER pack of these Secret Shopper cards for $1.  I keep finding them all over the place.  This deck is about cafes and restaurants with an ethnic flavour around the Melbourne CBD.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Doily happiness

My friend had a lot of doilies from opshops and other sources..

I thought all you mad crafters might like to see what she made out of them.

She is extraordinarily talented lady.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday opshopping

I had to collect my sewing machine today, and decided to nip into Savers again to see if they had any second hand ones. They didn't, but I found other stuff to buy of course. A box of Tarot cards and book, $6.99. It had been opened, but doesn't look as if it has been used much.

Cute piece of warm fabric to make charity cot quilts. $2.99

Passed Vinnies in Para Road on the way home from Greensborough and popped in.  Found this large piece of tapestry canvas for $3.  No I'm not planning on doing any kind of needlepoint..  This will be for a craft experiment based on something I saw in an art gallery recently.  
 Pack of cards with information about wineries and cafes etc. in the Yarra Valley.  I found a similar box of cards on the inner city area of Melbourne  at our opshop recently, and am wondering if there was a whole set of them.

Back home at the Eltham BSL, I found this tin for 30 cents., for a friend who collects royalty memorabilia.  Chances are she's already got it and if so, I'll just use it myself.

Skirt for $3.00
Some more odd balls of wool for JanMac in Shepparton who knits things for charity.  $3.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Savers at Greensborough.

Yesterday I had to take my sewing machine into Greensborough for repairs. As the sewing machine place is right next door to Savers, I dragged reluctant husband in there just for a quick look.  I stopped at the books first, and he said 'Oh no, you're not going to be long are you?"  I took pity on him and moved on to the bricabrac, and he was slightly more interested in that than the books.  Then he moved across and started going through the menswear.  In the meantime I'd checked the manchester and found no embroidery of interest, but I did buy three hand towels to replace some at home that are just about threadbare.  They were $1.99 each.

On the Materials rack I found this 2 metre length of printed denim for $2.99.  I just love it!  Looks like little handkies are poking out of the pockets but of course they are just printed on.  Don't know what I'll do with it (not suitable for quilting!) - anyone have any ideas?

  While we were inspecting the bricabrac I discovered this little wooden manniken.  The tutor at my art class had one exactly the same at the class last week, and she showed us how useful they are to learn to sketch the human figure.  I don't know how much they are if they are new, but I was more than happy to pay $7.99 for him!  (I got 15% discount on everything with my Savers loyalty card - yipee!)

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

retro office

I bought this at the Salvos in Oakleigh today.  No idea why. I just wanted it.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Op shop Karma!

My housemate & I often see things for each other when opshopping. Recently at Salvos Williamstown I spotted this adorable side table for $15 which I knew he would love:

I love modern technology as much as I love retro furniture; I took a photo with my phone, texted it to him & he called me back a few minutes later to say 'buy!'
On my way out of the shop I spied this gorgeous shell-inlaid globe sitting sadly in the driveway with some things that looked like they were headed to the tip. The axis was broken, and sure enough they were going to chuck it, but when I asked the shop lady how much they wanted for it, they sold it to me for $5. Housemate says he can probably fix it, so everybody wins.

A few days later my flatmate returned the favour when he snuck off to Newport Vinnies and brought me back five Burda Moden magazines from the early 1970's.They were $3 each,

Then also on two separate trips to the Lighthouse in Footscray we found some bargains. The coffee table was $5, Calvin Klein t-shirt $3, pile of wool sweaters $3 and $4 each, wool skirt $3, teal Cue jacket $5, and two pairs of really nice, lined, wool-blend slacks, $3 and $4.

Last but not least I hit Savers in Footscray last Friday. When I saw this for $5 I couldn't resist!

The fact that it's an orange sandwich toaster was almost enough, (I love anything orange, especially retro 70's orange) but I thought that was a great price. Yet to see how well it works - have to give it a good clean first.

Hope you all found some bargains on the weekend! Bye for now!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Not much to post for me!

In comparison to Dian's marathon opshopping, I haven't done much at all in the past few weeks due to health issues, and I haven't even been working at the BSL in that time.  But last week  I dropped in for a few minutes while waiting for hubby whose doctor is  a few doors up in the arcade.

Quilting pins - I need these, as the ones I have in my pin box are old and the coloured heads are falling off them. 

Skirt for $3.  Not a good pic, as it is actually quite colourful in a muted way, with black, white, grey, brown, blue and teal in a random pattern all over it.  I have heaps of tops that will go with it.
 Couldn't resist this unusual leather bag for $3.  Nice and roomy, and not too many pockets inside!

lot's of shopping

 I have been doing quite a lot of opping lately.  Some by myself and some with my middle daughter.

The beautiful mirror was just what I was looking for: it will be lovely downstairs.  I paid $10 for it at Outlook in Mornington.
 The sparkly top in great condition is by Geoff Bade.  Great with black pants.  $15.  Vinnies.
 This sweet little tin was also from Vinnies.  $0.99. Mornington.

I was unable to resist these beautiful doileys.  Only $2 each.  A great buy.
 And more.  All handstitched with lovely edges.
   I bought this little glass "box" which was made in Italy.  Does anyone know anything about this piece?  It is very pretty.
 It was only $3!!!  A real bargain in  my opinion.
 And then there were the tea towels.

So many to choose from but I had to stop somewhere.
 Lovely new linen tea towels are so good to have stacked up ready for use in the kitchen.
 And finally I bought these posters
for a young friend in Sydney. 

There are six posters which were put out by the Australian War Memorial.

I know Declan will love them.

These were only $1.00 each at Vinnies in Oakleigh. 

It is ages since I have been to this shop and my daughter was planning a trip there  this week so of course I couldn't resist the opportunity.

It is a fairly big store in a side street off Warrigal Road and they have a huge variety of items.  Lots of clothes, shoes etc as well as a big collection of retro furniture.  Lots of bric-a-brac and linen.  I found their prices over all to be quite reasonable although doileys were too expensive at $5 a piece.

After Vinnies we we went to the Salvos in Atherton Road, Oakleigh.  Another great store with some beautiful glassware and craft suppllies.

I will show you what I bought there some other time.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Volunteering or shopping

I have been thinking about this for a few days and thought I might put it out for discussion.

Now that I have a little extra time on my hands I had considered volunteering at my favourite Salvos store:  with this is mind I went to have a little chat with the manager.

Most of you know I love op shopping and the idea of re-using or recycling is my main motivation.  However, I do also sell some of what I buy on ebay.  This gives me a little money to put towards my other obsession; crafting.

I was somewhat surprised to learn that if you volunteer at the Salvos you have to sign something that says you will not re-sell.  Really?   Is not the purpose of the opportunity shop to sell stuff to make money?  Is it because there is some kind of discount accorded volunteers (I don't know, just surmising)?

This has caused me some confusion:  is the time I spend at the Salvos more valuable to them than the amount I spend there each week?

 Do I want to give up my ebaying in order to volunteer at the Salvos.

The answer to the last question is NO.

One solution is that I could tell someone else to shop for me but that just seems silly.

Another is that I could just find some other kind of volunteering to do.

I would be interested in the thoughts of others on this blog.

cheers,  Dianne

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Geelong visit

 Ms A and I went on a lovely little day-trip toward the Ballarine Peninsula yesterday. We had several op-stops planned, but ended up spending much of our time looking for bathrooms and hiding from the sun. (Guess who forgot sunscreen?) 

It wasn't a winning day for op-stops, but I did manage to find a sweet vase. (A canister, sans lid, which will look really pretty with some flowers! I did some research, here is the canister with a lid on eBay and Stowe is a ski resort in Vermont, USA.) I found the vase in the Fight Cancer Foundation op shop (Address).

We will certainly return to Geelong and attempt again to have a day of opping!