Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday opshopping

I had to collect my sewing machine today, and decided to nip into Savers again to see if they had any second hand ones. They didn't, but I found other stuff to buy of course. A box of Tarot cards and book, $6.99. It had been opened, but doesn't look as if it has been used much.

Cute piece of warm fabric to make charity cot quilts. $2.99

Passed Vinnies in Para Road on the way home from Greensborough and popped in.  Found this large piece of tapestry canvas for $3.  No I'm not planning on doing any kind of needlepoint..  This will be for a craft experiment based on something I saw in an art gallery recently.  
 Pack of cards with information about wineries and cafes etc. in the Yarra Valley.  I found a similar box of cards on the inner city area of Melbourne  at our opshop recently, and am wondering if there was a whole set of them.

Back home at the Eltham BSL, I found this tin for 30 cents., for a friend who collects royalty memorabilia.  Chances are she's already got it and if so, I'll just use it myself.

Skirt for $3.00
Some more odd balls of wool for JanMac in Shepparton who knits things for charity.  $3.


DIAN said...

this is a lovely collection of bargains, Good shopping.

50 Shades of Unemployment said...

It just shows that op shopping far and wide gets the goods.

50 Shades of Unemployment said...

Just shows that op shopping far and wide gets the goods.

Cheeky Claire said...

Some great buys there! I would have grabbed a few of those things you beat me too :)