Tuesday, 24 February 2009

breaking news

Ooops, a little late:
Churinga Op Shop at Greensborough is now also open Mondays and the first Saturday of each month.

“End of Season” sales:

Churinga Op Shop

½ PRICE SALE: February Monday 23rd – Thursday 26th

$1 SALE: March Monday 2nd – Saturday 7th (Closed Friday)

Burnt Bridge, Croydon South and Wandin Op Shops:

½ PRICE SALE: February Monday 23rd – Saturday 28th

$1 SALE: March Monday 2nd – Saturday 7th

Monday, 23 February 2009

Holiday Op Shopping

I found this really sweet blouse on my most recent holiday to NSW, along with a few other goodies (but this one was my favourite).

The little frilly bit is removable which is quite handy!

For some more pics you can go to www.beyondthishicktown.blogspot.com

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Trip to Savers

A trip to Savers = a new wallet ($2.99) to replace the now decrepit one I bought at Dandenong Trash and Treasure market for 50 cents. It's done me good service, but is so tatty and battered now that it's going to wallet heaven. This one looks to be hardly used and has lots of pockets.

A pretty embroidered sarong for $4.00, destined to become a skirt or top.

Another sarong, this time lime green with batiked animals - antelope? Also destined to be made into something else, probably a skirt. $5.99
Arrr! A 99 cent tea towel with the Cornish smugglers song printed on. With the addition of some lining fabric, I'm going to turn this into a tote bag. Who can resist pirates?

Another 99 cent tea towel in my favourite bright green, also to be turned into a tote bag with some green and white polka dot lining fabric. Love those teapots and tea cups!

I know there are many here who love the Golden Hands series - there were three or four odd volumes (hardcover) in the Crewe Street, Oakleigh St Vinnies yesterday. Can't quite remember the price, but I think it was under $2 a book. That St Vinnies is one of the best I've found for books.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Oh the excitement

Hi all,

This is my first post to the list - after Christmas I found my life too cram-packed for op-shopping, but in desperation I made time on Saturday afternoon. Once the high heat kicked in (which I love) I realised I only had one thing to wear, a sundress, that I considered appropriate for the temperature. As luck would have it, I ended up only having to hang out in one glorious shop, where $50 later I emerged with four skirts and four shirts, though not a lovely, flowing summer dress that fit - which is what I most desired. The skirts and shirts more than made up for my disappointment, though, and of course goal non-fulfillment means I have more op-shopping ahead of me.

I found my treasures in the 149 Chapel St Hunter Gatherer shop, while I chatted with the lovely, stylish volunteer and hogged the dressing room. I am currently camera-less so you will have to work with my descriptions, but I found a short slightly flared denim skirt for my match-with-any-top needs; a three-tiered just below the knee blue and white Indiany (read flimsy) cotton skirt with gold thread stripes and two alternating patterns; a heavy dark brown polyester (read alternating velvet and taffeta) full length extravaganza complete with lace and sequins bejewelling the bottom tier and a plastic label attachment that reads 'ANABIOSE'; and another frilly Indiany type mid-length skirt, dark green (an unusal colour for me) with fabric pieces that circle the waist, hug the belly, and tie on the side.

As for the shirts, I found a beautiful two-shaded rose brushed cotton shirt with a batik-like daisy pattern that ties around the waist; a browny-purple low-cut jacket-type soft cotton overshirt with a lace neck panel, a gathered waste with seven little buttons, and narrow sparkly ribbon along the edges; a long oversized winter shirt of brushed cotton with a snow white underlayer and a dark purple jacket layer that is frilled down the front edges and ties at the chest; and a thin black babydoll shirt with a smocked chest piece (what's the fabric called that has textured polka dots woven into it? It's made of that.)

I achieved one goal of finding a few things in solid colours that will hopefully match with other things. I tend to have a problem with liking colours and patterns on both skirts and tops... Generally my body shape dictates that I have to try on at least 10 things to find one that looks decent, so this particular shop was an amazing success (except for the cool summer dress I dream about). Not that I didn't try many things on...

I usually op shop on Smith St and during my various travels interstate; this Windsor shop was a revelation: much more 'me' sort of stuff than I usually find - well at least that isn't tiny - and flattering lighting and mirrors so I didn't walk out depressed. I look forward to seeing how my new purchases integrate into my wardrobe and wearing my new light and summery preloved garments over the hot week ahead of us. Viva la summer!