Friday, 28 February 2014

today's treasure

I went shopping at one of my favourite Salvo's locations today - Hampton. They have a display case next to the counter that is often filled with lovely things, like the Georg Jensen solid silver brooch above. It was a bit expensive but one of my favourite jewellers so I was delighted to buy some at the op shop! Not to mention that it is so much easier to spend money at an op shop ans know that it will help someone else.

Then there was this bakelite treasure, probably a jewellery box but I'm going to use it for my sewing machine bobbins.

I've tried to increase the contrast on the snap below to show up the 'MADE IN ENGLAND' stamp.

 I also bought some great children's clothes and wonderful vintage blankets. It was an exceptionally good day!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

invitations are open!

Sincere apologies for my lapse in administrative performance. I have gone back through my email to check for any messages expressing interest and have sent invitations to two people.

Is anyone else interested in joining? I will make you my priority, please just let me know.

And a huge thank you to Gina who has been carrying the blog lately. I am going to endeavour to post more; it's not like I haven't been at the op shop much ...

Kind regards, Amelia

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Two opshop lots.

Again I seem to be the only one posting, but according to the stats, there have bee 57 people read the previous post, and 80+ people read the one before that.  Where are they?  I've been invited to write for another opshop blog, and if this one doesn't pick up soon, I'll drop out and go to the opposition.  Not much point in posting all these photos if nobody is looking!
Found the items below at a Salvos shop in High Street road Scoresby.  I wasn't going to buy anything, but hubby was with me, and he found these coasters for $1 and wanted them.

He also found this for $3 and insisted on buying it.  It's not on the door yet though...

Today I worked at the BSL opshop to fill in for someone who is away, and I found some great bargains.
Neck support pillow $2.

Gift pack of soap and hand creme $5.

Vintage handkies, ten cents each.  I've been planning to make a CQ throw using vintage handkies for the blocks, and these will be perfect.

Xmas cookie cutters, 70 cents.  Every year I plan to make biscuits for Xmas but never seem to get around to it.  Hopefully these will inspire me!
  Blue and white tea towel $1, will look lovely after a good wash.

Plain bunny rug that I will use as the backing for a baby quilt.

I was wearing a green top today and one of the other ladies pointed out this pendant and said "That would look nice with your top".  So of course I had to have it! $4.

Not a good photo.  Black long blouse with animal print feature - $4.  It will look great over black slacks or leggings.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Brotherhood opshop Eltham today.

Found a few goodies at our shop today, worth writing about.  Well, to me anyway!
Wedgewood pot plant holder $20.  It isn't for me, but if the friend I bought it for doesn't want it, I'll happily find a spot for it around our place.

Two bracelets, supposedly Australian stones with health magnets.   Original price looks like it was $10, but we had them in our shop for $2, and I rather liked them.

Book about using stencils - $2. .  I've already got three other similar books and one day I'll do something with them - in the next life maybe!

This photo looks a bit odd.  I combined two of my bargains for the one photo.  A length of black cotton fabric $1, and a pack of felt animal cut-outs - 20 cents.   I put the black fabric on the white kitchen bench and the felt animals on the black.
Any suggestions on what I can do with them?

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Savers at Greensborough.

I'm back at work at the Brotherhood in Eltham, and have bought a few bits and pieces, but nothing exciting enough to post about on here.  But I've been after a microwave dish to replace the glass one that I broke a month ago.  Our microwave oven is nearly 40 years old, and works perfectly well, so I see no need to replace the whole thing, but of course the glass dish was made to fit that oven, and it is impossible to buy a new one.   I've seen heaps of microwave plates in opshops, so I started looking.  Our shop had one, but it was far too big.  So yesterday I went to Savers, and again, they had a couple, but not the right size.  However, while I was there...
I'v been using square cloths on our round kitchen table for years, but we'v just got a newer and slightly larger table, and my husband asked why I don't have any round cloths.  I could have told him they are too expensive, but instead I bought this one for $3.99.  Looks like it has never been used, so will just need a quick wash and press,

We've got two of this series of Australian bird plates, but didn't have the wrens, so I grabbed this for $$5.99.

Black gingham cross stitched cloth $1.99

Beautifully embroidered vintage linen cloth $3.99

Art book $3.99

But no microwave plate.  So I went on to Vinnies in Briar Hill and voila!  The right size, $3.50.  The underneath bits don't fit our oven, but it sits in there allright, so I'm not worried.

Couldn't resist this little chook for 50 cents.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lions Monster Trash and Treasure Sale - Saturday, 8 February 2014

Blackburn North Lions Club will hold its first monster trash and treasure sale for the year on Saturday, 8 February 2014.

Time: 8 am to 1 pm

Usual place: 1st Vermont Scout Hall, near the corner of Canterbury Rd and Mitcham Rd, Vermont.

We had a massive clean-up after the last sale in November and have spent the break collecting a shed full of new treasures. I’ve even seen a fridge, a clothes dryer and a small washing machine in there. There will be the usual bargains, and lots of them.