Friday, 28 February 2014

today's treasure

I went shopping at one of my favourite Salvo's locations today - Hampton. They have a display case next to the counter that is often filled with lovely things, like the Georg Jensen solid silver brooch above. It was a bit expensive but one of my favourite jewellers so I was delighted to buy some at the op shop! Not to mention that it is so much easier to spend money at an op shop ans know that it will help someone else.

Then there was this bakelite treasure, probably a jewellery box but I'm going to use it for my sewing machine bobbins.

I've tried to increase the contrast on the snap below to show up the 'MADE IN ENGLAND' stamp.

 I also bought some great children's clothes and wonderful vintage blankets. It was an exceptionally good day!


Gina E. said...

So glad you're back Amelia - thanks for responding so quickly to my email. I love that little box, it looks like ivory, but one would hate to think it was...better to hope it is Bakelite, lol!

Linda said...

Some great finds! I am always in op shops (in Sydney) as I want my money to go towards helping someone else. At the end of my street, there is a fabulous Vinnies that I just can't stay out of as there is something different every day!

Dianne said...

Cute Bakelite box, I have never really seen Bakelite at op shops before, but happened to find a little round box at one recently! I have never been able to click on the " email & join" list, don't know if it just not ipad friendly or not. Will have o try link from the computer maybe.

miss dee said...

I too love the bakelite box, lucky you, wish there was more of it around, great find

mothertheresa said...

I know I'm a bit late with this comment, haven't been on the blog for a while but ..... Georg Jensen!!! What a great find, lucky you!