Saturday, 15 February 2014

Brotherhood opshop Eltham today.

Found a few goodies at our shop today, worth writing about.  Well, to me anyway!
Wedgewood pot plant holder $20.  It isn't for me, but if the friend I bought it for doesn't want it, I'll happily find a spot for it around our place.

Two bracelets, supposedly Australian stones with health magnets.   Original price looks like it was $10, but we had them in our shop for $2, and I rather liked them.

Book about using stencils - $2. .  I've already got three other similar books and one day I'll do something with them - in the next life maybe!

This photo looks a bit odd.  I combined two of my bargains for the one photo.  A length of black cotton fabric $1, and a pack of felt animal cut-outs - 20 cents.   I put the black fabric on the white kitchen bench and the felt animals on the black.
Any suggestions on what I can do with them?

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Linda said...

Gina, the stencil book is a fabulous find! I bought it new many years ago for a hefty price and have used it over and over again. It is one of my favourite stencilling books. Linda (Lindylulu)