Wednesday, 12 December 2007


There are some brands that you just don't seem to find in the op shop. Like Oilily. Brand new they sell children's t-shirts for over $100. I can categorically state that I would never consider paying that much for a t-shirt for anybody, but $5.75 is fine.

So yes, I found an Oilily t-shirt at the Salvation Army in Malvern on Monday, along with a whole swag of other great things - a blouse, a two-piece French outfit, a sequinned top to wear to a wedding later in the month, a couple of woollen jumpers - all great stuff. And what didn't I buy? Scanlan&Theodore trousers, a Body skirt - all not my size. In fact, they have a separate 'designer clothing' rack there.

It's not all about the labels for me though, honestly. I do like to buy expensive items for a fraction of the price, but I also love vintage finds. The French two-piece outfit is '70s or '80s by Rodier Paris a blouse and wrap skirt made from 100% fib. cellulosique. It's black with a white spotty pattern and I'm going to love wearing it to work.