Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Community First Op Shop, Queensberry Street, North Melbourne.

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Monday, 27 February 2012

Teapot-shaped trivet for teapots?

Teapot-shaped trivet from Vinnies Ringwood for 50c. Being only 10cm wide, it's a tad too small for a pot or pan, so I'm guessing it's for hot teapots?

I've also interviewed I Love To Op Shop and Lisa@SimplyMe about their op-shop obsession for mustbethrifty.com, so please check it out.



Friday, 24 February 2012

BSL Eltham, Friday.

Nothing very exciting today. Not for me, but we had customers buying steadily all morning. I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards last night, after looking for something in there and not being able to find it due to all the blasted Tupperware I've accumulated over 30 years, most of which is rarely used. So I found a box and filled it with plastic to take to the BSL this morning. They were pleased; Tupperware sells well, especially the older stuff in good condition. I'm pleased because I can now see what is in my cupboard!
Back to today's finds.  A pair of slacks in my favourite colour, $4.  These will replace an older pair that are well past their use by date.

Nice Aywon brand jacket in the same colour, $4.50
Little sun hat, 50 cents.  I've got a few wide-brimmed hats, but only one or two like this, and they aren't as good as this one, which will be great when I'm doing stuff out in the yard. 
Fabulous scarf, probably polyester, and much nicer than this photo shows.  $8.  Actually this wasn't at the op shop - it was across the arcade at the Collectables shop, and she is a lot dearer than the opshop!
Black half slip, 90 cents.  I don't need another slip, as I rarely wear skirts, but I was caught short today.  Because the forecast was for a very hot day, I decided to wear a skirt instead of slacks, and again because of the heat,  I didn't put a petticoat on.  Well...I was walking across the road in the bright sunlight and saw my reflection in a shop window.  Talk about Princess Diana and her see-through skirts...my legs aren't as good as hers, so I rushed back to the shop and bought this to put on immediately!!

This is my first post for I Op Therefore I Am. I am an avid op-shopper but, like most of us at some time, have had to curtail my purchases over the years. While I am always looking for clothes it’s crockery and pictures I love the most… and scarves….and anything with Peanuts characters on it. also have a thing for dressing gowns. Oh, and wooded bowls (it’s an evolving list).

The pictures are of my wonderful purchases almost a year ago from trip to Lakes Entrance at the Uniting Church. I love this dinner service and use it all the time. I am unsure if there are pieces lost or not. I don’t care. I find it endlessly cheerful and stylish.

It is Sunflower by Ben Siebel. I did not know anything about this designer when I bought it but I knew I loved it as soon as I clapped eyes on it. They were some ridiculously cheap price of around 50c or $1 a plate and all in excellent condition (I gave a nice rounded price). I have since done some research – via the internet.

I bought the lamp as well which I have since given away to a very happy friend. But the wooden bowl has stayed.

The op-shop is connected to the church, in fact I think it used to be the church and was big and clean and well ordered. My sister, niece and I stumbled on it on our way out of town to head over Mount Hotham on our way to Bright. We loaded up! Then we hit Omeo and I found all sorts of goodies. But will leave that for next time.

I volunteer once a month at my local op-shop and will include some pictures soon.

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The sale is today and tomorrow only, at these stores.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Designer finds!

 I popped into Don Bosco oppie in Brunswick today. I was on the hunt for a saucer or dish to use underneath a potplant.  I found this great amber glass ashtray for 50c which will suit my begonia nicely!

I also bought these stockings for $2 a pair. The YSL ones have a seam down the back with a bow printed on the back of the ankle. Cuuute!

A Sonia Rykiel apple belt -  $3
 and these napkins for 20c each to add to my fabric stash.

This op shop also has a great variety of succulent plants for sale most of the time as well. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Score at Salvos in the CBD!

Hi, I'm Steph, also known as Bookgrrl. I've been blogging for the past 3 years, but have been op-shopping for the past 20. My mum passed on her love of op shops to me and I have been known to plan whole trips on the basis of an op shop being open. This is my first post for I op therefore I am and am loving yet another excuse to visit opshops!

I work in the CBD and was passing by the Bourke Street Salvos on my lunchbreak when I popped in. I managed to leave with a woollen navy jacket priced at $9.99. It's fitted at the waist and will be great for work.

The lady at the counter (they always seem to be ladies in oppies rather than girls don't they?) said it had arrived in that day and that new stock was arriving daily.

I'll post again soon about my finds closer to home- I live in Ballarat and have family in Geelong. Like I said I do like to travel!

Monday, 20 February 2012



I can never find my headphones when i need them. Thank you spicy tin! About $4 at Savers Mill Park.

My fav kind of art involves no effort at all. South African Tea Tin 50c from an Opp Shop on Broadway, Reservoir. Some fake flowers i stole out of a fake bouquet in my living room.

I'm a chocoholic, I can't live without chocohol! Fits all my Touch textas. All of them. What luck. About $2 from Savers Mill Park.

I've been a little MIA for a while but i'm back on the blogwagon so come visit me sometime :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

BSL Eltham this Friday.

It must be the new year or something...everyone has come out of their caves and started posting  about their opshop finds - yaaaay!  After posting photos of other opshops I've been to lately, it dawned on me that I hadn't taken any of the one where I work. So I asked my supervisor if it was okay and she was fine, but scurried off before I could get her in any pics!

Guess who in her spot behind the counter.  I love being behind the scenes too, but I really enjoy fraternising with our customers, talking them into buying stuff they are not sure about, lol!   See the scarf I'm wearing?  I found it in the scarf box and put it on straight away because it matched my clothes so well!

 This is the shop front.  The $1 rack of clothes on the right is all the stuff that hasn't sold after one month of being inside, and if it doesn't sell outside for $1, it goes back to the BSL headquarters to be sent to other shops.
 Right hand side as you walk in the shop.  Bric a brac on the wall shelves, jackets and coats on the circular rack, lingerie and nightwear behind that.  Right up the back is manchester, handbags, materials, craft stuff.
 Middle section with kids clothes on the circular rack, ladies skirts behind.  DVDs and CDs on the top shelf.
 Left hand side, bric a brac on the shelves, ladies blouses and tops further down, and books at the far end (you can't see them here)
 And here is today's stash.   Machine embroidered cloth $3.
 Assorted buttons, about 5c each I think.
 Bead necklace $5.
 Really cute 'farmyard' dish $3.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

RSPCA op shop, how I love thee

I was dropping off some donations at my favourite op shop, when I came across this Airflow fan. The volunteers had just put it out in the shop window display after the electrician had finished with it, and I couldn't resist, despite the $20 price tag.

Also, I'm planning to write a post about op shopping on one of my blogs. Would anyone like me to interview them? It will be via email, so there won't be any awkward stalker moments.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Quality at 50 paces

Found these at the Salvos in Malvern. Made in Italy. Quality leather. My size. $14. Need I say more? You can see me giving them a workout here.

The best tablecloth in the world!

So I know I said I wouldn't be opshopping for a while. I lied. It turns out I did a few sneaky op shop trips in the last week or so and these are the results...

These mugs were 99c each from Savers Brunswick

A cute (sideways) scarf from Christ Church oppie in Essendon

 as well as this nightie for $3. It seems to be an old one but appears unworn. Reminds me of some of the ones Betty Draper wears on Mad Men...... or perhaps a nanna. I'm cool with either one :o)

Then, for my find of the week, this beautiful hand embroidered tablecloth and matching 8 serviettes from Christ Church oppie in Brunswick. $8!!! The time and effort that must have gone into this beautiful set is beyond imagining. That's what I love about opshopping, the unknown stories of some of the things you buy. I would love to have met the talented lady (I'm assuming) that made this and find out a bit about her. I can't wait to have an afternoon tea party now!!!

 This apron was another 'new' old find, $3
and some cute brown shoes from last week. 

Saturday, 11 February 2012

50% Off Clothes and Books at the Rotary Op Shop Blackburn

I visited the Rotary Op Shop at Blackburn today - the first time I had been to this op shop. It is quite small but full of lots of items at very reasonable prices. I picked up a couple of lovely items:


and this as well...


(I'm going through a white phase at the moment as you can see!)

They are having a 50% off sale until the 29th February (but only off clothing and books).

Here is a link to their web page if you are interested.

Rotary Op Shop
113 Canterbury Road

Friday, 10 February 2012

Spode vase

I am deliberating!!

Spotted this Spode vase in the oppy this afternoon, circa 1950's.

Is it worth $40 I wonder??

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Three Times the Fun in Kew

For a long time there was only one op shop in Kew - a little op shop tucked in beside the Church on the corner of High Street and Pakington Street, but now there are three all located within a few minutes walk of each other. I visited all three recently, and here are some of my finds.

1. MS Op Shop (290 High Street)

This new MS Op Shop is well laid out and well presented. They currently have 50% off clothes and shoes. Unfortunately I didn't see a lot this day, but I did walk out with these two new Star Wars mugs for $2.99 each.

2. CMS Church Op Shop

I bought three books for a $1 at the little Church Op Shop. Here is one of them. This is really a beautiful book. I only wish I could paint...

3. Salvos Op Shop (243-247 High Street, Kew)

Salvos opened its Kew op shop late last year, and this one is in the new modern op shop style with polished concrete floors and a cosy reading corner. They also have a small children's area with toys and clothes at the back of the store. This is one of my favourite op shops as I usually find something great here. They have a good selection of clothes and often have new dresses for sale, although these are usually priced at the higher end of the spectrum (i.e. more than $5o).

Unfortunately when I visited this week, they were moving all their stock around, and many of the homeware items were in crates on the floor, but I still did manage to find this great milk jug with a sheep design ($3.99).

I also bought this stunning Japanese lacquerware bowl for $5.99.

Glenferrie Road, Malvern.

I was back in Malvern today but took my camera this time. I got to the Salvos and the new MS opshop in Glenferrie Road, and MECWA in Wattletree Road, but didn't get as far as Vinnies which is down the far end of Glenferrie Road from where I was today. Grab yourself a cuppa (or a glass of wine!) and prepare for another monster-post (love that term, Mothertheresa!).
This is the front -
And this is inside - small and crowded, just how some of you like it!  The ladies were quite happy to have their little shop photographed for this blog!!

This is what I found there today - Babushka cushion for $8
Framed paper Babushka girls, $8.  I wasn't going to buy this, but the sales lady said 'it would be a shame not to, as it came in with the cushion'.  She seemed so disappointed that I didn't want it, so I gave in.  I can use the frame for something else later I guess.

Next stop was the MS Shop. Here is the shopfront, and two photos inside showing clothes on one side and bric a brac on the other wall. It looks a bit sparse in the photo, but that is only because it was so beautifully arranged and they have so much space. They also have lots of shoes and books, but they were down at the other end of the shop, and there were quite a few people around, so I didn't get a chance to take any more photos.  They were also delighted to be featured on our blog, and the manager explained to me that the stuff they don't sell gets sent to Africa for the people in need over there. I didn't buy anything there today.

Finally I visited the Salvos. Their shop is average size, and although they have a lot in there, it is still fairly tidy.  I bought two books here for $4 each, and when I hesitated, she asked if I was a senior, so I flashed my cards, and she gave me 20% discount!

On the way home I stopped off at the other Salvos in Asburton, but didn't take any photos, as I've posted one here before.  But here is what I bought:
An old picture postcard of a Native American Indian (Ken collects these photos) $3.

 Two aprons for the oldies in our local nursing home.  $5 each, but when I told the lady on the counter who they were for, she gave me both for $5 - nice!
 An old book (well, 1979) on the world's dirtiest jokes!! $2.
 Length of fabric that looks like it is for a sarong, but I'll use it in a quilt project.  $4.
 Summer socks $2

The total of this lot was $21, but during the course of our conversation at the counter, it came out that she used to live in Eltham, and I work at the opshop there, so I got everything for $13!