Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Session

Hello! As I was out and about on this lovely sunny Sunday I popped into the local BOSL in Brunswick for a quick look. I got this Camilla & Marc top for $3

This T for $3 which has cross stitch all over it

A Lululemon gym top for $3

and I took a gamble on this pulsar digital watch for $10, hopefully when it gets a new battery it'll work, otherwise it's $10 down the drain!! Fingers crossed! 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

a happy surprise

 I have been rather limited in my op shopping of late - a rather nasty virus is doing the rounds.

However, I do have something to share.

A visit to the Salvos resulted in some additions to my wardrobe - I haven't taken pics yet.

I picked up some oil  and watercolour paints as well and as I was leaving I saw this gorgeous doggy trio.  These particular little ceramics are made in Japan and it one thing that my husband encourages me to collect.  In fact he has bought me several pieces over the years.

When I saw them I hesitated because even in the op shops they can be a bit pricey but I asked if I could have a closer look (they were on the shelf behind the counter).  When I saw the price of $14.99 on the smallest one I was a little bit dismayed - mmmm   3 x $14.99 or even more? 

I am so aware that if you see something in the op shop that you really want it is no use going back later

The last purchase in this collection was this grouping of a mother cat and kitten and my husband was so thrilled that my op shopping had revealed this little treasure at only $34.99 (same shop) so I knew he would want me to have these little dogs.   So I had them wrapped and was delighted to discover the price was  $14.99 - yes the price was for the 3!!!! 

 They have settled in well and now I realise how much dust there is on this cabinet.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Market Day at the CPS Op Shop

We had a lovely, sunny day for the market and loads of people came along. The locals enjoyed it, stallholders were happy, we had a bumper day in the shop and there was a nice donation to the Children's Protection Society at the end of it. Thank you for coming along! We'll be having another in late November.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Friday, 19 October 2012

Goodbye to Savers Dandenong

Just a reminder - Savers Dandy closes TOMORROW. I am not impressed that my closest Savers is moving, but can't do much about it I suppose! I already shopped up a storm there a few weeks ago, and have just come back from lots of flea market shopping in Tokyo (pics here and here if you are interested) so won't be going, but check it out if you want some bargains!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Spring Sunday Market THIS SUNDAY!

We are crossing all our bits hoping for fine weather for the first Spring Sunday Market at the Children's Protection Society Op Shop this Sunday.

It's exciting for all the girls who are selling - some have never had their wares at a market -  so it's a great chance for them to test the water.

We've advertised in school newsletters, online, on Facebook and by letterdrop among the local shops. And we've been telling all our customers and volunteers.

My hopes are for a fine day and good sales so that we might be able to have another market in a few months. 

Wish us luck, and come along if you can.


Monday, 15 October 2012

Brunswick Bargains

Hi all! Here's a couple of bargains I forgot to mention in my last post. Both of these were from Vinnies on Sydney Road. The telephone table was only $15, in great condition - I've had my eye out for one of these for ages. I've actually used it a couple of times as a temporary laptop table - it's perfect, and very handy as it's so lightweight.

Leaning against the wall behind it is a desktop ironing board which cost me the princely sum of $3. It's perfect for my newly-setup craft room and I already use it constantly.

On a different trip to Moonee Ponds we popped into the Uniting Care shop where the Style Consultant discovered these amazing vintage men's shoes for $15. They are in as-new condition and absolutely cool.

On another note, I recently discovered a Lighthouse shop on Geelong Road in West Footscray - I think it is only new, I think there used to be a Salvos in the same spot. Next time I go I will take a couple of pictures of the shop. They have quite a lot of stock at very good prices - a lot of $2 racks, plus a couple of racks of '$1 each or fill a bag for $5'. Some great pieces of furniture, this morning there were a couple of awesome green vinyl armchairs (that already had sold stickers on them!)

Happy shopping everyone!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

BSL Eltham, Friday,

After my little spend up on Tuesday, I thought I would be good and not bring anything home on Friday after my morning's work. Ha. Pigs might fly too. Another scarf clip - $1. I've got a dozen of these, and yes I do use them, as I love wearing scarves.

One of those little melamine trays for 40c - this one with Aboriginal art. They are so handy.

Folding umbrella $3. This is a Shelta brand, and in very good condition. Great to leave in the car for unexpected rainy days.

Little folding seat $2. The MOTH says he can't pull weeds any more because he gets too tired kneeling down. Problem solved - no more kneeling! (Do you think he'll buy that?)

I was not looking for shoes on Friday. I have a lot of shoes. Maybe not as many as some of my friends, but enough for me. However, the shoes I had on were absolutely destroying my feet, and I just couldn't stand them any more, so I had a look at the shoe rack, and found these for $10. They are Italian, all leather, and SOOOOO comfortable.
Lure of the Op Shop

A recent trip to the USA has meant I have had to severly curtail my op-shopping (and other) sprees. So as a result I haven't been posting much at all. I did not get a chance to visit any op-shops (or thrift stores as they are known there) in San Francisco or LA. I didn't really chance on any either.

However last Sunday we drove past a St Vinnies in Hampton (after visiting my partner's mum) and it was open! How do they find the volunteers to do this?

After many months of not stepping into an oppy walking into that store was like coming home.

While I refrained from purchasing an almighty great cross trainer I forked out a total of $2 for these little gems for my turn-table back at the pad.

Sorry for the terrible pic. It's me not the camera. But isn't she gorgeous? The record itself is in mint condition. I love it.
And if that doesn't get the party started

there's always a jazz interpretation of Rogers and Hemmerstein's South Pacific by the Chico Hamilton Quintet. Be bob da da dang dang dang cats and kittens!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

BSL Eltham

I got a phone call this morning from one of our opshop volunteers, asking if I would stand in for her this afternoon, as she was sick. I didn't have anything else on, so I said yes, that's fine. Came home with three little treasures. A length of patchwork fabric which matches another piece of material that I've had for a few years, so I will finally be able to do something with it. $1.

This combo looks like a sleeveless top with matching jacket, but that is an illusion; it is actually one piece sewn inside the jacket part. I loved it - $3.

Beautiful pair of brown leather gloves - $4. This photo is too dark, they are more of a tan colour.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

CPS Op Shop Spring Market 21 October

Wishpom vintage inspired treasures collage
Wishpom vintage inspired treasures collage
I have met a lot of crafty women at the Children's Protection Society op shop (no offence to crafty guys, I know you are out there) and found that they are making beautiful things or have great businesses using raw materials from the shop. So, on Sunday October 21, we are hosting a Spring Market outside the shop which will introduce nine such creatives to Rosanna.

Apart from the fun factor, it will give all the marketeers some oxygen;  raise the shop's profile and hopefully tempt some new customers through the door and increase awareness of the Children's Protection Society. Plus 10% of sales will be donated to the CPS. Winners all round!

The more we get to know our customers, the more we are able to use all our resources to be useful to them.

Fingers crossed for sunshine! Please come and say helloo :-)

What a great day - Tuesdays are always special - my day. This morning I picked up my friend Anne from Mount Martha and we set out on our journey. First stop was Canterbury Rd Blackburn to visit an Op Shop, then on to Burwood to the RSPCA op shops (my favourites) and after much successful shopping (on my part) we had lunch and coffee at the cafe which is conveniently situated right next to the op shops.
  Gina E I would have loved to have included you in the outing but it was only decided on this morning.  Anne is visiting from the UK. 

I managed to find my usual bargains, stationery and vintage linen.  I also found this nice wall art for the outside.
 These interesting cabinet knobs (Gina E I was thinking of you).

And this door knob for my bedroom door.  Just what I needed. 

Friday, 5 October 2012

half price surprise!

I was out and about today and dropped in at BOSL in Brunswick for a quick look. I wasn't really in the mood for looking today but the lovely warm weather we've had inspired me to look at the summer tops for once. I found a super cute check top for $3 and a silk Witchery top for $3 also. The checked top is quite old by the look of the tag, perhaps 60s or 70s? (help me out fashion historians!!)  It is by Iri fashions. The yellow Rubi shoes were marked at $6 and worn only once or twice I reckon, I'm not usually a fan of synthetic slip ons but I'd been looking for yellow shoes for aaages and beggars can't be choosers right? Anyway, as I came to the counter one of the staff got on a microphone and announced that all clothing was half price for the next hour only! Great timing! So in the end I got the lot for only $5 as the man at the counter said I could have the shoes for $2!! BARGAIN!! It was hard to resist not going back for a second look then but I decided not to and left only with these items. (It was hard!!)
They also have a great deal on jackets at the moment too, all jackets $8 and if you buy one you get another one free! Not sure how long it was running for though???

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

fabulous vintage fabric

 I bought this fabulous vintage Sheridan soft furnishing fabric on Monday at Outlook recycling in Mornington.  It smelt really musty but I hung it out on the line overnight and it freshened up.  Not bad for a couple of dollars.

The clock is something I bought at vinnies some weeks ago for $8.  It is carved from local wood and is a unique item.

Monday, 1 October 2012

CPS Opshop in Rosanna.

CPS has been posting here for a while to let the readers know what's new in their shop. I drive through Rosanna several times a month - to the chiropractor, and to visit Ken's Mum, but the chiropractor appointments are at night, and most of the time when I visit MIL I'm with Ken, and he doesn't want to be stopping at opshops! But this morning, I had a meeting in Viewbank, the next suburb, and as I had a free afternoon, it was the perfect opportunity to finally visit the CPS shop! It is a small shop, but packed with lots of goodies to rummage through. I was happy with my three purchases. A cute full apron, $5. Half aprons don't keep my front clean when I'm standing at the kitchen sink, but it's hard to find nice bib aprons like this. AND, it is make in Australia :-)
This book ($2) attracted my attention because the blurb likened its style to two of my favourite authors.
An ink cartridge for my ancient printer, $10. These are getting harder to find, and they cost $56 new, so I wasn't going to leave this behind!