Sunday, 22 May 2011

Salvos goes South American

Continuing my habit of (unintentionally) buying things on op shop trips that fit a theme, I found these goodies at the Salvos in Rowville on Saturday. They seem to have a bit of an Inca/Maya thing going on - although I am aware that those two cultures are not the same, I'm pretty sure that they both make use of some amazing patterns, such as the one on the lid of this casserole dish.

It's a Pyr
ex one, and I got it for $8.

I also found these leather bangles. Notice the Mayan? Incan? pattern on the top bangle (yes, I really need to do my research as to what culture this is actually from!!).

I'm pretty sure that both were donated by the same person, they're too similar to just be there together by coincidence.
Strangely, one was 99c and the other was $1.99 even though they are so similar. Love that random pricing system!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Some bits and pieces from the Brotherhood.

We haven't been to our local oppie for a while for various reasons, so my friend Glenda was pleased when I called her today to ask if she wanted to go up there.
We both found a few things as usual!

Do you have any idea what this is? (It cost just $3) I just posted five photos of the inside of it on my other blog, and don't want to use up my bandwidth by repeating them all here, so if you want to know more, click here.

Vest, or jerkin - whatever you want to call it - $4. A much nicer shade of pale green than it looks here.

Another vest, this time in black pure wool, $4. I love to wear vests over skivvies or blouses for a bit of extra warmth, instead of a bulky sweater.

Book 70c. I love books about the origin of sayings and cliches.

Monday, 16 May 2011

So bad it's almost good

I saw this at the op-shop at Macedon Square the other day. Tempting .... but no, I left it there.
(in case you can't tell, it's a tapestry)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Helping hand mission oppy

Hey all!

Will hopefully get on soon with some pics etc , but for now wanted to let everyone know about a great new op shop that's opened up in Airport West this week
It's on Kighton Ave, just off Fullarton Road, and well worth the visit if you're over that side of town (I work in the next street, so I think i'll be becoming a regular visitor).
Almost everything is $2!
I bought some boots($2) and two tops($2 each), and a great belt for one dollar.

It's not huge, but there's some good selection. Heaps of kids wear and toys, maternity wear, means and womens wear. There's bolts of material (not sure how much), and smaller (but still large) peices of material for $2. Some furniture; desks and chests of drawers etc. Lots of bags and shoes and heaps of other stuff.


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hi I'm new here, I hope you like my recent op shop finds

I love op shopping. Have done for years. Although I did have a break for a number of years for lack of opportunity, but now that I’m on maternity leave, I’m back in the swing of it again.

What I like about op shopping is the potential of finding something truly amazing that someone else has discarded, of giving something a new life.
I like all my finds. Rarely am I disappointed. I like to think my finds serve a purpose, they have a practical life in my household, whether it is a toy for my toddler, or an item of clothing for me.
I dislike having too much stuff, I live in a small house, and my cupboard space is limited, so I make it a point of taking roughly the same number of items back to the op shop as I take home. This means that I avoid that drowning feeling that I sometimes get.
Because my household does not own a car, I walk everywhere – with baby in pram and pre-schooler by my side. Therefore, I only frequent my local Yarraville op shops. The Uniting Care Bargain Centre and the Green Collective.

The Green Collective has a more ‘commercial’ display; the items are more expensive – not always better quality, though often it is. The UC Bargain Centre has better bargains; it’s more a ‘traditional’ op shop, so you do have to have your ‘hunter-gatherer’ instincts in working order. Oh but the good finds are always worth the effort!
These are my April finds.
First up are the toys that my pre-schooler has found. I am training him to be a discerning op shopper. We like toys that you can build with and make things with, like Duplo and Lego, Fisher Price’s Little People, and a very cute 1974 Palymobil toy (unfortunately, he is missing his headpiece).  All of them fit into his range of toys, so he is building up his collection of characters. These toys were less than $1 each. Some were twenty cents. The Duplo puppy face has been used in so many of his 'robot' constructions!

Then to the stuff for me, here are some very comfortable jeans ($18) top ($5.50) and jacket ($15). The jeans are sass and bide (I am told out of fashion, since skinny jeans are all the rage now). The top is pure cotton and very soft. The jacket is Barkin and is made of hemp. My favourite though are the 63 bright red glass beads, very beautiful and with a nice weight - purchased for $2.50, re-strung with silver clasp for $20.

Friday, 6 May 2011

The Glitz and the Glamour

Oh my life is so glamorous it's unbelievable, Vegemite up my jumper, cat biscuits through the kitchen, don't get me started on the washing placed just by the basket, not quite in it but just by it!!

Possible why when I'm off out op shopping I'm drawn to the not so casual.

One of my local shops Family Life in Chelsea had this 80s strapless floral number - 50% off? Yes please, pretty peachy pink please! Great shop with a boutique feel but still reasonable (op shop) prices and the music always makes me happy, think Rat Pack.

This was bought on the Melbourne Op Shop Tour I went on hosted by Erica of Recycled Fashion that was featured on Coxy's Big Break last weekend, yes I can be seen but I kept my mouth shut for fear of saying something like "Radical", "Down with the kids" or "Da Bomb".  I have a habit of making an idiot of myself when there's a big enough audience and national telly was too dangerous!  It's a gorgeous cotton maxi dress that I think is stunning.  It was bought from Vinnies and had 20% off with an extra 10% discounted because we were on the tour.

Finally this is such a great colour and really timeless I think and also bought on the Op Shop tour in Brighton

It's great to see adorable clothes being donated to charity and people valuing Op Shops and the reuse of goods in general.  I've always wanted to volunteer but with having a toddler committing to a set time has been an issue.  I have now managed to raise over $1,000 for the Salvation Army by listing clothes purchased from their Chelsea Heights Shop on Ebay - latest listing here including a Trelise Cooper skirt on at 99c!  Dogstar Bazaar

Happy Op Shopping this weekend and Happy Mothers Day x Vicky

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

ASHBURTON OP SHOP are having a Garage Sale this Friday

I saw a notice today that the Ashburton Support Services Op Shop in High street, on the corner of Welfare Parade, [near the railway station] is having a Garage Sale this Friday, 

Outside, not in the Shop, with furniture, tools, bits and pieces that are normally NOT offered for sale in the shop. 10am till Noon or 1pm (cant remember), but Friday MORNING, May 6th.
The Shop will still be open as usual all day.

May be worth a look in?  I remember a few years ago they used to have a monthly Yard Sale in their carpark, there was always something of good value to pick up then.  I still have a filing cabinet and small chair from a Yard Sale there about 5 years ago!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Little Blue Roses

popped into the local Op Shop this morning on my way to the bank and found a few meters of this lovely white nylonish fabric, with flocked hailspots and little blue roses.... how sweet. (yes each flower is velvety to the touch)
It is very very sheer, it is on the line doubled up. 
Was a little musty smelling (gee I hate fabric kept in OLD plastic bags!!!), but I am sure after a little while out on the line it will be just fine.

Now what do I do with it?? add it to my stash I guess!!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

the pattern continues

Was sooo jealous of Fourth Daughter earlier in the week when she posted her retro patternbooks. I always look for anything sewing or textile related in the oppys. And on Thursday lady luck was with me and I found some Vogue pattern magazines from 1969 at the Mission Opshop, Clarendon St.

The photos are great but what I really love are the illustrated pattern views:

I posted some more large pictures at my blog.