Friday, 31 January 2014

Cook Books and Silk Scarves

This is my first blog post here, hello I'm Erica! You can find me over at Recycled Fashion chatting about all types of upcycled and secondhand fashion, sewing, and ethical fashion.

I love op shopping, but over the past few months haven't had much of an opportunity (!) to do so, as I have a small baby to look after.  My eldest son started school this week and bubs is nearly 3 month old, so I'm slowly starting to get out and about a bit more.

Today I popped into Carrum Uniting Church Opportunity Shop, and two cook books immediately caught my eye.  I've got a small collection of op shop cook books, as I'm always looking for inspiration for evening dinners!  I actually hesitated on these two books because I thought to myself I actually have too many.  One of the op shop volunteers persuaded me to buy them because she said they were only 50c each, and that's a bargain!  

Secondly, a couple of silk scarves took my fancy at $1 each.  I do love a silk scarf, and perhaps have too many of those too, but I'm actually thinking about cutting these two up to make into a top, I'm working on the idea in my head, and hope it works out.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I haven't posted in a looong time - a full time job that involved almost three hours of commuting did not leave much spare time for op shopping. However, the job is now over and I hear the siren call of the op shop summoning me. Here a couple of finds from a trip to the Salvos the week before christmas:

A pair of burgundy ankle boots that fit perfectly. There are a few small scuff marks that should come off with a bit of a brush, but in otherwise good condition. I take a large size and I don't often find shoes to fit while opping. $4.05 (discount day)

A part bolt of cotton fabric (might be polycotton). It took me a while to work out the text (it's upside down in the photo), but it says "inferno" with the O a ball of flame. There's approximately ten metres - a great find for $4. I plan to use this to test some new dressmaking patterns as it's cheaper than calico and I might end up with something wearable.