Tuesday, 8 January 2008

I can't believe I never knew

I've lived within 20 minutes drive of this op shop for 7 years, and I never knew it existed. Apparently it's been around for over 30 years. Down a little gravel driveway off the roundabout is St John of God Accord's Op Shop. It is one of the biggest op shops I've been in (except for those huge chain-store type ones) and it's full of surpises. Inside an old dorm house are rooms full, mostly with clothes. It's a good thing they are having a sale this week and next week - $1 a piece, for all clothes and shoes. My favourite room was the linen and craft dorm. DH's favourite was the books and music (read: vinyls) dorm. I think this may become one of my very favourite shops. Very friendly staff.

Check it out: 108-130 Diamond Creek Road, Greensborough. Open Tues-Thurs 9am-3pm.


Gina E. said...

Hi Tanja,
I live in Eltham and I've never seen this place either, although I've travelled up and down Diamond Creek Road upteen times in the last 20 years! I don't know how the numbers run - which end is it at? Or even better, can you provide the nearest intersecting street?

Tanja said...

Ok, I'll try to explain. Let me know if I make sense, yeah?

Heading from DC/Eltham, you head towards Greensborough. You know the massive round about branches off to Greenborough/the Ring Road/the Council offices/library? Well, it's just before that round about. There is a little side road on the left and a long driveway. On days when the op shop is open there is a sign out by their gate. Although I think the sign has the incorrect opening hours.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, as of early this year, this op shop has moved to a much smaller shop at the Civic Drive shops/near the Diamond Valley Library.

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies,

thank you for your wonderful blog on the St John of God Greensborough op shop.
This last year has seen our op shop move to a new premises at 29 civic Drive Apollo Parkways centre Greensborough. Next door is our Chess ironing service as well.

I hope you can find our new shop and enjoy the visit to this shop as well