Saturday, 30 April 2011

well done Erica Louise,

Congratulations to Erica from Melbourne Op shop Tours, and to the Fourth Daughter, and the rest of the ''stars'' who appeared this evening on Coxy's Big Break on Channel 7. Story Title: Op Shop Tour 
What a great idea for Mothers Day, a bit of a tour around the best Op shops, with Erica and her team advising all the way.
Loved the way they dressed the presenter too.

more info from

and have I been Op shopping lately... WHY YESSSSS of course I have, all over the Eastern Suburbs of Melb. and here are a few of my 'finds'

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

There's a bit of a pattern emerging here....

OK, so I'm still running late with my blogging... this haul is from a few weeks ago and was another very exciting one for me. First stop was the MS shop in Glen Waverley were I found these old pattern books which I literally jumped on like a lion attacking its prey when I saw them. They were only $4 each!
I can't get enough of the illustrations from old patterns! This was one of my favourites (I have the actual pattern somewhere too!).
The only annoying thing is that, flicking through the pages, there are so many things I'd love to make, but of course I can't get the patterns any more unless I stumble on them in an op shop.... which is what happened with these...
After all this goodness, I thought I'd finished at the MS shop but just did one last check... I was rather glad I did as I found these tough-girl boots which are just my size, for $10. Although they are my size, they are VERY tight fitting around the legs and had holes in the back seams, so I had to get them fixed, which cost $32, but still, they're Italian-made and excellent quality. I have a slight problem taking them off due to the fit, but as long as someone is around to pull them from my feet I should be OK!! Love the studded detail in the arch of the foot.

Next up was the Salvos in Brandon Park, where I had a bit of an Asian theme going. I found this amazing colourful hat for $4.99...
... and these teacups (four of them for $1 each as orange ticketed items were half price). 
They're gold on the inside and black outside with mountain scenes handpainted onto them. I'm fairly sure that they are lacquerware rather than plastic, although lacquerware tends to chip when it gets old and these are still in fairly good condition, so can't say for certain. I have a feeling they may have been made as souvenirs in Japan in the 60s or so. Anyway, the kitsch quotient is perfect!! So another fine op shopping day was had by all ("all" being "me", of course!).

Thursday, 21 April 2011

ygap flea market

greetings fellow vintage fashion lovers and cheap bargain hunters...

YGAP (Y Generation Against Poverty) is holding a flea market at 12-14 grey street st. kilda on 30th april, from 9am-5.30pm

we're selling clothing, homewares, furniture, jewelry, bits and pieces... all the little things you love, without the retail pricetag.

all proceeds from this event support YGAP's projects in
rwanda -- providing education to children in the post-genocide nation
ghana -- putting an end to child trafficking

for more information and to check out our work visit


As it's crunch time for me at uni I havent had time to do much op shopping this month. But the one time I did go I went to Mill Park Savers and scored again.

I found a lovely 60s number for $7

an assortment of floral shirts. $3-5
(cant get the photo to rotate!? help?)

and a nice dark winter skirt that I plan to take up to go with my new boots :D

Student Discount Day @ Salvos Dandenong South

So every Wednesday students get 20% off at the Salvos Stores! Pretty great deal! I haven't been op shopping in a while so was really happy that I managed to find a few things I liked :)

Check out the print of these mitch dowd PJ pants! $3.99
Agent Ninetynine black tshirt with zip detail $3.99
Cooper St black with white polka dots skirt $4.99
No brand pink top with black polka dots and bow detail (this is the back view) $1.99, this was a 50% off item (blue tickets this week!)
Witchery black denim mini with stud detailing on back pockets $4.99

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A friend of mine was recently in the market for a TV cabinet, so when I saw this one in the Sunbury Vinnies store I took this photo and sent it to her. She rushed down to the store the next day but not to buy the TV cabinet: The bedside tables to the left had caught her eye!

More op-shopping on my blog.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Hippie chic at Savers

You know how sometimes you don't go opping for ages and then when you do, you just strike GOLD? A few weeks ago (yes, sorry, I'm running a bit late with the blogging) I found all this hippie amazingness at Savers Dandenong. And not to brag or anything, but because I'd managed to get my Savers card stamped a few times, I got 15% off all of this!

Sandler clogs, $2.99, I'm pretty sure they're not that new, so they must be from the '90s as that was the last time there was a big clog revival!

Hand woven (at least I think so) rug, $19.99.

Crushed velvet embroidered pants, made in Pakistan, $4.99... the embroidery is all done by hand. Click here to see what they look like on!

Homemade maxi skirt with huge graphic floral print, $4.99.

Cute Japanese ceramic figurines for $1.99 each and a Vilene (interfacing) user guide for 99c... yet AGAIN with the sticker right over the main part of the cover (one of the only things I don't like about Savers!).

Cute illustrations inside!

I was very happy with this haul, but then went again to Savers the other day and got absolutely nothing. It's just the luck of the day, I suppose.

Friday, 15 April 2011

what's behind ...

... the green door? or the pink and yellow curtain?

Op shops are so full of, well, opportunity and it always seems to be lurking behind those curtains. Why is that scrap of fabric that you can see peeking out from behind a distant rack so tantalising? Is that really one of the mugs that you collect in yonder box?

Op shops (all on Chapel St, Windsor) clockwise from top left are: Storehouse Charity, Salvation Army, Mecwa and Sacred Heart Mission. Please, take some photos at your favourite op shop and share.

This Weeks Designer Find

Was very excited to find this in new condition Charlie Brown Kimono Sleeve dress this week....

Why pay retail when you can donate to charity and get something gorgeous for less than a tenner?

My friends all think I spend $$$$ can be our little secret...!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Brotherhood in Eltham.

With my husband being home from hospital after heart surgery for the past month, I haven't been able to leave the house to go opshopping for extended periods of time. But today I took the chance to pop into our local treasure trove, and found some nice bits and pieces to cheer me up!

There was a whole box of craft magazines that I quickly browsed through, but I was good, and only allowed myself this one for 50c. It had a bonus freebie, which helped me decide to buy it - the scissors case kit in the next picture. I have been meaning to make myself one of these for ages - good timing!

A length of lace $2.50, to add to my stash of laces. $2.50 might sound a lot, but there appears to be a quite a few metres there.

Cute drawstring dilly bag for $1 - I can't resist anything that looks remotely Japanese! Don't know what I'll put in it; I might even put a little gift inside it for one of my friends who also love Japanese and Chinese crafty items.

Can't resist gingham either! Sweet little cloth for $2.50 embellished with ric rac - simple but effective.

hunter gatherer comes to moonee ponds

Find your hidden treasure at revamped Brotherhood store in Moonee Ponds

Bargain hunters are in for a treat, with a complete refurbishment of the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s community store in Moonee Ponds giving the shop a vibrant new look and feel. With a great new range of products to choose from, it’s the perfect place to unearth top quality recycled goods at excellent prices.

Following a three-week closure for the makeover, the store’s re-opening week celebrations will kick off on Monday 18 April at 10.00am. Customers are invited to check out the striking transformation and munch on a sausage on bread from the BBQ, which will be sizzling throughout opening week. Children will love the free face painting on Easter Saturday (23 April), and the store’s new Kids Corner, perfect for keeping little ones amused while their parents shop in peace.

The new hunter gatherer and Brotherhood Books sections in the Margaret Street shop will entice local shoppers, especially fans of gorgeous vintage fashions and pre-loved books.

The hunter gatherer range will feature top quality vintage clothing and accessories, including frocks, blouses, handbags, skirts, coats, trousers, hats, jewellery and shoes. All are specially handpicked from the hundreds of thousands of pre-loved wardrobe items donated each year to the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s 27 community stores across Victoria. The hunter gatherer range includes handmade accessories from local Melbourne designers, all crafted from recycled and vintage materials.

And customers are advised to allow plenty of time to peruse the wide variety of books, ranging from children’s titles to recent bestsellers to collectables, all carefully selected from online second-hand bookstore, Brotherhood Books.

The store will also stock a selection of top international fashion brands at low prices, from names like Mavi, Bolle, Calvin Klein and OshKosh B’Gosh. But supplies will be limited, so it’s first in, best dressed!

The Brotherhood’s Moonee Ponds community store has been a much-loved part of the local area for 10 years. Store manager Vinh Moc hopes their many loyal customers will like the shop’s bright and modern appearance.

‘The Moonee Ponds store is being repainted inside and out, and features new fittings, an improved heating and cooling system, and energy-efficient lighting thanks to Brotherhood Green. We hope visitors love what they find.’

Vinh says people who shop there will also be helping Australians in need at the same time.

‘Our customers can feel good knowing they are helping the Brotherhood of St Laurence deliver its programs and services that help disadvantaged people right across Australia. The Brotherhood’s work benefits the very young to the elderly – so there’s another good reason to pay us a visit.’

Visit the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s revamped community store at 24 Margaret Street, Moonee Ponds, opposite Moonee Ponds railway station. Open Monday to Saturday, 9.00am to 5.00pm

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Salvos finds

Hey guys - this is my first post on I Op Therefore I am :) I'll tell you a bit about myself:  I'm Mandi, and I'm 20 years old. I'm a temporarily-retired student, expecting a baby :)
I own a fashion blog called FrouFrou Fabulous where you'll probably find a lot of posts that mirror these ones, plus more fashion and other stuff.
I'm really excited to be a part of this blog! Ok let's get into it! :)
Here of some of my recent finds from the Salvos! I have a more detailed haul written about it here, if you want more info! x

Très gorgeous jacket with a faded tag (unknown brand); $6

Brand new Bonds Jacket with tags still on (RRP $44); a steal at $10!

Super cute diamante heels; $6

Great condition SUPRÉ jeans; $8!

That's it for today guys - I hope you liked my first post, and I did everything right :) xx

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fairfield Salvos books

I had some time yesterday so went to the Fairfield Salvos on the way home from Northcote Pool. I was really happy to pick up a couple of books. Fallen by Lauren Kate, described as 'sexy, fascinating and scary'. I hope to read this over Easter while I am away in the country for a few days. The big score of the day was the box set of The Sweet Potato Queen's Big Ass Box of Love which contains 3 volumes. 'Equal parts Erin Brockovich, Erma Bombeck and Dr Ruth. Do not pick up the books unless you have a sense of humour.' I had one volume of this series so was really happy to get this set for only $1.99. The staff member at the shop said it had been wrongly priced and I was lucky to get it.
Sorry about the dodgy photo

Vintage Couture Find

This is my first I hope it works!

I am a True Op Shopping Addict - I'm in an opshop nearly every day of the week and scour all of Melbourne's best shops to find my "gems".

My best find lately is this mid 80's Yves Saint Laurent Silk & Leather Safari Dress. It's so on trend for this seasons fashion. It was purchased from Red Cross. It was in Never Worn condition - just incredible.

I purchased this Trelise Cooper skirt from The Salvation Army.... I adore all New Zealand labels, but Trelise Cooper in particular. This skirt originally retailed for over $700!

I don't buy much vintage clothing (apart from my amazing YSL find), but tend to stick to more modern Australian and New Zealand designers.

Well, that's my first ever post done!


Thursday, 7 April 2011

DONCARE Op Shop moves... ... ... but not far

I sometimes pop into the Doncare Op shop in Macedon Plaza, corner Manningham Road in Lw.Templestowe [it's on my way to or from the Austin Hospital].
Drove into the carpark yesterday to see it had GONE!, empty shop!!  then I noticed the sign, they have moved out of their tiny, cramped shop, into a much larger one [SHOP 4] further away from the supermarket, towards the end of the shops.

New shop is larger, better layout, neat and tidy, but still lots of shelves and bins to rummage in and find a treasure,  including their always popular Craft Bookcase, full of patterns, needles, ribbons, zippers, embroidery threads and lots more.
I found a lovely bag of Patons Mohair, and a few knitting patterns,.... JOY!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It's all about boots and bags!

This is my first post on this blog so please be gentle!!  Most of my finds come from SE Melbourne where I get to participate in two of my favourite things, op shopping and spending time with my toddler.  We normally head out on the train (part of the fun for him!) and I get one maybe two op shops in exchange for a trip to the park and fifteen hours pushing him on a swing.
You can spot me anywhere on the Frankston line between Cheltenham to Frankston on a dry day normally with a cheerful cheeky chap, on a bad day I can be identified with a stash of edible treats to pacify him and a coffee to see me through the morning.
I am now finding a few like minded people locally and online and thought it was about time to share some of my finds – bit slow on the techie front but better late than never!
This week it’s about old boots & bags!! These were all found from my two local op shops in Chelsea St Chads and Family Life (see their website for more info
I did a double take seeing these boots in pristine condition – gorgeous leather knee length boots from Nine West – perfect for the autumn and winter

I’m also partial to a bag or six!!  The first one is a cute black floral tapestry bag and its partner in crime that caught my eye is a 70s glomesh style bag by Pierre Cardin in white and gold.

I love vintage bags so you'll probably see more from me on that subject in the future
Thanks for taking the time to read!
Vicky – Dogstar Bazaar

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

past finds :)

Hey everyone! I haven't posted on here in quite awhile even though I have been op shopping like mad these past few months!
So here are a few of my fave finds from a few months ago, they are from all over the place!
First off: a lovely floral peplum skirt for $8 from a small Care Bargain Centre in Keilor, it's Mink Pink and it still had the tags on it! I've been wearing it like crazy.
I always believe that if you op shop enough, you'll eventually find what you're looking for. I was actually looking for a denim vest for a long time, couldn't find anything and so tried bidding on a few on ebay (didn't win though.) So I was really happy when I found this Gap one in the Salvos in Niddrie for about $7. It's the perfect size and colour for wearing over cute dresses :)
I also found this patent leather Kookai wallet in the Niddrie Salvos for $8, as a replacement for my really old Anna Sui knockoff wallet which was bought in Malaysia.. haha

A cute peach shirt $4 (still with tags) and denim button up skirt $6, Just Jeans denim high waist shorts $6 $and a red belt $3 from the Salvos in Kensington. These are perfect for Summer, although I haven't worn them yet and Summer is over... typical me! (not sure why the photo is uploaded sideways, argh)

And a denim shirt from the tiny Arthritis Victoria op shop in Moonee Ponds. This was probably the best purchase i'd made in awhile, well worth the $3 I paid for it! I wore it every single day when I went on a 10 day camping trip to Tasmania & Falls Festival over the New Years holiday, it was perfect for wearing over a top so you didn't get sunburnt: (After my face got badly sunburnt during a hike on the first day there, I was really slip slop slap conscious for the rest of the trip!)
Unfortunately when I got home, it was put in the wash, and my mum who NEVER separates anything, also put my sister's bright red shorts in the wash... so when the shirt came out it had light pink blotches all over it, and another white tshirt (which I had only worn once!) was ruined. So sad!! So i've been scouring op shops trying to find the perfect replacement but so far to no avail! Haha!
Please check out my blog if you want to see more photos, outfits and ramblings by me. Until next time!