Thursday, 21 April 2011

Student Discount Day @ Salvos Dandenong South

So every Wednesday students get 20% off at the Salvos Stores! Pretty great deal! I haven't been op shopping in a while so was really happy that I managed to find a few things I liked :)

Check out the print of these mitch dowd PJ pants! $3.99
Agent Ninetynine black tshirt with zip detail $3.99
Cooper St black with white polka dots skirt $4.99
No brand pink top with black polka dots and bow detail (this is the back view) $1.99, this was a 50% off item (blue tickets this week!)
Witchery black denim mini with stud detailing on back pockets $4.99


Anonymous said...

Love the denim skirt and the pj pants, well done, you got some good finds there :)


OMGOOOSH! i love those pants! what a find

Dogstar Bazaar said...

Love the PJ prints and the polka dot finds

Erica Louise said...

Didn't know they did 20% discount for students, that must be a new thing? LOVE your comic pants, adore any comic fabric :)

Jac said...

Yes, and there is also a pensioner discount day too - I only discovered it a few weeks ago so perhaps it is new. Spread the word though... might get some more people out op shopping :)

coldlight said...

ooh. just loving the print on the jammies! love comic books. agent 99 tshirts are really comfy and good quality- fab finds! :)