Thursday, 7 April 2011

DONCARE Op Shop moves... ... ... but not far

I sometimes pop into the Doncare Op shop in Macedon Plaza, corner Manningham Road in Lw.Templestowe [it's on my way to or from the Austin Hospital].
Drove into the carpark yesterday to see it had GONE!, empty shop!!  then I noticed the sign, they have moved out of their tiny, cramped shop, into a much larger one [SHOP 4] further away from the supermarket, towards the end of the shops.

New shop is larger, better layout, neat and tidy, but still lots of shelves and bins to rummage in and find a treasure,  including their always popular Craft Bookcase, full of patterns, needles, ribbons, zippers, embroidery threads and lots more.
I found a lovely bag of Patons Mohair, and a few knitting patterns,.... JOY!


MildlyCrafty said...

I noticed that it had moved the other day too. Good on you for letting everyone know, I didn't even think of that, oops. I didn't go into the new show but it HAS to be an improvement on the old one, it was soooo small!

Clothes Martha Loves said...

Thank you for letting everyone know. I was there a couple of weeks ago - my first visit - and picked up a lovely silk scarf. I look forward to visiting their new store.

P.S. Love you colour coordinated green text!