Tuesday, 5 April 2011

past finds :)

Hey everyone! I haven't posted on here in quite awhile even though I have been op shopping like mad these past few months!
So here are a few of my fave finds from a few months ago, they are from all over the place!
First off: a lovely floral peplum skirt for $8 from a small Care Bargain Centre in Keilor, it's Mink Pink and it still had the tags on it! I've been wearing it like crazy.
I always believe that if you op shop enough, you'll eventually find what you're looking for. I was actually looking for a denim vest for a long time, couldn't find anything and so tried bidding on a few on ebay (didn't win though.) So I was really happy when I found this Gap one in the Salvos in Niddrie for about $7. It's the perfect size and colour for wearing over cute dresses :)
I also found this patent leather Kookai wallet in the Niddrie Salvos for $8, as a replacement for my really old Anna Sui knockoff wallet which was bought in Malaysia.. haha

A cute peach shirt $4 (still with tags) and denim button up skirt $6, Just Jeans denim high waist shorts $6 $and a red belt $3 from the Salvos in Kensington. These are perfect for Summer, although I haven't worn them yet and Summer is over... typical me! (not sure why the photo is uploaded sideways, argh)

And a denim shirt from the tiny Arthritis Victoria op shop in Moonee Ponds. This was probably the best purchase i'd made in awhile, well worth the $3 I paid for it! I wore it every single day when I went on a 10 day camping trip to Tasmania & Falls Festival over the New Years holiday, it was perfect for wearing over a top so you didn't get sunburnt: (After my face got badly sunburnt during a hike on the first day there, I was really slip slop slap conscious for the rest of the trip!)
Unfortunately when I got home, it was put in the wash, and my mum who NEVER separates anything, also put my sister's bright red shorts in the wash... so when the shirt came out it had light pink blotches all over it, and another white tshirt (which I had only worn once!) was ruined. So sad!! So i've been scouring op shops trying to find the perfect replacement but so far to no avail! Haha!
Please check out my blog if you want to see more photos, outfits and ramblings by me. Until next time!


Chris said...

Don't throw out the blotchy shirt...apply Wonder soap to the spots. My dtr's fave Ralph Lauren beige cotton sweater was contaminated (by her!!) with blue jeans...I rubbed Wonder soap all over the spots, put back into the washing machine, and good as new! Don't forget the swaeter had already gone thru the dryer.

Jac said...

Great finds! You have very similar taste in fashion to me so I always love seeing your finds!! :) Don't forget Wednesdays are student discount day (20% off) at Salvos Stores :)

little love said...

I was going to say don't throw out the shirt either! In the laundry aisle at the supermarket you can get stuff that removes dye runs! Can't help you with what it's called but I know it's there! xx

Mandi said...

Wow, some amazing finds!! We have really similar tastes. I hope to start posting some of my finds soon (once I have a decent camera!)

I followed your blog x

coldlight said...

Thanks for the comments and tips everyone! I'll try washing the shirt again!