Monday, 4 April 2011

Two-dollar treats in Ashburton

I love it when I find several op shops within walking distance of each other. Did you know that there are three on High Street near Ashburton station? Salvos, Vinnies and the Ashburton Support Services shop. I got all of these things there, all $2 each!

Gold and black earrings:

Woven scarves, one of which has "Timor Leste" woven into it (I only realised when I got it home!). Also some lace-up sandals.

A Lahu bag from Thailand (the Lahu are one of the ethnic groups living in Thailand):

Look at the hand embroidery!

Thanks to Lyndel for the tip about Ashburton!

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Lyndel said...

Oh I'm glad you found something to buy at one of my fav. Op Shops..♥