Thursday, 20 March 2014

yes I am still opping

 I have been busy lately and trips to the op shops have been few and far between.

When I have been out I have found some real treasures.

A very pretty butter dish caught my eye in an op shop in Langwarren.  I will have to check the name out tomorrow.

Earlier this week I took a drive down along the beach road to Sorrento and visited one of my favourite oppies.

 The lovely ladies in the sorting room called my in and asked if I would like to see something special.  Well of course I would.  

They were unpacking this gorgeous Christening gown and slip.  Hand made and complete with a little piece of paper with the names of 3 boys and the dates in the 1960s. 

 I am thinking of framing this gown as it is quite fragile.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Tuesday at the BSL.

I'm still filling in on Tuesday afternoons until we get someone else.  Our little shop is losing three of its oldest (long standing) volunteers around Easter time, so we are looking for new volunteers if anyone reading this is interested in working in Eltham for a half day once a week!
Here is what I found on Tuesday:
A cute Christmas sandwich tray - ceramic not plastic!  Brand new, still in its box.  $5.

A huge tin which according to the label on the bottom, contained popcorn!  I'm going to keep it under my sewing table to throw fabric scraps in instead of the open box I was using. $2.50.

A collection of scrapbooking papers, some with maps on - can think of some fun projects for this! $4.

A gingham dress, way too long for me, but otherwise fits well, so I'm going to chop off a lot at the bottom and make it into a summer top to wear over jeans or black leggings.  $4.50

Saturday, 8 March 2014

In search of cricket gear

My last visit to the Local Op Shops was in search of a knitted cricket vest for hubby as we had a party to attend as Australian Icons. He has the moustache already so wanted to go as Dennis Lillie. I found only one, and it had been accidently shrunk. The op shop lady kindly gave it to us for free to try and stretch. We googled for info and soaked the vest in warm water with a variety of suggested additions, it stretched sideways slightly but not lengthwise. Never mind, I picked up some nice cream woollen fabric and also some black crepe. The wool fabric might be cut and bundled up for a spot of eucalyptus eco-dyeing in a jar-maybe also the cricket vest!

BSL Opshop Eltham, Friday.

I had some great craft finds today!  A variety of matt frames for $1 which will come in handy for all kinds of craft projects.

Two boxes of DMC perle cottons which normally cost a lot more than the $6 I paid for these!

Bag of sewing cottons, 50 cents.
  Large bag of felt $2 - which going by the colours, must have been left over from somebody's Xmas craft projects!  

I wouldn't normally have bought this unfinished home made apron for $1.50, but  I needed a gingham apron to embellish for an apron festival in Ballarat in May, so this will save me making up the apron.  All I have to do is decorate it!

Book for 80cents.  Not about craft, but it's different...interesting.

Friday, 7 March 2014

I have joined the blog!

thank you for the invitation to join the blog, I love op shopping and have found a few treasures in the past. my favourite shops are the Sacred Heart mission shops especially the one in South Melb. hoping to find something good to post soon.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Love the jumpers

This is my first go at commenting. Love the jumpers. Would hate to see the site close. Will have a go at posting something soon.

still in hampton

And a couple of sweaters. The blue one is Country Road and I bought it because I love that blue and it is 100 per cent linen. I plan to unravel it and knit some hand towels for the kitchen and bathroom.

I'm a sucker for vintage sweaters and this very light blue one is in perfect condition. What a fabulous lable - 100% Geelong Lambswool, Made in Scotland. I'm planning to alter this one a bit too - take it in at the sides so it's not so boxy and alter the neckline into a scoop which I will then edge with some Liberty fabric bias tape (from my collection of Liberty fabric salvaged from garments bought at the op shop).