Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lions Trash and Treasure Sale

Blackburn North Lions Club is holding the next trash and treasure sale on Saturday, 10 July 2010.
Usual location: 1st Vermont Scout Hall, near the corner of Mitcham Rd and Canterbury Rd, Vermont.
Usual time: 8 am to 1 pm.
Lots of bargains, as usual.
Hope to see you there.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Three days later....

Popped down to Coles for a few bits and pieces today, and made the usual detour to the Brotherhood. Going by the stickers on this artists watercolour book, it was originally at Eckersleys (art supplies shop) for $39.95, reduced to $27.95, and finally ended up at the opshop for $2. I'm only a dabbler in painting and drawing, and have often thought I'd like to take classes, so this book might motivate me to actually do something.

The other item I bought for $1 today was this 'stained glass window' Indian that you hang on your window to catch the light. We have a big one of a Lorikeet, that is on a glass door in our lounge, which faces the west, so it gets lots of sun. The MOTH likes anything Indian, and he thought this was neat.

Another Day, Another Op Shop (or few!)

Black leather Country Road Belt (new - tag for $69.95 attached!) $5.99 Salvo's Dandenong
M-one-11 grey oversized knit $6.99 Salvo's Dandenong
Black lace (looks handmade) top $3.99 Salvo's Dandenong

Red wool JAG coat $15 Salvo's Dandenong (have been looking for one for AGES, so this little bargain made my day!)
Mustard coloured top with frill and lace detail $5.99 @ Salvo's Dandenong (the smaller one near Savers)

Charm necklace $3.99 Salvo's Dandenong

Friday, 25 June 2010

... and mum's finds!!

Mum got some great bargains today so I asked her if I could blog about them too :)
Wool coat $17.99 Savers Frankton
Green knit with ruffle neck $1.50 All Souls, Sandringham (50% off!)
She also got a black wool coat from Salvo's Mordialloc for $14.99 but it didn't photograph too well... just a plain black coat :)

Ladies Day By The Bay

My finds from a little trip my mum, sister and I took today:
Turquoise Table Eight shirt $3.50 Mordialloc Lions Op Shop
Books (Caddie, Oliver Twist, The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith) 50c each Mordialloc Lions Op Shop
Zara tshirt $3.99 Salvo's Mordialloc
Tshirt I got at All Souls, Sandringham for $1.25!! They had 50% off everything!!
Panda print Keds $6.99 Savers, Frankston

Back at the Brotherhood of St. L. again.

My weekly jaunt to the Brotherhood shop in Eltham yielded these little goodies yesterday:
I'm into elephants since seeing baby elephant Mali at the zoo this month, so this 50 cent souvenir key ring had to come home with me!

As did this folder thingy for $2 - don't know what it is for. Has an opening at one end, perhaps to carry documents? Just love those sequin-embellished elephants!

this is the back of it.

I love denim shoulder bags! My current one is getting a bit tattered, so when I saw this one for $2, I decided it was time for a new one.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Salvo's Noble Park

Entire outfit from Salvo's Noble Park:
Dress $7.99
Glo-mesh bag $5.99
Bangle $1.99

I also managed to pick up a free standing full length mirror for only $12.99

Monday, 21 June 2010

A Few More Finds...

New Bag $14.99 and red umbrella $8.99 from Salvo's Dandenong
Joanne Mercer (new) heels $19 Salvo's East Bentleigh
Harrods Handbag $4.99 Salvo's East Bentleigh

Hand made mittens (new) $3 AAPS op shop East Bentleigh/Bentleigh (not sure!)

Op Shop Trip to San Francisco


So I recently banned myself from op shopping and camberwell markets for two months prior to a trip to the USA. Much to my surprise it was worth it. I left Australia with a backpack that weighed 13kg and returned with a backpack and an extra bag 28 kg all up. I think I spent about $200 and had a whole lot of fun. I would highly recommend San Francisco for a quick shopping stop over if your planning travels. AMAZING!

5 dresses
1 leather jacket
two pairs of shoes
and countless tops
A lot of beads and sparkles too that are usually quite expensive.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Oakleigh Lions Op Shop

Having a job interview just down the road from the Oakleigh Lions Op Shop (in Neerim Road, Murrumbeena, just outside Murrumbeena Railway Station) was too great an opportunity to miss a visit. These Grosby shoes were just the ticket for my clodhoppers, particularly after a disappointing experience a few weeks ago with a pair of shoes (from a chain I won't mention by name) which turned into sieves in the rain. A mere $4 for these black beauties, and I think they've hardly been worn.

A good sized red handbag from a rack all priced at $4. I'm not sure if I'll use this myself, or use it as a canvas and paint on it.

A cute little wooden bowl, for the grand price of a dollar. Destined to be a canvas for ink drawing or perhaps some practice with the wood burning tool.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

An Entire Day of Op Shopping

To celebrate finishing my exams I went op shopping with my mum and younger sister, here is a summary of the adventures!

1. Lots of Things Opp Shoppe, Poath Rd Hughesdale
I picked up a pair of mens leather shoes that miraculously fitted me for only $8! My sister got a pair of black skinny leg Levi's for $12 and a lovely long scarf for $3.50

2. Salvo's, Koornang Rd, Carnegie
I picked up a Lolitta cardigan ($8.99) and a Dotti t-shirt ($3.99)

3. Red Cross, Koornang Rd, Carnegie
I picked up a cricket style white jumper, and because there was 30% off instore it came to just over $5!! (not sure when this sale ends but definitely worth checking out if you have a Red Cross op shop near you!)

4. Passedon, Carnegie
Not sure this is an op shop... it said 'new and recycled clothing' on the sign(?) Was seriously overpriced pre-loved and new designer gear... I would not really recommend going to at all. I walked away empty handed!

5. Lions Oakleigh Op Shop, Murrumbeena (near the station)
Small little op shop, with a decent book selection. Clothes were a little more dated than in most of the other stores we went to that day.. but they had a $3 and $5 rack of absolute clothing treasures. Mum got some Ojay jeans for $5, sister got a jumper for $5 and I got a red Nike dry-fit running skivvy for $3. Not a great deal of selection but worth a look as there were some great brands for very cheap prices (and the staff running the store were very sweet!)

6. National Council of Jewish Women of Australia - The Oppe Shoppe, Caulfield
Lovely friendly vibe in this store, and a very helpful lady who assisted us! Sister got a lovely mustard coloured cardigan for $8 as well as an Olga Berg purse for $5. I got the same purse also, as well as a red leather Hermes one (seriously - my best op shop bargain EVER!) for $4 each!

7. Vinnies, Oakleigh
WOW! This was one of my favourite op shops of the day! They were having a 50% off sale on green tags (I think it was green?) and mum managed to pick up a gorgeous red jacket with an oriental collar made by a Sydney designer whose name escapes me right now.. well s
he got it for only $6! She also picked up a few books, as did I! This was one of the best ranges of books I have ever seen in an op shop, and most prices were $1 or $2, with a few even marked 2 for $1!! Needless to say I got a small pile of books and it only came to $7! I had my eyes on a cardigan with little black scottie dogs beaded all over.. bit sadly it was too small. Was absolutely adorable and only $10... so if it sounds like your cup of tea and you're a petite size 8-10 check it out!

9. Salvos, Oakleigh
Good sized store, I didn't find anything I liked but sister managed to get another long chunky scarf for like $3.

10. Red Cross, Oakleigh
None of us picked anything up but this was a really lovely store, everything was colour coded, and 30% off! Very busy... lots of other people obviously found some great bargains! :)

11. Salvos, Cheltenham Rd, Keysborough
Not sure I'd head back to this store. The guy serving us was really friendly, but there wasn't a great deal of selection clothing wise. There was alot, I mean the store is actually quite massive, but most of the clothes are pre-loved discount department store brands like Target and Kmart. They had a good range of homewares though and mum came away with a blue and white stripe sugar jar. I picked up a Miss Shop tshirt with its tags still on for only $5.99, and a tan and white checky scarf for $2.99.

Was a bit of an epic day... but it all went to good causes and we all managed to walk away with some lovely bargains!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Brotherhood.

Did my usual weekly visit to our local Brotherhood shop and found these bits and pieces:
This matches another little tray I found a few months ago. They are great for casual use, to carry small snacks of food or condiments around the house. $3.50.

My husband is one of the old fashioned MOTHs who uses a brush and stick of shaving soap, which are hard to find in shops these days. So when I saw this for $3, I snapped it up for him.

I like to wear these skivvies under sweaters and jackets, and couldn't pass this one up for $4.
Just after I'd found the skivvy, I found this jumper nearby for $3 - perfect match!

This book about Graham Kennedy had only just arrived in the shop and was sitting on the counter. I asked if it was for sale, and when she said "Yes - $10" I got my purse out! It is a recent book, still in the shops and selling for a lot more than $10. The MOTH and I grew up watching I.M.T. and all Graham's subsequent tv shows, so I had to have this book!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Thrift trip

Yesterday I popped into my local Vinnies and found numerous items. Below are just a few items for your perusal.

Cowl neck knitted jumper

80's knitted jumper/dress

Tan leather tooled clutch

Vintage Country Road cut out back dress


Op On

I haven't had the chance to op shop in a while as I am in the middle of exams, but thought I'd share today's outfit, another day of mostly op shop pieces:
Portmans grey wool dress (bought with tags still on!) $9.99 @ Savers, Dandenong
Friends of Juicy Couture cardi $3.99 @ Salvo's Dandenong (had buttons missing and a small hole in the fabric, but my lovely mum fixed it up for me!)

Are you wearing one of your oppie bargains today? Take a pic and share with us all :)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Entirely Vintage

I just got dressed for the day and realised that my entire outfit was sourced from op shops (well, Salvo's Dandenong in particular!)... so naturally I thought I'd share with you all
Scarf $2.99
Shirt $5.99
Skirt $5.99
I find it amusing to think that my stockings cost me nearly as much as my entire outfit... just shows you how much money you can save shopping at oppies! And, it's all for a good cause so you feel even better buying things! :)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Crafty stuff at Vinnies

I've just been catching up with everybody's bargains over the past week - you're all doing real well - love that rainbow coloured knitted item, and the black boots are a steal! Got a pair like that myself in Savers last year - couldn't believe my luck when I tried them on and they fitted perfectly.
I was passing Vinnies in Briar Hill today and as usual, couldn't resist dropping in. This is one of the cleanest and well set out opshops I know. The ladies display most things in colour categories - not just clothes, but kitchenware and bricabrac as well. I feel like I've walked into Myer!
I found some craft mags for 50c each, a gorgeous half metre of fabric for 50c, and a jigsaw for $2. The MOTH and I are not 'into' jigsaw puzzles, but he is into motorcycle racing, so I thought this might be fun on a cold rainy day. He didn't go into raptures when I gave it to him, but he said he might have a go at it one day.