Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday Surprise at Vinnies

Well, what do you know: the Vinnies at Ringwood is now open on Sundays!  We discovered this fact by pure chance when we popped into the bike shop next door to buy a tyre pump.  Once that transaction was complete, our next task was clearly to head into Vinnies and see what was on offer.

Which would be this:

A Sawa 2000 cookie press!  Only the standard model, alas, but it actually seems to be more rare than the deluxe model, if my internet searches are anything to go by.

Everything is still inside, possibly unused.  My nan had one of these (although I'm pretty sure hers was plastic) but I don't remember her ever using it.  I'm planning to use mine, though!  After all, the instruction and recipe book was included in the box.

UPDATE: It turns out my nan's is actually just like this and I was confusing it with something plastic that my mum had.  My nan's was a deluxe one and she used it a lot.  My memory must be having an off day...

I absolutely love finding gems like this.  I hope you're all having just as much fun with your op shopping, too!