Wednesday, 29 July 2009


It has been sometime since I have posted....still shopping just forgetting to come back and report :)
I have written about this place once before and I was in there again on Saturday!
Vintage Single Bed sheets - excellent condition.....pillowcase is a little faded, but I do LOVE this pattern - I have big plans for this gorgeous fabric!

$3 or so for this lot.........
PS - They have a really cute Brownie Uniform in there at the moment, complete in everyway and only $10, if anyone is looking for a Brownie Uniform for a special little girl in thier life.....I was tempted to buy it for Miss-almost-two, but could imagine the look I would've got should I brought it home.........

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

July Finds

Long time no post. Been a busy bee recently, have been trekking far and wide in search of clothing and have yielded some great finds, including a beautiful fur coat.

X! forevayoungvintage

Thursday, 9 July 2009

St Vinnies Hoppers Crossing

HI! It's my first time here... I'm from the west... and go to Hoppers Crossing St Vinnies and Salvos often (okay.. weekly!).

Just came back from the St Vinnies in Hoppers Crossing. There's an old-style rattan bentwood-style rocking chair for "only" $75. It's not old... but it won't last there long!!

Much like this one:

And three graduating old-style copper tins for sugar, flour and rice... each $8.

I had to walk away.

There's also a gorgeous Victorian style tapestry in Salvos Hoppers Crossing... I want it, but also had to walk away. I think it was $35.

GO grab!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

New earrings for $4.50!!

How cool are these earrings? $4.50 fro St James Op Shop, Malvern Road, Glen Iris.

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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Barwon Heads

I popped into the Barwon Heads church op shop today as I was taking youngest son to the Tonik (surf shop) sale.
I hadn't been in before but there was a massive amount of stuff crammed into a small space. The op shop is in the hall behind the church (can't remember which denomination but they have a sandwich board out the front when open). There are three churches in the main street, it is the one closest to the shops.There are more overflow clothes out the back further in a garage/shed.
I didn't have much time so had a quick glance through. I always chech out the stitching and scarves sections. Found the packet of tracing paper (4 sheets still left) and the carbon paper (all there) for 50c each.
Picked up two nice colours in chiffon scarves for textile layering, 50c and $1.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

My bold scarves!

I love these scarves! So glad I screeched to a halt in the car when I drove past the Salvation Army in Preston a few weeks ago!

331 High St, Preston VIC

These scarves were $5 each! I was looking for a black and white striped scarf for ages!!!!

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op shopping in NYC

I arrived in NYC yesterday after spending seven weeks couchsurfing in South America. For those 7 weeks I have been rotating three shirts, a pair of linen trousers, a pair of black shorts and a long brown cordoury skirt (two shirts, trousers and skirst all from op shops, the trousers a spectacular find: I almost never wear pants but these were perfect for travelling - low-waisted to suit my high-waisted body, flattering, cool and comfortable).

All I wanted to do upon arrival was to op shop so I could finally wear some different clothes! I began in Queens at the Salvation Army where everything was basically very plain and organised according to colour. I found nothing that fit. So Mom and I bought $1 hardcover books instead: one of Rick Moody novellas, a book of recent literary criticism and a book of famous authors writing about their favourite books.

Then we went into Manhattan and looked around 23rd St and Lexington. I found a non-charity vintage clothing store with really nice stuff and bought two shirts, one a light cotton '70s style flared shirt with big bold patterns and colours and another light pink one, with a ribbon that ties under the boobs and a blue and red flower pattern with big flowers around the waist. I think these were around $15.

These were great, but not what I needed for mix and matching a tiny wardrobe. My mother and I found another Salvation Army and I found a pink straight pure silk Laura Ashley long skirt for $4 and a really cool wrinkled silk Navy blue skirt with bottom frill that has a huge waist which you bunch together in the back by pulling the string on either side and tying. After doing laundry I found some light spot stains on the pink skirt, but nothing very noticable. And the skirts each match one of the shirts and work with the clothes I already had as well. So, great finds, and to top it off I bought a white belt for my cord skirt that is now falling down because I lost so much weight travelling!