Friday, 4 July 2008

{first post}

I've finally gotten around to writing my first post and it's lovely to be here!
My name is Jodi, 30-something, mother of three: Lochie 3yrs, Josh 2yrs & Cait 10months, (yes those ages are correct), sewer, some-times knitter (i'm learning), wanna-be photographer and scrapbooker (wow that's a lot of titles). I live in Melbourne's outer Eastern Suburbs (Boronia) and I try to op-shop at least once a week.
That's enough of the boring introduction stuff, on Wednesday I went to one of my favourie Op-Shops.......

The Veterans Op Shop in Erica Ave Boroina
Open 10am - 4pm Mon-Fri (I think)
10am - 2pm Sat
Rummagability Factor - HIGH (yes I just made up that word)
Bargain Factor - HIGH

This place is organised chaos at its very best, big pile of toys in the corner, linen shelves overflowing with all sorts of good (and some not so good) linen treasures.
They have the biggest collection of electrical goods I have seen anywhere and quite a lot of furniture seems to make it's way in and out of there as well. All quite keenly priced.
BE WARNED - not everything in this shop has a price tag, I'm quite sure the girls in there make it up as they go along depending on whether or not they like you.
However the lovely ladies in there are so very friendly and if you're quietly browsing you get to listen in to all sorts of fabulous (?) conversations about who is in hospital and who is visiting whom........fascinating stuff!
On Wednesday I scored all those knitting needles, a Golden Hands Book, Stitch by Stitch Book, the big RED book is a dictionary I have been wanting for ages - $4 the LOT!
My son Lochie was with me (I have trained him to sit quietly in the corner playing with the toys whilst I browse - he he) and he had picked out a small toy to take home too, the girls at the shop proceeded to give him a bag and told him to FILL it with some charge..........very was a bit much for a 3year old to take, so Mummy helped him pick out a few toys for his sister and brother at home.
I really love going to this place, I love a good rummage and I nearly always leave with something!!!!


Jayne said...

Oh thanks for letting us know about that op shop ;)
I'll try to have a gander next time I'm up that way ;)
Great first post and great finds :)

Unknown said...

Hi, I live over at Upper Gully and the Aussie Vets is my second fave op shop after the PWP at Upper Gully. Herself (my daughter) had a beaut spend up just the other day and I will post on it next week. It will include some curtains we got a while ago.

Blessings and bliss