Monday, 28 July 2008

I heart books

Must. Stop. Buying. Books!

I bought this one, "Thunderbird Trail" for the gorgeously aged cover and lovely creamy paper inside, intending to use it for drawing on. BUT! I get books home and make friends with them, and then don't want to use them for the intended purpose. Instead, they take up residence on my bulging bookshelves.

This has a wonderful Coles library sticker on the inside cover - 6d a loan! - and the cover art pasted inside, as well as the cowboy graphic on the title page, makes me swoon.

To accompany the cowboys, I also bought the heart shaped card box below, to make into a case for a heartshaped book I'm planning on the theme of - guess what? Yep, hearts, but not the love and kisses Valentine sort. Anatomical hearts, broken hearts, jealous hearts, hearts of darkness...

From the Salvos in Oakleigh. Grand total for book and box: $2.85, because it was pensioner's day and 20% off for bearers of a health care card :)


Casdok said...

Just love the heart box. And i too love books and cant stop buying them! Thank you for sharing this book, its just gorgeous!

Stacey said...

Great finds! Oakleigh is such a good stop for op shops.