Monday, 7 July 2008

{Mr Imperial 200}

Please allow me to introduce:
Mr Imperial 200 or "baby blue" as I have affectionately nicknamed him:

He is in need of a little clean, but he works so beautifully!

Where: FernTree Gully Vinnies

What: $10

Whom: For a girlfriend who wanted one!


Tui said...

Oooh, good score. How about a photo of Mr Imperial sans case? I'd love to see what he looks like.

Tui said...

D'oh! The second and third photos didn't load initially. He is a fine specimen.

Juniper said...

where do you find the ribbons for it? we found one on hard rubbish, but cant use it because of no ribbons!

Sally says Plastic is not Fantastic said...

I love him and great price. I hope she looks after him