Sunday, 23 December 2012

Table Challenge

Dian and Mother Theresa have set the bar high but I will give the challenge a go.
The tablecloth is actually a single bedspread. 
It and the crockery were obtained so long ago that their origins are long forgotten. 
The serving dishes were bought from 2 different St Vinnies in Sydney.  The plate is from Baulkham Hills and cost $1 and the sweet dish from Parramatta.  I love green glass.

The eclectic angel choir were bought all at the same time from Windsor, NSW Salvos.  They were about a dollar each.
And the other angel choir has been mentioned here before, found in a box marked plumbing fixtures in Salvos, Blacktown.

There.  I did it.  Thank you for the challenge.

Merry Christmas to all and a safe and blessed New Year.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Dian's Table Challenge!

I have been thinking about what I might do to set the table for Christmas and was super inspired by Dian's lovely table of all op-shopped things! I found it a bit of a challenge as even though I have a fair bit of opshopped stuff, our main dinnerset and cutlery that we usually use were gifts, but I think I managed to put together a reasonably good looking opshop only table!

Most of the stuff was all purchased this year I think! (a nice reflection on the year as I think this is the 1000th post, Yay!) The top table is a bit of a pineapple theme with the napkin holder (sans napkins) and the pineapple dish of cherries, then in the second one I played around with using a raw silk scarf as a table runner down the middle. I think the colours go nicely together, sort of retro christmassy colours!  
Then I played around with this coffee and cake table setting (I really should have made a cake for the plate) I think it's a bit jungle looking, don't you? :o) 

It was really good fun putting together different settings. I think I might have a themed dinner party one day and set the table accordingly! Thanks for the inspiration Dian! :o) 

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

A bit Christmassy!

So here's a Barbie doll ($1.50 from Vinnies!) that I dressed up as an angel for my tree.
Her little robe is made from a satin pyjama top, bought from an oppie up in Sydney a while back.

And if that's not festive enough, check out this $1 Santa-on-sleigh!

From the same Vinnies, Altona North. The Christmas record in the background was also an opshop find. In fact, in this picture there are only two or three things that aren't from op shops! (My housemate is a serious opshopophile too).

Merry Christmas everyone! May the new year bring us loads of awesome bargains!


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

vintage cloths, santa and inks

 I bought this gorgeous santa months ago from Vinnies in Tyabb Rd Mornington - he joins the others in my collection.
 Today I called in at the RSPCA op shop in Frankston and picked up two lovely embroidered table mats

As I was leaving I saw these boxes of inks - I have no idea of what they will be used for but they will go in the cupboard for after Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas - I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas.

today's loot

I'm finally on holidays, so to celebrate I went opshopping (I will clean the house tomorrow) haha! 
 Some good finds today. In the first pic is an Australian souvenir tablecloth for $1 from the little oppie on Union Rd in Ascot Vale (I love souvenir linen!!!), 4 Johnson Bros. dinner plates for $1 each BSL Moonee Ponds, a pot plant holder for $5 and a book about jewellery for $3 at BSL Brunswick. I like how all these things match :o)
 This little plastic folding tray was $1 from the Union Rd opshop (can't remember who runs it??)
 And then I got a heap of children's books! Vinnies at Ascot Vale had the best selection. Most opshops I went to charged me $1 each however the ones I got at BSL Brunswick were $3 each, so I was pretty choosy with the ones I bought from there. The puppets below were 50c from the Union Rd opshop and I think she threw in the hammer for free ;o)
On another note, I did some amazing garage sailing on the weekend! It must be the weather for it. My favourite find was a vintage fur stole for $5 in awesome condition. I'd seen some in vintage shops and even opshops before but they'd always been too expensive for me, but for $5 I felt I could indulge my retro glamour desire to own a fur. Also, the Fitzroy primary school has a great vintage/second hand market once a month that is really good! I stumbled across it on Saturday but didn't get a great deal of time to look around as it was near pack up time (most stall holders were willing to do deals though at this time) Worth looking into retro lovers!!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Brotherhood opshop Eltham update

Just because I haven't been posting anything here lately, it doesn't mean I haven't bought anything in that time! I just haven't got around to taking photos of my little bargains, and there hasn't been much of interest except to me. But I thought I would tell you what I picked up at our little shop today. A length of patchwork fabric which will come in handy with last minute hand made Xmas gifts. $3.50
Pretty little embroidered cloth, $5.
Ten Xmas cards, 10c each. I thought I had enough at home, but found I was short on cards when I was writing out the last of mine, so these came from our box of cards at the op shop. We get a lot of unused greeting cards, and they are popular with our regular shoppers.
Unusual silver bangle with elephant design. $3.
Book on crafting with felt. 70 cents.
Craft magazines, 10 cents each.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Tupperware Alert!

Hi all!
Just a quick note to let you all know about the motherlode of Tupperware and retro plastics I witnessed earlier today at Vinnie's Altona North (on Doherty's Rd).

There was Tupperware, Melmac, a couple of pieces of Bessemer.

I didn't look at all the prices, but a couple of the smaller Tupperware pieces were around the $5-$6 dollar mark - about what I've begun to expect lately.

I managed to resist as I already have a cupboard-full of sweet retro Tupperware that doesn't really get used. Instead I walked away with a nice vintage sheet ($4) and a couple of ancient, but unused, maths-grid exercise books for $1 each.

Picture a bit sideways I'm afraid! I also picked up an old barbie doll to make an angel for my Xmas tree, but she's a bit naked so I won't post her picture!

Hello! Thought I'd share today's finds with you all. 
These little pottery tea cups/pots?? were marked at $1 at Don Bosco on Sydney Road, but some items were half price today so they were only 50c. I love the glaze on these!
Also from Don Bosco were these leather ballet flats by RMK for only $3 and the knitting needles were $2 a pair from Savers. 
Pretty happy with today's purchases, I've been itching to do some opshopping lately, so feel much better now ;o)