Thursday, 20 December 2012

A bit Christmassy!

So here's a Barbie doll ($1.50 from Vinnies!) that I dressed up as an angel for my tree.
Her little robe is made from a satin pyjama top, bought from an oppie up in Sydney a while back.

And if that's not festive enough, check out this $1 Santa-on-sleigh!

From the same Vinnies, Altona North. The Christmas record in the background was also an opshop find. In fact, in this picture there are only two or three things that aren't from op shops! (My housemate is a serious opshopophile too).

Merry Christmas everyone! May the new year bring us loads of awesome bargains!



DIAN said...

I love the Barbie angel.

Happy Christmas.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Your one-dollar Santa is racing against time to reach his destination! Happy Christmas to you, SO many of my gifts this year are op-shopped or made by crafters too - doesn't it feel amazing? xo

Stella said...

Love that people think about buying second hand or making their own decorations. The oppy I volunteer in had mounds of decorations.

Chris Jeffery said...

A Barbie Angel? That is a good idea! Aside from Christmas, you can also use this as a design piece for other occasions. You can dress it up with a spooky costume for the Halloween, or doll it up during the 4th of July.