Friday, 21 December 2012

Dian's Table Challenge!

I have been thinking about what I might do to set the table for Christmas and was super inspired by Dian's lovely table of all op-shopped things! I found it a bit of a challenge as even though I have a fair bit of opshopped stuff, our main dinnerset and cutlery that we usually use were gifts, but I think I managed to put together a reasonably good looking opshop only table!

Most of the stuff was all purchased this year I think! (a nice reflection on the year as I think this is the 1000th post, Yay!) The top table is a bit of a pineapple theme with the napkin holder (sans napkins) and the pineapple dish of cherries, then in the second one I played around with using a raw silk scarf as a table runner down the middle. I think the colours go nicely together, sort of retro christmassy colours!  
Then I played around with this coffee and cake table setting (I really should have made a cake for the plate) I think it's a bit jungle looking, don't you? :o) 

It was really good fun putting together different settings. I think I might have a themed dinner party one day and set the table accordingly! Thanks for the inspiration Dian! :o) 

Merry Christmas!


DIAN said...

wow, I love these settings. I especially love the jungle/rainforest look.

The scarf makes a great table runner too.

So pleased to have had someone take up the idea.

There will just be 8 here for Christmas lunch so I am going to attempt an all op shop setting.

RobynJ said...

Well done. Looks great.

Lyndel said...

looks fantastic, thanks for getting this started Dian, maybe I'll get inspired over the weekend too!
My fav.would have to be the Rainforest one, sorry, but the brownish Johnson setting was the ones we had when I first met Vic, he bought the dinner set, some plastic canisters and a plastic breadbin all in that pattern when he arrived in Australia mid-1979. He fitted out his whole flat, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom in One shopping spree (probably at Target in the City) LOL. I saw enough of that pattern in our early years to steer clear of it now.

cookiecrumbs said...

looks great! Love that jungle tablecloth. Using a scarf as a table runner is a great idea! I am definitely going to try the opshopped table setting challenge too.