Monday, 3 December 2012

Tupperware Alert!

Hi all!
Just a quick note to let you all know about the motherlode of Tupperware and retro plastics I witnessed earlier today at Vinnie's Altona North (on Doherty's Rd).

There was Tupperware, Melmac, a couple of pieces of Bessemer.

I didn't look at all the prices, but a couple of the smaller Tupperware pieces were around the $5-$6 dollar mark - about what I've begun to expect lately.

I managed to resist as I already have a cupboard-full of sweet retro Tupperware that doesn't really get used. Instead I walked away with a nice vintage sheet ($4) and a couple of ancient, but unused, maths-grid exercise books for $1 each.

Picture a bit sideways I'm afraid! I also picked up an old barbie doll to make an angel for my Xmas tree, but she's a bit naked so I won't post her picture!


RobynJ said...

That gorgeous orange lidded cake container is circa 1976. I know because I had one. haha

mothertheresa said...

holy shamoly!! That is the best collection of vintage plasticware ever!! I think I may have to venture to Altona North tomorrow. I love all the colours! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Salvos Tyabb Road Mornington had stacks of old Tupperware on Saturday at really reasonable prices. Worth a look. Also a mower in great nick and 2 beautiful dining suites.

Kelly Wayne said...

Oh. My. Lordy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That find is absolutely golden! Look at those cannisters, look at those colours!!! How did you not want to buy it all? Kel :)

Anonymous said...

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