Friday, 29 June 2012

BSL Eltham today.

The shop was fairly quiet today, probably because of the cold wet weather. We only had a few donation drops, and our customers were mostly our Friday regulars, who I am getting to know on a first name basis - great fun! I wrote myself a reminder last night, to look for a cork board in the shop when I got there this morning. I looked, and I found one - exactly the right size, and for just $1! I want to make something that I saw on a craft blog this week: covering it with fabric, putting long pins into it, and hanging jewellery (pendants, bracelets, etc) from the pins.

(I bought these two pendants this morning - $2 each)

The girl whose idea it was explained that she had a lot of jewellery but didn't wear it much because it was in boxes and drawers, and she never had time to look for what she wanted to match an outfit. So she made up this corkboard to hang her favourite items where she can see them straight away without hunting for them. I can relate to that! LOL, sorry about the are my other goodies.

 A set of Aboriginal art design napkins.  I've got two tablecloths and an apron with Aboriginal art on them, so these will go perfectly.  $6.
 Bought this little book for Ken, as he is always asking me to send cards to his family and friends, but expects me to know the dates, which I don't!  So he can write them all in his own book now.  50c cents.
Beautiful Jim Thompson design Thai silk scarf, $2.

Great bargains

Hi all on this blustery Friday these are some latest finds Cardi from Salvos store in Boronia
I'm having dinner on Tues night with grandma so have to look snazzy this will look great over a brown top I'm going to wear. I bought the cardi for $5 there was a black one too in same style that I got. Necklace
Perfect to go with what I'm wearing for Granny also from the Boronia Salvos for $4 And this bargain find was from the Angliss opshop in Ferntree gully
I wanted a new pretty cover and found this queen sized one, loved the cottage feel to it. Sorry for the messy bed my cat jumped up to annoy me. I bought this for $2 Happy Friday

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hey fellow op shoppers! First time posting here but I've been following this blog for a while and really enjoy seeing other people's finds so finally decided it's time to contribute! I've got a pretty serious case of op shopping addiction, and while I know it's an addiction, I'm not looking for a cure. :) Anyway, this is a vintage coat I found a while ago. Actually got it for FREE because I pointed out that it had a bit of a velcro-like pull at the front. The op shop lady then declared: "Oh, well we can't sell it like that! You can have it for free if you like." Originally it had a $30 price tag on it so I was happy!
What do you guys think? Also, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in going op-shop-hopping every once in a while. It can get a little lonely trekking off alone and would be fun to be with people as crazy about op shopping as I am. Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading! I look forward to sharing some more of my finds. Yay! Chanee x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Finds in the South East

Hi all I'm new to the blog but I've been following for awhile just had to find something semi interesting to show off in my first post. I'm Jess, I'm 27 and love opshopping. Have done for years, I remember going with mum when I was a kid to the opshops to find bargains. I love opshopping that much I volunteer at the Salvos on Station st in Ferntree gully so if you want to see a friendly face I volunteer most Mondays 10am-2pm. I'd love to meet a fellow blogger here. So first off Family circle craft book from Salvos in Boronia for $2 Second is the best and cutest mug ever I have a thing for mugs and am growing a collection. Doesn't help I volunteer at an opshop haha The mug was also at Salvos in Boronia for $1 Mousemug details on inside of mug Third but not least is these two awesome pictures. I collect this sort of chinaware and was stoked when I bought these two for $5 each from Animal Aid in Croydon. Anyways thats it from me Happy Tuesday hope you enjoyed.

Shopping in the sunshine

After a few cold wet days, saturday sunshine inspired us to go for a long walk, we found a few treasures on the way.

First stop Vinnies Newport

Some vintage flannel $8 and some thread .50c ea to match

A couple of comics

Next stop St Marks Spotswood

A  handful of buttons $2, I am working on a button stash.....

By this time we need a well deserved break - coffee time :)

Then on our way back home via the Greek Orthodox shop on Melbourne Rd

Toddler was the first to find something special, well a few things actually

.50 each

An that button stash was helped along considerably by this big tub of buttons for $5

What a great way to spend a sunny morning :)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

BSL Eltham.

My finds in the last week or so...The two framed cross stitch pictures are not mine....yet. One of the volunteers put them out for $5, but the manager and I said that wasn't enough, and she priced them up to $25. I am so tempted, but I have more than enough of my own craft work on our walls, and just don't have the space for these. But they are beautiful.

This lambswood Rivers jacket was $6.  It was so cold on Friday, I paid for it, took the price tag off, and wore it out of the shop.  Lovely and cosy!  I've got a red fleece jacket at home that will be coming into the shop next week.

Dolphin pendant $3.  The camera just couldn't pick out the stone; it is that NZ shell.
Book on birds for hubby - $8.
Paperback, 70 cents

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New to Melbourne!

Hi guys! Long time op shopper, first time poster. I've just moved to Melbourne (from Sydney) and have been having a great time hitting the local op shops with my other half.
Last weekend we went to our local Vinnie's (I think it's Laverton, my geography is not so great yet!), where I found a really nice black dress for $7. Not a great picture, but it has a cowl neck, gored skirt and an under-bust belt/tie thingy.

Now, unfortunately I have no clue of the suburb of the ones we went to next. There was a Vinnie's (which we found out is now open on Sundays - hooray!) where I scored a date loaf tin ($4) and a floral pillowslip (50c). I collect pillowslips with older floral patterns - not necessarily 'vintage' - with the vague intention of someday making a patchwork quilt out of them.

Around the corner from here was another op shop, one of the most organised I have ever seen! Other Half found himself a very retro velour dressing gown (pictured below) and I found some plastic curtain rings, perfect for this little project I'd had in mind.

Then we went to Spotswood, and again I have to apologise because I can't remember the names of these shops! We found these great vintage sheets in the first one ($8, 2 double flat sheets in great condition) and in the second I found these delightful retro costume patterns which I think have never even been out of the packet, and a skinny pants pattern (I think these were $1 each - I really should write this stuff down!) Other Half loved this little book of nail & thread art ($4)so we had to have that too.

I'm going to go earn some discount points at Savers this week so will have some more to blog on soon!

New op shop opens next Friday!

Dropping in to the Sacred Heart Mission op shop on Glenferrie Road corner the other day, I found many treasures (which I will post about another time) - and I also found this.
Get excited!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

I can't resist shoes

The Rotory Op Shop in Canterbury Rd , Blackburn South had these little shoes and they looked like they had never been worn. "What a bargain" , I thought !  When I got them home I took  a good look and the heels are different colours - one black and the other grey but I'll still wear them.
These shoes are so kind to my poor feet which are mainly sore from spending so much time in op shops. They are from the Salvation Army in camberwell and cost $10.


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Brotherhood Shop again.

Just can't keep away from it! I had a heap of stuff in my car boot that I wanted to drop off at the shop, and didn't want to wait until Friday, so I went in on Monday. Just happened to see a few interesting bits.... this shoulder bag for $2. I do NOT need another bag, but I have so many clothes in these teal/turquoise shades, it was plain silly not to have a bag to match them all.

As I said, I don't need another bag, but this is such a nice neutral colour that will go with just about anything (except the teal clothes mentioned above), and it is a neat size - $3.

This unusual notebook is made from wood - even the chook on the front. The paper inside is of two colours. Very different but for $2 I'm sure I'll find a use.

Little wooden carved owl for 50 cents has a loving home with my other owls!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Friday at Eltham BSL.

I do not collect china or ceramics, but now and then I see things that I can't resist. Things with cats, peacocks, chooks, teacups and teapots come to mind. Ken has threatened to leave me if I bring home any more plates and trays, so the orange platter on my last post here was rapidly washed and hidden away behind some other plates. He didn't mention cups and saucers though, so I figured it was safe to bring these home. They are now up on a shelf in full view, and he hasn't said a word, but I did take another set away to make room for these, so maybe he hasn't noticed. I don't think so! I did tell him that whenever I bring something home for the kitchen, I'll take something else back to the opshop, and that is exactly what I've done. I've packed a dozen cup and saucer sets in a box to take to the op shop next week; they were mostly the vintage 'pretty floral' type, and I rarely used them, so they won't be missed. Now, these will definitely be used! And what a bargain - 30c for each cup and each saucer - $3.60 for a six piece setting!

I found some more fabric in our manchester box...two metres for $5.
And our manager found this in a bag of donations and knowing my love of chooks, put it aside for me before anyone else saw it!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hello! It's been a while since my last post as I've been quite busy and unfortunately had no time for opshopping :o( Thankfully I managed to squeeze in a quick trip on my way home today. I feel much better! 
 This cool t-shirt was $1

 Retro sunnies from West Germany $3, Earrings 50c, orange cotton fabric 50c.

Crazy retro velour jacket $4 

Angry Kitty mug - free!

Some old postcards that I'm going to send to my brother - $1

and this cute cat and mouse game that I only bought because of the colours!! I think I might use them to decorate something. Don't ask me what though ;o)

All in all a good day! 

Angelic Find

Whilst visiting my local Salvos I found this uninteresting box marked $3.50.
Just as well I am a sticky beak because inside I found, not bathroom accessories, but angels.
I have a thing for angels so these girls were not going to be left behind.  They will join my heavenly host for Christmas.

PS I am from Sydney and the Salvos was in Seven Hills.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Just as well I was asked to fill in at the BSL on Monday afternoon for another volunteer off sick. Otherwise I wouldn't have seen these: Stunning ceramic platter for $6.

Two bundles of lace for 50c each and some iron-on bling for patchwork (20c each)

Denim coin purse 50c.

Aboriginal art tote bag - free. (somebody left some donations in this, and didn't want the bag back).

Gorgeous vintage supper cloth $3.

Today I was over at Malvern and came home via Ashburton to visit some of those great oppies. At The Ashburton Community shop I found some great fabrics - two decent lengths of cotton fabric for $4 each, a smaller piece of blue cotton fabric for 50c and a length of wadding for $2.

At the Salvos near Warrigal Road I found some Blue Wrens wrapping paper for $1, two vintage doilies for $1 and 50c, and a five drawer file thingy which (going by the labels) someone had used for their household bills, but it will be perfect for some of my craft supplies - $5!!