Sunday, 10 June 2012

Friday at Eltham BSL.

I do not collect china or ceramics, but now and then I see things that I can't resist. Things with cats, peacocks, chooks, teacups and teapots come to mind. Ken has threatened to leave me if I bring home any more plates and trays, so the orange platter on my last post here was rapidly washed and hidden away behind some other plates. He didn't mention cups and saucers though, so I figured it was safe to bring these home. They are now up on a shelf in full view, and he hasn't said a word, but I did take another set away to make room for these, so maybe he hasn't noticed. I don't think so! I did tell him that whenever I bring something home for the kitchen, I'll take something else back to the opshop, and that is exactly what I've done. I've packed a dozen cup and saucer sets in a box to take to the op shop next week; they were mostly the vintage 'pretty floral' type, and I rarely used them, so they won't be missed. Now, these will definitely be used! And what a bargain - 30c for each cup and each saucer - $3.60 for a six piece setting!

I found some more fabric in our manchester box...two metres for $5.
And our manager found this in a bag of donations and knowing my love of chooks, put it aside for me before anyone else saw it!


FrolickingFroggy said...

I love that flower fabric - gorgeous.

Ha, I first thought the chooks on the chook fabric were riding escalators, and then I realised it was corn.

Anonymous said...

I think we'd have fun Op Shopping together. I love those fabrics!
Thanks for the comment on my blog.I have some gorgeous scarves.They are so beautiful, I sometimes hate to cut them up. My mum has drawers stuffed with scarveas, and we have tio go through them every bnow and then. That's how I get them. Trouble is mum says yes keep...and we hardly cull any.We have to be quite tough!I know I'll keep finding more lovely ones, so Mum lives with the regular culls.

Mystica said...

That "crab claw" fabric is so gorgeous. Never seen anything like that.