Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday at BSL Eltham.

When I arrive at our opshop for work on Friday mornings, I have a quick scan around to see what's new. Funny thing is I rarely find anything straight away; it is often when a customer comes up to pay for something they have discovered, that I go and have a closer look at the shelves. Today a man bought a stack of videos he'd found on the shelf, and was so pleased to find they were only 50c each. After he left, I went over to see what else was there, and found a heap of comedy videos; someone must have had a big cleanout of them after replacing them on DVD maybe? But I bought the lot! Five Mr Bean, one very old Charlie Chaplin doco, and one of The Two Ronnies. Lots of laughs coming up at our place over the next few weeks!

I also found some more gingham (I use a lot of this in my patchworks) for $3.50, a pair of dark green track pants which fit perfectly, $7. And this tiny little pack of cards for $1. I am a sucker for miniatures of anything!

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Joe said...

New op shop open at corner of Centre Road and Wheatley Road Bentleigh.