Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday Adventures

I had the day off today so my husband Rene and I went Op Shopping, of course.

We managed to get to 6 shops before declaring it a day.

1. Vinnies in Mont Albert - Bought a beautiful doily embroidered with a budgerigar, which I am going to give as a surprise gift to a fellow OpShopper
2. Kindilan Society Op Shop, Mont Albert - Rene bought a old book for $2 and a navy blue spray jacket to wear when he walks the dogs for $5
3. Salvo's, Ashwoood - bit disappointing - a big fat zero here.
4. Ashburton Support Services Op Shop, Ashburton - we missed their 'Garage Sale' this morning - first Friday of the month, but got some great things anyhow.  I bought an oval doily for $4, a large red ceramic platter for $7 and 2 matching dip bowls and 2 othersmall bowls.  They had almost a complete red dinnerset, with rectangle platters, normal plates etc. - all up I spent $21
5. Vinnies, Ashburton - Rene bought an old book by Winston Churchill for $2
6. Epilepsy Op Shop, Blackburn - I found a lovely cross stitched table runner, a queen sized quilt cover and 2 pillowcases for $5 and a Lindt mug with gold bunnies for my daughters hot chocolate for $2 and Rene found an old book on Electricity.

We also stopped off at the NQR supermarket/store in Ashburton and picked up tons of great specials.

All in all a good day.


Gina E. said...

You are so lucky to have a hubby who likes to go opshopping with you, Silvia! You did well today. I love that strip in Ashburton; I only get there once or twice a month, after my volunteer duties at the Embroiderers Guild in Malvern. High Street is on my way home.
Gorgeous little budgie doiley!

Silvia said...

I'm glad you like that doiley - I bought it for YOU! I couldn't resist after seeing the budgie doileys on your blog this morning. I also saw a beautiful matching set that I thought you might like at the Vinnies in Mont Albert - it's a set of 4 embroidered oval placemats, 4 round side plate mats and a larger oval shaped one for the centre of the table. They were pretty expensive, I think $5 each for the smaller ones, but you might be able to do a deal if you bought the lot.