Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hey fellow op shoppers! First time posting here but I've been following this blog for a while and really enjoy seeing other people's finds so finally decided it's time to contribute! I've got a pretty serious case of op shopping addiction, and while I know it's an addiction, I'm not looking for a cure. :) Anyway, this is a vintage coat I found a while ago. Actually got it for FREE because I pointed out that it had a bit of a velcro-like pull at the front. The op shop lady then declared: "Oh, well we can't sell it like that! You can have it for free if you like." Originally it had a $30 price tag on it so I was happy!
What do you guys think? Also, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in going op-shop-hopping every once in a while. It can get a little lonely trekking off alone and would be fun to be with people as crazy about op shopping as I am. Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading! I look forward to sharing some more of my finds. Yay! Chanee x


Asa-Marie said...

Hi Chanee, the jacket is such a great find! I have to admit, I have fallen for op shopping just as much as you have. To add to my crimes I can't pretend that I'm not thoroughly guilty of pointing out a stain or tear and reveling with merriment and rejoicing when I get a discount, oh and free - it's my favourite word! So I would love to take you up on your offer of opping along...only I shall have to wait until I find myself a new job...

Anonymous said...

Hi Asa-Marie!
Thanks for your comment. Haha, glad I'm not the only one who points out faults - but hey, it works! And when you're living on a budget...
I'm also looking for a job now (fun stuff) so totally understand, but somehow I can still justify op shopping. Or maybe I just can't live without it? Probably the latter in my case.
Anyway, an op shopping outing would be great at some point!
All the best,
chanee x

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder that op shop profits support charities. You're always getting a bargain. So you might delight in getting something "free" but you're actually ripping the charity off. Sleep well.

Gina E. said...

Hi Chanee,
I would LOVE to go opshopping with you - whereabouts are you? If you've been reading this blog for a while, you will have figured out that I live in Eltham and work in our local BSL opshop. I had a run of fun trawls with Frolicking Froggy, but she now has a full time job, so our opping has come to an end.
Love that coat, and although ANON has got a valid point, it isn't your fault that the saleswoman gave it to you. We throw out HEAPS of clothes that are grubby or slightly faulty, that we could probably put in a bin outside the shop with a Take It For Free sign, but I doubt if the other shops in the arcade would be too pleased!

Yarraville mum said...

Gina, you are a lovely soul. My thoughts exactly… At least that jacket is appreciated and it is not turning into landfill! So much stuff is thrown out because our expectation of what is acceptable is probably a bit too fancy for the planet. The fun in op shopping is that it’s a bit of a lucky dip, sometimes you pay a little too much for something you really want, and other times you buy something you don’t really need ‘cos it’s the “right” price. Sometimes the op shop is so inundated with stuff that it just wants you to take some of it away! However, the important thing is, welcome to the blog Chanee and I look forward to reading about your next op shopping adventure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina and Yarraville mum,

Thanks for your comments. Gina, I'm based in St Kilda so a little far from Eltham but perhaps still doable?

As for anon's comment, while I do see where she is coming from, I personally don't think there's anything wrong with taking something that would have been thrown out anyway. And which experienced op shopper DOESN'T delight in something free?

But each to their own.



powercarol said...

I am also getting a little lonely when I go for my usual Sat op shopping at Brighton and Windsor respectively. Tomorrow I will spend whole day @ Brighton and Windsor again. Does anyone want to join me?


Stella said...

I never get lonely when I go opshopping. I see where anon is coming from too but agree with Yarraville Mum - there is SO much stuff out there sometimes I do think it would be best to give it all away. I love an op-shop bargain but I happily do my bit for charity. I volunteer at my local oppy, I give money and I'm very mindful of the customers who need the charity more than others. There are times where I have paid more than the advertised price because I can clearly see it's worth more. And this is not just for clothes. I try not to buy new at all - as one day it will all be landfill. I love and promotion of a bargain is not gleeful boasting but more of a promotion of the wonderful world of op-shopping. This blog is about promoting that.

Gina E. said...

Carol I would love to join you in Brighton and Windsor, but I'm afraid weekends are out for me, as it is the only time I have with my husband (he works full time). I guess you work too, huh?
PS Waves to Yarraville are a bit far from me too, lol!