Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Shopping in the sunshine

After a few cold wet days, saturday sunshine inspired us to go for a long walk, we found a few treasures on the way.

First stop Vinnies Newport

Some vintage flannel $8 and some thread .50c ea to match

A couple of comics

Next stop St Marks Spotswood

A  handful of buttons $2, I am working on a button stash.....

By this time we need a well deserved break - coffee time :)

Then on our way back home via the Greek Orthodox shop on Melbourne Rd

Toddler was the first to find something special, well a few things actually

.50 each

An that button stash was helped along considerably by this big tub of buttons for $5

What a great way to spend a sunny morning :)


Textile Tragic said...

Wow! I think that definitely qualifies as a button stash. I love buttons--have fun with them.

Kitiya Palaskas said...

Those buttons! Great finds!

RobynJ said...

oooo lovely buttons

cookiecrumbs said...

Haha - I picked up that floral flannel on Saturday but decided I already had too much fabric in my stash! Have fun with it. Good find on the bucket of buttons too!

Tash said...

The buttons really made my day - such a great find!
I probably didn't need the flannel but I love the print, no plans for it just yet, so funny that you picked it up.....you know where it is if you need it ;)