Wednesday, 27 May 2009

this weeks finds

donkey fabric in two colours

thorburns mammals with some wonderful illustrations

salt and pepper shakers. no stamp or makers mark but i thought the birds were nice.

1970's dickies tea towel.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I scored The Needlworker's Dictionary at the Dandenong Savers for $5.99. It's a lovely book, great illustrations, and a few pages of private correspondence tucked into the back as a bonus (I'm an inveterate stickybeak). I especially like the squirrel and bird pictured below.

Discovering Needlecraft came from an op shop in Sandringham a year or two ago. It is (or was) a monthly magazine on stitching, and came with a little project of aida cloth, threads, needle and pattern. There are 40-some issues here, most with their stitching project intact. Some day I'll tackle them! It didn't have a price on it, and when the lady at the counter said fifty cents an issue or the lot for $5, I couldn't get my money out fast enough :)

Sunday, 24 May 2009

It doesn't matter if these break!

We have a friend who breaks things when he drinks. Chairs, flower pots, shoes (don't ask me how, it's a mystery!) and of course, wine glasses. I looked in the cupboard the other day and saw a measly three glasses left.

So I took myself off to the Sacred Heart Mission op shop on Clarendon St, South Melbourne and scored these glasses for only $1 each. Now our friend can break as many as he likes!

While I was there, I couldn't resist picking up these Mossimo heels for only $10. They're in fabulous condition and a perfect fit. And with a cute, furry leopard print lining on the inside to boot!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Brotherhood of St.L.

I went for a walk today with a friend, and we ended up at our local opshop - small but interesting. I found four more ties (75c but the lady only charged me 50c) for my collection waiting to be used for a patchwork something (dream on). Three different tartans to go with another tartan tie I found there a disillusioned Scotsman walking around Melbourne? The blue tie on the left with "Rainbow" on it is a company tie of some sort, but I liked it anyway.

A stunning scarf ($3) which has a label claiming to be made in France

And an interesting thingy that was in with the jewellery - $3. It has a tassell attached to it, so I don't really think it could be a pendant, but who knows? I'm not sure what I'll do with it. The Thingy is lying on a folded sheet of iron-on backing fabric used in patchwork - 50c - bargain! That stuff is expensive!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

picked up the little strainer - at least thats what i think it is today for $4. the jan messant wool'n magic book i picked up for $1 and will be making its way to a friend in the UK. the head vase cost me $10. vintage repro of the ones that were made in the 30's and 40's. any ideas?
the little table cloth is lovely with its embroidered daffodils. one of my favourite flowers. $2

Melbourne bloggers meet

This is not strictly an op shop-related post - apologies - but I wanted to let all who participate here know that there is a Melbourne bloggers meet on Sunday 31st May. All the details are here - perhaps a great opportunity to meet some fellow op shoppers and plan your next shopping spree?

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Thank God for the Salvos! more ways than one!! I've decided they are the best opshops around. Over my side of town, anyway. The one I have been visiting several days a week lately (because I drive past it on my way home from work) is in Doncaster Road, Doncaster. They seem to have a huge turnover, as everytime I go there, the displays have changed. It is no use going in, seeing something you like, and going back a week later - it will be gone! A week ago, I bought a pile of patchwork magazines, and left a bigger pile behind. Last Friday I went over to the books section and there were more patchwork mags - but not the ones I'd left behind - they'd gone. This was another lot! The girl behind the counter said they fly out the door whenever they get them in. Here is my Friday stash:

Gorgeous ties!! Just look at those colours, and most of them are pure silk. I buy them to use in patchwork projects because they are so cheap and colourful. $3 each.

Some of the above mentioned patchwork mags, along with some Mills & Boons by MIL's favourite author, Betty Neels. MIL has got a lot of time to read now, she is in aged care accomodation. Mags. $1 each, books 50c each.

Told you I love chooks! Couldn't leave this au gratin dish behind now, could I? $3.99 (well, $4 really. Why do shops persist with this 99c bllsht?)

Saturday, 16 May 2009

scarves, shawls and wraps..

Whatever you call them, scarves, shawls, wraps... this is a selection of our collection. They are so great for instantly adding a bit of life to an ordinary outfit.
They've come from various op shops, including the Salvos in Abbotsford, St James Op Shop in Malvern and the Salvos in Richmond.

Come and say hello at

More Recent Finds

A herb chopping thingy - $3.50. CMS Opportunity Shop, cnr. High & Pakington sts, Kew. (With superbly matching egg cups from an op shop in Narooma, NSW - $0.10 each!)

Evening bag - $15. Toorak Opportunity Shop, Canterbury Rd, Toorak.
Bit hard to date, but perhaps 60s? Any suggestions? It's marked 'Made in Spain Fortnum & Mason Gift Dept.' I just love the wee details like the covered button, the interior stitching and the coin purse and its chain.
Mikasa Sugar Bowl - $3. Vinnies, Johnston St, Collingwood.
Cake tin - $4. Vinnies, High St, Kew East.
After reading Adelle's post I trotted out to Yours Now Mine in Greythorn, Doncaster Road - didn't know it existed - and they happened to be having a 1/2 price day. Vase - $4. So, thanks Adelle!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

apron and fabric

the only 2 things i have managed to pick up of late. poodle apron which needed a good soak in napisan as it was quite yellow down the front and the pink floral fabric. about 1/2 metre.

I've been everywhere, man!

Hi hi!
Trish from Trish Hunter Finds here.
So today was my day off.
I decided to take off on a massive opshopping binge, and do the eastern suburbs.
I used to frequent these spots, and would come home with garbage bags full of things, so today I was very excited.
I planned my route. I'm a big planner, it's half the fun!
Traveling via public transport, this is where I went.

Home > Greensborough > Box Hill > Ringwood > Lilydale > Croydon > Ringwood > Bayswater > Ferntree Gully > Box Hill > Greensborough.

Big day.
All together I went to 21 opshops.
Who would have thought that was even physically possible in one day, never mind adding the whole public transport element to it.
I bet you're pretty keen to see what I picked up!
Would you believe me if I told you that I bought absolutely nothing?
Well nothing for me anyway. I bought a costume for work but that's not included.
I got back to Greensborough feeling very sorry for myself, so reverted to Savers to try to remove the pout that had stuck pretty firmly to my face.
I didn't buy much, but at least I got a couple of things.

I'm always on the look out for these cute, or in this case kind of scary, plastic toys. Deb from Angel Wings and Hearts seems to pick them up like they're as common as 'Scream' on VHS is.
I'm always very very jealous!! I was oh so excited when I found this guy.

Another set of scales. I don't have a set like this though.
These are to be mounted onto a wall, and the cover flips down to become the (not sure of word) plate?

This bath robe is fabulous! It's new vintage, and so cute I just adore it.

I also got a pair of bathers and a black dress that was torture to photograph so I'm just going to wear it and show you then... well the dress anyway.

I really had no need to venture out of my territory today.
I guess I can tell myself that if I hadn't have gone, I wouldn't have known.
A large grudge is being held against the eastern suburbs and I don't see it budging for quite some time.

Oh and Lilydale!! My favorite opshop there now has a dealer from Camberwell come down to price all of their stock. They have some really great items, but they're at just below antique shop prices. Not a bargain in site.

Oh well!!

That was my day!

Feel free to visit my personal blog to view the rest of my finds!
Trish Hunter Finds

Monday, 11 May 2009

A few odds and ends.

I mentioned on a previous post that I'd bought some ties. If you bring them closeup you will see that the first one has elephants, the second dogs, and the third fish. And why do I want them? I use them for crazy quilting and patchwork. I have some neat patterns of things to make with ties - tote bags, skirts, aprons, just about anything really.

Having an interest in calligraphy, I snapped this scarf up - the design is based on a famous calligraphic work of art.

Found this old book (cc 1960) on Tartans at the back of an antique market. It is fascinating reading, if like me, you are interested in Tartans.
Hello. I am a new girl. Can someone show me where the tuckshop is?

I do most of my op-shopping at The Brotherhood of St Lawrence (12a High St, Northcote) because I don’t have a car and can walk there. Although I do sometimes go hunting with Zigsma, who has a far better eye for knickknackery than I (as can be seen from the post below). I’m usually looking for clothes.

So, some recent acquisitions:

Lovely 70s cape thing. It had a matching dress which didn’t fit me.

Red and white top with a jaunty nautical flavour.

Spotty shirt with bonus frills!

Ancient Miss Selfridges clingy dress.

I usually don’t like ballet flats (girlish without being feminine, a friend once remarked), but these rather appealed to me. I think it was the spots.

70s vinyl slips ons. They’re too high and uncomfortable to wear out, but I prance around the house with them.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Recent Finds

Card games: Golden Egg, Happy Families and Donkey - $0.50 x 3. One of my mostest favouritest op shops, Mental Illness Fellowship of Victoria, High St, Kew East.
Basket for my son's cars - $2; vase - $3; four Figgjo egg cups - $9; proper cup of coffee from a proper spankingly shiny Kontessa coffee pot - $15. All from Salvos, Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn.
A pinch of salt. Mental Illness Fellowship of Victoria, Kew East - $3.50.

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Vinnies, Auburn Rd, Hawthorn - $5.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Ever Colourful Salvation Army

Look at this skirt! I haven't worn it yet.. but look how mermaidish it is! I think it's brilliant. It had an original price tag of $365 - not sure how accurate that was tho. Anyhoo, I paid a humble $24. Hmm.. I need to find somewhere appropriate to wear it....
Salvation Army
42 Victoria Street Richmond, VIC 3121

Another Salvos find... my somewhere over the rainbow scarf.... $7.
81 Victoria Crescent Abbotsford, VIC 3067 (03) 9419 7410

More colourful finds at my colourful blog Come and say hi.

some things i got today

for the grand sum of $4. pincushion cup. some lovely laces. gorgeous little blue lace flowers and some pyrex salt and pepper shakers. oh and a little crystal salt shaker which i will use as a vase.