Wednesday, 27 May 2009

this weeks finds

donkey fabric in two colours

thorburns mammals with some wonderful illustrations

salt and pepper shakers. no stamp or makers mark but i thought the birds were nice.

1970's dickies tea towel.


REread said...

the little shakers look a bit Swedish... great find

Gina E. said...

Cute fabric, great retro teatowel, wonderful book...could it be valuable? It looks old.
I like the S & P shakers too, but I like the cloth under them even better. Is that another opshop buy?

andrea said...

cute prints

Pam said...

Oh I LOVE that book-and it's my name too

angel wings and hearts said...

REread: i thought perhaps swedish as well or nordic.

Gina : the book is a reprint of an old book hence the beautiful reproduced prints. that cloth was an op shop buy. two beautifully worked cherubs inserted into a plain cotton runner. i don't think it is vintage tho. i am not an expert so can't really tell.

andrea: thanks!

Pam: any relation? lol.

fortheloveofthrift said...

Oh those shakers are so sweet! I love them! I have a bad case of thrift envy! And the donkey fabric - what a find!

By the way is Op shopping what Ozzies call thrift shopping or charity shopping?

danielle said...

that donkey fabric is just too cute! lucky you!!

angel wings and hearts said...

for the love of thrift: yes it is what we aussies call thrift shopping or charity shopping. :)