Monday, 11 May 2009

A few odds and ends.

I mentioned on a previous post that I'd bought some ties. If you bring them closeup you will see that the first one has elephants, the second dogs, and the third fish. And why do I want them? I use them for crazy quilting and patchwork. I have some neat patterns of things to make with ties - tote bags, skirts, aprons, just about anything really.

Having an interest in calligraphy, I snapped this scarf up - the design is based on a famous calligraphic work of art.

Found this old book (cc 1960) on Tartans at the back of an antique market. It is fascinating reading, if like me, you are interested in Tartans.


zigsma said...

The scarf is lovely - looks like Book of Kells. Is it silk?

Gina E. said...

You're spot on, Zigsma - it is the Book Of Kells. I don't know if it is silk - I doubt it, as I put it through the washing machine and it emerged unscathed! Probably synthetic of some kind.