Sunday, 17 May 2009

Thank God for the Salvos! more ways than one!! I've decided they are the best opshops around. Over my side of town, anyway. The one I have been visiting several days a week lately (because I drive past it on my way home from work) is in Doncaster Road, Doncaster. They seem to have a huge turnover, as everytime I go there, the displays have changed. It is no use going in, seeing something you like, and going back a week later - it will be gone! A week ago, I bought a pile of patchwork magazines, and left a bigger pile behind. Last Friday I went over to the books section and there were more patchwork mags - but not the ones I'd left behind - they'd gone. This was another lot! The girl behind the counter said they fly out the door whenever they get them in. Here is my Friday stash:

Gorgeous ties!! Just look at those colours, and most of them are pure silk. I buy them to use in patchwork projects because they are so cheap and colourful. $3 each.

Some of the above mentioned patchwork mags, along with some Mills & Boons by MIL's favourite author, Betty Neels. MIL has got a lot of time to read now, she is in aged care accomodation. Mags. $1 each, books 50c each.

Told you I love chooks! Couldn't leave this au gratin dish behind now, could I? $3.99 (well, $4 really. Why do shops persist with this 99c bllsht?)