Friday, 22 May 2009

Brotherhood of St.L.

I went for a walk today with a friend, and we ended up at our local opshop - small but interesting. I found four more ties (75c but the lady only charged me 50c) for my collection waiting to be used for a patchwork something (dream on). Three different tartans to go with another tartan tie I found there a disillusioned Scotsman walking around Melbourne? The blue tie on the left with "Rainbow" on it is a company tie of some sort, but I liked it anyway.

A stunning scarf ($3) which has a label claiming to be made in France

And an interesting thingy that was in with the jewellery - $3. It has a tassell attached to it, so I don't really think it could be a pendant, but who knows? I'm not sure what I'll do with it. The Thingy is lying on a folded sheet of iron-on backing fabric used in patchwork - 50c - bargain! That stuff is expensive!


Bizarre Quilter said...

I would use the tasselly thingy as a zipper pull on a bag.


Gina E. said...

That's a good idea!

Lee-Anne said...

I'm almost a year too late, however the tasselly thing looks like a 'hamsa' (jewish) or 'hand of fatima' (islamic). In a nutshel, it's a good luck charm that protects the bearer from the evil eye :) how did you end up using it?