Monday, 11 May 2009

Hello. I am a new girl. Can someone show me where the tuckshop is?

I do most of my op-shopping at The Brotherhood of St Lawrence (12a High St, Northcote) because I don’t have a car and can walk there. Although I do sometimes go hunting with Zigsma, who has a far better eye for knickknackery than I (as can be seen from the post below). I’m usually looking for clothes.

So, some recent acquisitions:

Lovely 70s cape thing. It had a matching dress which didn’t fit me.

Red and white top with a jaunty nautical flavour.

Spotty shirt with bonus frills!

Ancient Miss Selfridges clingy dress.

I usually don’t like ballet flats (girlish without being feminine, a friend once remarked), but these rather appealed to me. I think it was the spots.

70s vinyl slips ons. They’re too high and uncomfortable to wear out, but I prance around the house with them.


Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh yes, I like the spotty blouse and the green shoes.. they are not really ballet flats,they look like more of your foot is inside them than out of them!!


Gina E. said...

You've done well! The black dress looks very similar to one that I bought when I first started dating my husband, 30-something years ago. My dress came with a red fabric rose sewn on to the middle of the neckline - very Spanish flamenco looking!

Anonymous said...

I wear ballet flats. So did Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte
Bardot. Girlish without being feminine?

Cravings Frocks said...

Good op shopping! I usually do the mental health op shop at the other end of High St Northcote, but I've been meaning to get down to St Loz some day. There's also the Salvos one at the top of the hill, a bit off High St, but it's only open Thursdays.

I'm new to craft blogging. I've got a making-friends giveaway on my blog this week if you'd like to check it out. :-)

Joanne said...

Nice finds. But I was a bit distracted with one of the photos. Am I the only one that can see a skeletal forearm and hand coming out of the sleeve of the red striped sweater? (Its just the grain on the fence but I had to look twice).
P.S. I'm a socks-in-the-house person but imagining prancing around in those blue shoes made me smile!

Miss Schlegel said...

Please anon, I meant no offense to the ballerinas of this world – it's merely a passing personal preference.

Gina — thanks for the tip! A red rose would be perfect.

Joanne — well spotted. My fence is haunted, and the ghost of the fence is always trying on my damn clothes!

Paul Perry said...

Gina, I'm in Northcote as well - and I can't drive, so I'm public transport (or pedestrian)op shopper too.
The 86 tram makes it easy - going north you have the Epic, then further north the St Vincents.

And going toward the city, there is the Sallys just past officeworks in Smith St, the St Marks just over Johnson St on the other side, plus you can walk down the hill along Johnson St to the Vinnies.

Beyond that, the options are to get the bus on Johnson St and either go to Carlton (Yoralla at Carlton, just past Rathdowne St) or if you went the opposite direction - and caught the RIGHT bus - all of Kew is your oyster.

Tehr is a good Sallys at Preston, I take the tram north, get off at the stop past the tram depot, then walk downhill to High St (5 mins). If I have too much to carry after shopping, I get the bus down High St back to the meet the tram where it branches off High St (obvious with the Melways).

If you ever have time on your hands, get the 86 north to Murray Rd & catch the 903 Smart Bus - it curs a swathe through key op shiopping zones, Heidelberg, Box Hill, Oakleigh and finally Moorabbin.