Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Jigsaw puzzles anyone!!!!!

Murrumbeena Lions Op Shop have a lot of Jigsaw puzzles at the moment if you are in to them.
Also trying to find the person who said their friend was taking some stuff to Camberwell market last weekend to sell on stall 58. I couldn''t make it there so I wanted to know if there was any stuff left over. Please leave me a message on my blog.
Also the Lions Op Shop has a great selection of books, in the little shop they have next door they have lots of Shakespeare Plays, some photography books, advertising texts, always interesting browsing. Also anyone who's into Retro should check out the auction at The Collector Auction House this Thursday starting at 6:00pm. ('. Not really Op shop action but of interest to retro addicts.
I have now taken The Posh Opp Shop of my list of stores to visit. Prices are unbeliveable and unfortunately the staff are well...rude. No such thing as a friendly chat like you get at most Op shops. Perhaps they just dont like the look of me but I dont think thats it.
Have fun opping. (In Australia we Op)


Gina E. said...

LOL, I can relate to your last comments. Not about the Posh shop, but another one I used to go to, but stopped because the staff looked down their noses at me too. I think it was because this shop is in Warrandyte and I'm not a "LOCAL"..whoo hoo.

Anonymous said...

The Posh Op shop is off my list too, the prices are a joke, there is a 2nd hand book shop on Glenhuntly Rd that has cheaper books, and the kids clothes, do they think it is an up-market boutique? And rude, that is putting it nicely! It's no wonder they have so much stock.

adelle said...

Oooh I agree about the posh opp shop! I went there a couple of times and I just hate being in there. Ugh.