Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I've been everywhere, man!

Hi hi!
Trish from Trish Hunter Finds here.
So today was my day off.
I decided to take off on a massive opshopping binge, and do the eastern suburbs.
I used to frequent these spots, and would come home with garbage bags full of things, so today I was very excited.
I planned my route. I'm a big planner, it's half the fun!
Traveling via public transport, this is where I went.

Home > Greensborough > Box Hill > Ringwood > Lilydale > Croydon > Ringwood > Bayswater > Ferntree Gully > Box Hill > Greensborough.

Big day.
All together I went to 21 opshops.
Who would have thought that was even physically possible in one day, never mind adding the whole public transport element to it.
I bet you're pretty keen to see what I picked up!
Would you believe me if I told you that I bought absolutely nothing?
Well nothing for me anyway. I bought a costume for work but that's not included.
I got back to Greensborough feeling very sorry for myself, so reverted to Savers to try to remove the pout that had stuck pretty firmly to my face.
I didn't buy much, but at least I got a couple of things.

I'm always on the look out for these cute, or in this case kind of scary, plastic toys. Deb from Angel Wings and Hearts seems to pick them up like they're as common as 'Scream' on VHS is.
I'm always very very jealous!! I was oh so excited when I found this guy.

Another set of scales. I don't have a set like this though.
These are to be mounted onto a wall, and the cover flips down to become the (not sure of word) plate?

This bath robe is fabulous! It's new vintage, and so cute I just adore it.

I also got a pair of bathers and a black dress that was torture to photograph so I'm just going to wear it and show you then... well the dress anyway.

I really had no need to venture out of my territory today.
I guess I can tell myself that if I hadn't have gone, I wouldn't have known.
A large grudge is being held against the eastern suburbs and I don't see it budging for quite some time.

Oh and Lilydale!! My favorite opshop there now has a dealer from Camberwell come down to price all of their stock. They have some really great items, but they're at just below antique shop prices. Not a bargain in site.

Oh well!!

That was my day!

Feel free to visit my personal blog to view the rest of my finds!
Trish Hunter Finds


angel wings and hearts said...

ha ha. trish i saw this little fellow but his colours were a bit bright for me. wasn't quite sure of his vintage. (obviously i thought he was too young and racey for me). i am glad he must have been waiting for you! :)


Cathy said...

Hello Trish
I have to agree - there isn't much over in my side of town at the moment. Saving me a fortune lol

Gina E. said...

Oh Trish! I'm sorry to hear you had such a dull day on this side of town :-( I wish I knew which shops you'd been to, or rather the ones you didn't go to, as I've seen heaps of stuff that I thought would appeal to you on my travels lately!

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

gorgeous robe....i get a bit peeved when op shop goodies are priced at 'retro' prices, people on a low income aren't without style :)