Wednesday, 26 October 2011

High Street Ashburton.

Those of you who know Lyndel from "Vintage Retro and Simply Cute Shopping" may be wondering where she has been lately. I met her for coffee today and she told me she is in line for a new computer, as her old one can't handle lengthy downloads anymore, so reading and writing blogs is out of the question. I'm going to offer the use of my computer for her to use while she is waiting for a new one, so don't give up on her blog just yet!

I was in Lyndel's territory today, and visited three of the opshops over there. I didn't find anything at the Salvos, but at the Community shop I found this little elephant for $7. Ken has a slightly bigger version on our mantelpiece; it was his grandfather's. I put this little one beside Ken's, and when he came home I said "Look! Your black elephant has had a baby!"

Across the road at Vinnies, I found these goodies:
A set of four hand embroidered napkins for $4. I was excited to find these, because I have a card table cloth which matches them perfectly!

This is a tapestry or embroidery frame - $2.50.. I've got a bigger one which I rarely use because it is awkward to hold for any length of time.

Hand embroidered supper cloth - beautifully stitched, for $6.50.

And coincidentally going along with the elephant theme, I found this stunning Thai Silk scarf for $3...

Monday, 24 October 2011

Brotherhood buys, Monday.

I was chuffed to see Mim's comment on the previous post; she came into our opshop last week and bought a rather unusual item that I couldn't make sense of, until she explained it to me!
I filled in this afternoon for one of the regulars, and found these items to bring home.
Cross stitched hand towel. OK I'm not a Mum and I don't have a Mum to give it to, but for $2.50 it is so beautifully stitched...

Little bag in Japanese fabric, 50 cents. I could pull it apart and use it for patchwork, but it is lined nicely, so I can carry my small items of stitching.

Old but unused diary, 50 cents. Delightful little vintage pictures, recipes, etc.

I've always loved the Japanese Hello Kitty products! This was $1 - just couldn't leave it behind. The little Kitty fits inside the big one. How cute is that!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Where is everyone???

A friend told me yesterday that she thought this was MY blog. I assured her that is not the case - I didn't initiate it, and it is open to anyone to post their opshop stories and photos. But when I came on here tonight and noticed I'm the only one who's posted anything since October wonder she thought it was just me! C'mon you guys - I can't be the only person opshopping in Melbourne! I've seen other blogs where people post about their opshop finds, but it is much better if it is on here where we can all read about them!
In the meantime, I brought these bits and pieces home from the Eltham BSL on Friday:
Stretch cotton Miller slacks in dusty pink (not white like this photo)$4.50.

Two lots of printed Xmas stocking fabric to make up into quilted Xmas stockings $12 for both. These have been lying around our shop for months, so I finally decided to bring them home and make them up for charity groups.

Length of brown fabric which will be useful for a future patchwork project, $3.

Dark blue leather shoes $4 - a perfect fit! A rare find for me:-)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Savers in Mill Park.

It doesn't seem like six weeks since I had my hair done and went to Savers over in Mill Park, but it must be, because there I was today. Mondays are the best day because I get the 20% seniors discount.

Two as new arch file folders to replace the old grey ones I have magazine clippings in. 99 cents.

Stunning square pure Thai silk scarf - hand painted I think. $3.99

Four ties various prices. From the left: Diamond Silks Teddies design $7.99; Rene Chagel, silk,Penguins design $7.99; Vivace, Silk Chickens design $1.99; Pierre Cardin Polyester $2.99. I have given the makers name here, and the fabric, to see if anyone can make any sense of the widely differing prices!

Total $26.93 less discount came to $21.60

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Savers in Greensborough.

You might wonder why I'd go to another opshop when I now work in one, but did any of you ever stop at one opshop??? A friend wanted to buy some plates to smash up for a mosaics class, and I suggested Savers as they have a huge range of crockery. Naturally I had to go with her to supervise - lol!
Here is what I found:
Sunglasses, $5.99. I needed a spare pair to keep in my car in case I forgot to take the ones I have at home.

Craft mags. $1.99 each, which I thought was a bit dear; most opshops sell them for about 50c, or $1 at the most.

Gorgeous butterfly scarf, $2.99

Three ties, $3.99 each - also a bit expensive compared to other opshops, but these are such beautiful fabrics, they will come up well in a future patchwork project.

Two pieces of fabric. The light floral cotton is 36" wide, 2.75 yards long -$4.99.
Dark blue batik is 43" wide, 2.25 yards long, $2.99

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A trove of trashed treasures

This article turned up in The Age yesterday. Its about the odd donations that charities receive and also mentions Buy Nothing New Month.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

More Forest Hill finds

If you've ever wondered what a wicker whatnot is, well, here's one for your reference.
I found it at the YES op shop in Mahoney's Road, Forest Hill. I think they had bought a bulk lot from an auction house because this still had a number on it and a label saying "antique wicker whatnot, $69". (yes, $69 is a lot, I know, but I got sucked in by the word "antique". And I can never go past anything that is old, antique-y and has lacquer work on it, like this).

It will need cleaning up, so if anyone has tips, let me know!

I also got a Stella McCartney for Target silk top for about $7...

... and some doilies for 50c-$1.

I'm pretty sure they were all handmade, look at the detail!

No idea what I'm going to do with them, but I just couldn't resist...

Monday, 10 October 2011

lions for sale

(Sorry, same title as previously but it still makes me laugh.)

Blackburn North Lions Club's next trash and treasure sale will be held on:
Saturday, 22 October 2011 (for a whole lot of reasons this is a week later than we had originally planned and advised at the last sale. Sorry if this change causes any inconvenience)
Same time: 8am to 1pm
Same place: 1st Vermont Scout Hall, located near the corner of Canterbury Rd and Mitcham Rd, Vermont.
Hope to see you there.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Quilt UFO.

This morning while sorting goods at the opshop, I came across this unfinished quilt. It has had the batting and backing attached, and has had some hand quilting done, so it needs the quilting and binding to finish. I wouldn't be able to do those final steps, but I bought it anyway ($10) to send to a lady who takes in partially made quilts to finish them off and distribute to needy people via the Red Cross and other charities.

(Our cat Tiger kept walking in front of the quilt while I was taking photos, and I just left him there after the third shot!)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Comments from our illustrious leader...

.... can be read here! Nice work, Amelia!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

HIgh Street Road, Ashburton.

Top up your cuppa and put your feet up; this is going to be a longish post. I am in East Malvern once a month, and try to visit opshops in that area if I have time (and I'm sorry, but I forgot to check out the new opshop in Glenferrie Road that was mentioned here earlier). Today I had some time up my sleeve and decided to visit all the opshops in High Street Road Ashburton, and photograph them from the outside, so if any readers are looking for them, they'll know what to look for. (Lyndal, you need not read any further, LOL)

My first stop was at the Salvos, 205 High Street Road. Tidy attractive shop, but nothing caught my eye today.

Next stop was Vinnies at No.252.

Here I found this sugar bowl for $5. I bought it for a friend who has a set of plates and mugs in this design, and is always pleased when she can add another piece to her collection.

Across the road is the Ashburton Opshop (I think they service local charities, not any of the big ones). It was very busy in there, with kids running amok; I felt sorry for the ladies who were trying to serve customers as well as keep an eye on the brats.

I found three kitchen chair cushions for $4 each, which I was very pleased with, as I have been looking for replacements for our old ones for some time. Aren't they cheerful! Ken said "They don't go with our kitchen" and I said "I don't care - they brighten it up."

Also bought some books - the Menopaws book was $1 and good for a giggle, and the other three were 3 for $1.

My last stop was at No.403 - the very end of High Street Road, near Warrigal Road. The Salvation Army Opshop (with a sign inside saying they are not connected with the Salvos???)

I always find some goodies here, and today they were having a half price sale or something because when I took my two bits to the cashier, she halved the marked price.
This is a scarf for a friend in Canada who collects souvenir scarves. If she doesn't want it, I'll just recycle it in our opshop - it was only $2.

This is a carry bag for keeping food and drinks cold. We've got several at home already, but don't you just love the rainbow colours on this one! Couldn't resist it for $4, especially when I only paid $2!

Buy Nothing New month - free shipping!

Hi, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I do have lots to show you but just no time! I just wanted to let you know today that BSL is offering free shipping on their books as part of Buy Nothing New month. You can read about what I got up to on their Fashion Friday here! Hopefully I'll have some pictures to show you my recent finds soon. Enjoy BNN month!