Monday, 24 October 2011

Brotherhood buys, Monday.

I was chuffed to see Mim's comment on the previous post; she came into our opshop last week and bought a rather unusual item that I couldn't make sense of, until she explained it to me!
I filled in this afternoon for one of the regulars, and found these items to bring home.
Cross stitched hand towel. OK I'm not a Mum and I don't have a Mum to give it to, but for $2.50 it is so beautifully stitched...

Little bag in Japanese fabric, 50 cents. I could pull it apart and use it for patchwork, but it is lined nicely, so I can carry my small items of stitching.

Old but unused diary, 50 cents. Delightful little vintage pictures, recipes, etc.

I've always loved the Japanese Hello Kitty products! This was $1 - just couldn't leave it behind. The little Kitty fits inside the big one. How cute is that!


itsanaddiction said...

Love the hand towel, that would be a gorgeous gift for a new mum!

Anonymous said...

the hello kitty items were at mcdonalds a few years ago, haha

Gina E. said...

Were they really?? I never go to macdonalds, so I would not have know that! Still think they are cute.